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Meet the Poll: Please choose the FIVE that move you the most

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Little Too Much Too Late? by MrsK81-rec'd by Evilnat
Having spent years waiting for her Mr. Right, Bella is finally getting the wedding of her dreams & a job opportunity of a lifetime. But life is never that simple & soon she is in way over her head.
Rated: Fiction M

At Last by Coloradoperson-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Edward comes from wealth and all that that implies. His future is already written by his grandfather as it is for all the Cullen men. He has the right friends, attends the right schools, and he will marry the right woman. He always did what was expected of him and accepted it all without question until he met Bella, a student working her way through school, and everything changed. Rated: Fiction M

Carnelian and Ice by Raum-rec'd by Lynn Pepper
"A man struggling to escape from the darkness, and a woman who thinks she doesn't deserve the light. How will an ice sculpture affect their lives?" AU with vampires.
Rated: Fiction M

Corporate Affairs by Chocaholic123-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Bella is a Management Consultant who works hard and plays harder. Edward is a Union Leader who fights for his workers' rights. She is brought in to change things at the Car Factory. He won't let her. The fight is on, attraction becomes obsession, and the lines between love and hate are blurred. BxE, AH, OOC. Rated M for eventual lemons. Rated: Fiction M

Cuffs and Kilts by Hibbleton78-rec'd by Edmazing
When a reluctant Bella heads out of town for a conference for work she returns to find her hotel overrun by cops. A gorgeous man is hard to resist. A gorgeous man in a kilt? Impossible.
Rated: Fiction M

Delphian City by Boom-Boom Jones-rec'd by Katinki/Fictionfreak95
There are dark secrets in Delphian City. Edward Cullen is one of them. AH/AU OOC Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-Fi minus the vamps. Rated: Fiction M

Finding Sunshine by Anhanninen-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
Surrounded by darkness after a vicious attack almost ended her life, Bella starts over, hoping to find the sunshine she so desperately misses. She finds it when she least expects in a young, carefree doctor. Life isn't a fairytale, though, and to get to where they belong, obstacles have to be climbed and fears have to be faced. Rated: Fiction M

Hunted by Archer24-rec'd by Evilnat
Edward is a writer in search of inspiration for his next set of novels. It's only when he meets a bounty hunter by the name of Bella that he finds it. Determined to make her his muse, he decides to follow her around...whether she likes it or not. AU AH
Rated: Fiction M

Jasper's Girl by Punkfarie-rec'd by Six Dlbfive/Nic
Between the loss of one life and the beginning of another, something grows between friends.
Rated: Fiction M

OPERATION:Break the Dawn by Katinki-rec'd by Evilnat
An experimental weapon, one of the most lethal chemicals ever created, has been stolen. Its final destination is unknown, but there's no doubt the powerful faction behind the theft is intent on one thing: War. But they didn't count on a fight. A team of Marines, led by Capt. Edward Cullen and accompanied by Spec. Dr. Isabella Swan, isn't about to let the world go up in flames. AH.
Rated: Fiction M

Pieces of Me by JustForkIt-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella left the state of Washington to escape the memory of her mother, leaving behind everything and everyone she knew. When tragedy strikes, and she's forced to go back to a life she left behind, will Bella be able to put the pieces back together? Rated: Fiction M

Rise by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Nic
October 2012 Witfits. This story is created and told a prompt a day; no summary (yet) because it's unfolding as is. Rated: Fiction M

SAP by Jbarreto-rec'd by Evilnat
After a fight in school lands Bella in a summer camp for "Youths with Emotional and Mental Instabilities," she is forced to face her demons while trying not to fall in love with the beautiful, but clumsy, mentor Edward. Hilarity ensues. AU/AH Rated: Fiction M

Something More by  Jonesn353402-rec'd by Nic
E is an elusive guitarist in a noted, local rock band. Classic complications arise with inevitable change and maturity. "You're in a band." She clarifies, unaffected. Rated: Fiction M

Taking a Shot by TwoTwiMoms-rec'd by Evilnat
Newly traded and alone in an unfamiliar city, hockey player Edward Masen meets Bella Swan who happens to be his good friend's beautiful little sister. Hesitant to date a hockey player after being burned, Edward tries to convince Bella that he's not interested in puck bunnies. How hard will she make him work to convince her? Rated: Fiction M

The Tide is High by Capricapra-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Bella watches her close friend Edward go from one relationship to the next, never managing to find the right time or words to tell him that she loves him. Will she ever get the chance? When will it be her turn? M for lang/lemons. Mostly BPOV with occasional EPOV in later chapters.
Rated: Fiction M

The Weight of Words by Georgeygirl-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Bella is finishing her undergraduate English degree at U of T. PhD candidate Edward is her new TA. Shakespeare brings them together while a strict anti-fraternizing policy keeps them apart. Recommended for readers who enjoy the Bard, love a romantic Edward and appreciate UST. Rated M for language, literature and lemons. Rated: Fiction M

When You Least Expect It by Kare831-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
A broken man hires a broken single mother as his personal chef. As time wears on, she becomes so much more. A tale of what happens when you least expect it.
Rated: Fiction M

When Will I Know by Deb24601-rec'd by Memphis Lamb
You don't get over Edward Cullen. Even when he was never really yours. A story about wanting, needing and, eventually, knowing. AH. Inspired by Jan 2012 Witfit prompts.
Rated: Fiction M

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken by JadoreJAC-rec'd by Remmy
My entire life I'd been caged, forced to please everyone but myself. It wasn't until that summer, under the spell of the California blue and his guitar, that I finally escaped. Sometimes, the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy. Rated: Fiction M

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