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Out of the Mouths of Babes by  Edward's Eternal
Dr. Edward Cullen loves his job, but  lives for his daughter. When her little world explodes he will do anything to  piece it back together. But could the solution also bring him the happiness he  didn't realize he was missing? Rated: Fiction M

Reviewed by: Trina Smith-Patterson AKA Smusic

Out of the Mouths of Babes, is the latest story by Edward’s Eternal who gave us Awaken, Snowbound and Simply Coffee.  It is also a prime example of her brilliance as a Fanfiction author.  Edward’s Eternal has a knack for telling a story, setting a scene and character development.  Each story has original characters, a great nemesis, and always, always overwhelming love for our favorite couple.  This story is no different.

From the very first chapter, you are in love with Edward, your heart is breaking for his daughter and you want to grab the pitchforks to hunt down his “soon-to-be” ex-wife, Tanya.  Tanya is a piece of work.  Although it is true that not all women have maternal instinct, however you would expect that there would be some sort of affection for your own child. We do not get this with Tanya. She reveals herself as a selfish, abhorrent, vindictive…“Skank”, (for want of a better word) right from the beginning:
Tanya was sitting on the couch waiting for me. I felt my stomach clench as I looked between the suitcases and her.
"Going somewhere?" I asked as calmly as I could.
"I'm leaving you, Edward. I'm done." Her voice was cold and angry and her eyes were devoid of any emotion. "Done?" I asked confused. She stood up. "Yes," she snapped. "Done with this farce of a marriage. Done pretending to be a happy little family…” “We're just Emma's parents…She's been your priority since the moment I told you I was pregnant…"I should never have told you I was pregnant. I should have had the abortion and kept it to myself."
I stared in horror at the woman before me. That she could say she wished our daughter didn't exist was appalling. It sounded as if she was actually jealous of her own child. A sudden thought hit me. "You aren't taking my daughter away from me," I informed her, my voice clipped and angry.
She laughed and rolled her eyes. "I have no intention of taking her with me. I don't want her Edward. I never did… "Keep your voice down! You are going to wake her up!" She shook off my arms. "I. Don't. Care…I don't love you. I don't love Emma."
Emma, who must have woken to the sound of her parents arguing, was there to witness this declaration from Tanya. As she cried for her mother, who just walks away without looking back, Edward tries to comfort his daughter. Emma whispers “Mommy”.  That is the last thing Emma says. Two months after Tanya left, Edward decides to move back to his hometown to be closer to family.  Right away, Edward’s Eternal has pulled the reader into this story.

No Edward’s Eternal story would be complete without a blue-eyed Bella who is not your typical canon Bella. In Out of the Mouths of Babes, she is the owner and operator of Busy Bees Daycare, that Emma will attend. So many times, in so many stories, Bella and Edward experience that “love at first site” meeting, however, in this story, it was more “dense at first sight”.  Edward mistakenly confuses Bella as a young, not too bright girl working at the day care.  With this, a very “who’s on first” conversation you may find in an Abbott and Costello movie brings a little comic relief:
B: "Can I help you?
E: "I'm looking for the person in charge. Ms. Swan, I believe."
B: "Yes?"
E: "I would like to speak with her, if she's here."
B: "You are..."
E:  I shook my head. "Edward Cullen. Look, I don't have an appointment but if it's possible I
     would like to see her for a moment if she can spare the time."
     She looked at me briefly, her brow furrowed.
     I stared back at her. Did she not understand me? I wanted to speak to her boss.
     "Could you get her for me, please? I would like to speak with her." I asked again slowly,
      although I could hear a slight impatient tone in my voice. Maybe she was simple?
     She sighed quietly and stepped forward, her hand outstretched.
B:  "You are." She repeated deliberately.
E:  I blinked and looked at her. "I am what?"  I watched her bite her lip, regarding me quietly.
B:  "Let me rephrase that Mr. Cullen. You are speaking to Ms. Swan. That's me. I am Bella Swan."

She later gives us this scene in Bella’s POV, which makes it that much more fun!

After that awkward beginning, Bella quickly turns the situation around and shows what a very strong, loving and beautiful woman she is. Edward and Emma are quickly developing feelings for the “Queen Bee”, and so are we.  She is confident in all aspects of her life except when it comes to her own happiness.  Bella has a very painful past, and does not believe that she is worthy of having someone loving her.  She shelters her heart and does not trust the male attention she receives.  

One night, after taking an impromptu nap in one of Bella’s beanbag chairs (more with that beanbag later), Edward invites Bella to dinner, and she cautiously accepts.  The attraction becomes obvious; however, after a first kiss that takes your breath away, Bella tries to distance herself from Edward.  Much to Edward’s disappointment, they agree to be friends; it’s all that Bella thinks she can offer.

Everything comes down to her past and the pain that she has had to endure since she was 18 years old.  After a few failed relationships, Bella has stopped trying.  Her ex-fiancé made her feel like less than a woman and her subsequent relationship didn’t respect her or her feelings.  Edward however knows that she is someone worth fighting for; finally ready to trust again, she opens up to him, and exposes us to one of the most painful stories you will ever read.  Edward’s reaction and words gives her hope again.  He knew just what to say to let her know that he is "all in" and will give 110% to her:

"I'm falling for you, Bella. What I feel for you is way more than I have ever felt for a friend." "I think I already know what I'd be giving up not having you in my life." "We're not done here, Bella. If I have my way, we're not done by a long shot."

Even with them falling in love, not everything goes smoothly to the HEA. There is an HEA in the end, but there are a few speed bumps along the way. One was being Edward’s inability to find a filter when he is over-worked or overwhelmed.  In chapter 19, there is a major development in Emma’s recovery, but an over-worked, hungry and frustrated Edward never allows Bella to explain.  He lashes out because he thinks she made a major decision for Emma without discussing it with him, and uses his words to hurt her in a way that no one else could.  He realizes what he has done right away, but is it too little too late?  Emma gets very emotional and inconsolable, which makes Edward feel even more like an ass.  This chapter and a few after that come with strong tissue warnings… One reason being, we get to hear Emma’s voice for the first time:
The saddest sigh emitted from her lips as she shook her head again. I felt a small fissure begin to crack in my heart at the unhappy sound.
"Emma?" I whispered. "Show Daddy what you need. Please, Baby girl."
And then it happened. I watched in utter horror as tears gathered in her eyes and began to drip down her chubby cheeks. Immediately, I reached down and lifted her into my arms, rocking her, the shock almost overwhelming. She hadn't shed a tear since the day Tanya walked out. Not once. I cooed softly into her ear, telling her how much I loved her, what a good, brave girl she was, but the words didn't soothe her. Her tiny body shook with the force of her sobs and I could feel my own tears welling up at the sound of her pain. I had no idea what to do, or how to stop this.
I pulled back, looking into her unhappy face. "Tell Daddy, baby. Tell him what you need. Daddy will make it better. I promise."
Little arms circled my neck and I pulled her close. Nothing prepared me for what happened next.
Close to my ear. Raspy, soft and shaking, but I heard it. A whisper.
The softest, tiniest, most painful sound in the world.
Emma spoke.

Cue the tears!  Bella does come running and gives Emma the comfort she needs and Edward finally listens and learns the events of the day.  Bella does forgive him, but not without first letting him know how he hurt her.  He will do it again, but she doesn’t let him get away with it. She tells him to get help, which he does through a brilliant member of the hospital’s Stress Management team.

Emma continues to make progress and talks to almost everyone except Edward.  Though happy for his daughter, this breaks his heart.  Bella finally presses Emma to explain why and what she learns breaks our hearts as well.  I will not give that information here, however, you should read that on you own and I fear it can take away from the story.  Just know that, by this point, you need a whole box of tissues.

Out of the Mouths of Babes makes the reader run the whole gambit of emotions.  There are sad times, hopeful times, happy times, sexy times (makes you want to get a beanbag chair for yourself) and comic relief.  This comes mainly from Jacob Black.  It is very common for authors to write Jake as the bad guy in stories, but here, he delivers some of the funniest scenes:

"I love these hospital benefit dinners. Great food, free booze, lots of pretty ladies to choose from. A chance to replenish my phone list; if you know what I mean. Always a good time for the Jakester," he grinned, waggling his eyebrows.

"Edward. Have you gotten involved with someone at Emma's daycare?”  "Dude, did you make a move on that little Swan chick? Didn't you know?"
Fear gripped me. "Didn't I know what?"
Jake stood and laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. "I hate to tell you this, Edward. But, you need to know so you can stop mooning over someone you can never have." "Edward. Bella Swan is gay."  "She told me so herself."  “…I asked her out. When she said no, I asked her why."

"You asked her why she was saying no? You didn't just accept no for no?"

"Dude… the chicks never say no to me. I mean, have you seen me? I am a great catch. I was curious. And, the little chick told me why. I respect her for that. I didn't bother her anymore."

Later, when realized that Bella and Edward were a couple:

"She's not gay?"
"You're sure?"
"She just said that 'cause she didn't want to go out with me?"
"I don't think that's ever happened to me before. Everyone wants to go out with me. I mean, dude; look at me."

I felt my laughter beginning to bubble up.

He looked me up and down. "No offense dude, but really…she likes you?"
My lips twitched. "She does."
"Huh. Maybe her eyes need to get checked,"

I shrugged, now biting my lip.

"Like I said no offense. It's just…" his voice trailed off.
"None taken," I assured him. "Everyone is attracted to something different, right?"
"Everyone is always attracted to me. That's just the way it is, Edward," he huffed.

I couldn't stop it. I started to laugh. He looked at me as if I was crazy and then shook his head.

"I think the two of you are made for each other. Both of you are a little off."

I clapped him on the back.

"You're right, Jake, we are made for each other. Thanks for noticing."
He rolled his eyes as he walked out of the locker room. "Seriously, Edward. It made so much more sense when she was gay."

There is one final tissue warning at the end of the story. This warning, as with all others is justified. Although it comes from a very sad situation, in my opinion, the outcome is a thing of beauty.  Only a brilliant author such as Edward’s Eternal can bring us beauty from tragedy.  I don’t want to scare you, so I will let you know that, although affected by the sad situation, Edward, Bella and Emma are all fine and get their HEA.  Together:

"You need sleep," she whispered.
"I need you more."
"I'm yours, Edward. All in. Always."

Out of the Mouths of Babes is a very personal story for Edward’s Eternal and she makes it a personal story for her readers as well.  Once you start reading it, I challenge you to put it down.  In one of my reviews, I told Edward’s Eternal that this story would have over 6000 reviews.  I am happy that my prediction was wrong. As of today, it has over 7200 reviews.  It is worthy of all the attention, and Edward’s Eternal is worthy of all the accolades!

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