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TLS Fics of the Week 10/8 - 10/14/2012: The Fab Five are up!

It's simple, really. A story about two best friends realizing they're head over feet in love. Rated: Fiction M

Review by: Livie79


Drunken conversations about the importance of tweed and the lameness of velcro watches―check.

A completely hilarious Bella with paranoia issues and an Edward that is flirty, fun, and watches The Food Network―double check.

And that’s just the first chapter.

Anyone who’s read iambeagle’s stories knows, whatever she writes is going to be pure freaking win, and Head Over Feet is no exception.

Like the summary states, the story is about two best friends realizing they are completely crazy about one another, but getting them―and by them I mean Bella―to figure it out...oh my Lord.

"Oh, shut up. You're just mad because you know I'm right. You totally want to fuck Edward."

"No, you shut up. If Edward and I were going to," I lowered my voice, "Get together, don't you think that would've happened by now?

"Nope. You're both idiots, and this is the first time both of you are single at the same time."

I furrowed my brows, trying to figure out if she was right. "Really?"


"That doesn't really mean anything," I said quietly. "And we just-" I paused. "We aren't like that."

"Okay. You'll figure it out sooner or later." Just like that, she dropped the subject.

Rose plants the seed―that maybe Bella and Edward are meant to be more than friends―in Bella’s garden of paranoia and gleefully sits back to watch it grow. And while Bella is driving herself crazy over-analyzing every single detail and interaction between her and Edward, he ever so smoothly makes his move.

"Maybe we shouldn't watch movies together anymore. Clearly it never works out."

"Clearly," he agreed. "What do you suggest we do instead?" he asked, lowering his voice and gauging my reaction.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, quieter than I'd intended, searching his face.

"Whatever you want it to mean," he answered cryptically.

But she’s not completely clueless, even though her head is screaming MAYDAY MAYDAY!  Well, her heart, it’s sending her completely different signals.

"God, you're a terrible liar." He rolled his eyes. "I can see your face. You were glaring."

"I really am a bad liar," I laughed, "that's why I find it weird that Rose wouldn't believe me when I said there is nothing between us."

His smile faltered slightly and he swallowed hard. "Ignore Rosalie. I always do." He shrugged, removing his hands from my stomach and moving off of me.

I could ignore Rose. I really could. I could possibly even ignore the tingling I felt when Edward's fingers were on my skin. The thing I knew I couldn't ignore was the loss I felt when he finally removed his hands from my body.

See? She knows what’s up, but that doesn’t mean she won't make it as difficult as possible to cross the finish line. And honestly, it’s probably my favorite aspect of this story. Watching the relationship between these two develop into something more will make you smile and cringe―but mostly just giggle and say aweeeee a lot.

"We just kissed," I said dazedly.

"I know. I partook in said kiss."

"I think I like kissing you," I mumbled, trying to lean up to kiss him again.

"I know I like kissing you," he shot back, smiling sheepishly.

"Okay," I said decidedly. "Let's make out."

I want this Bella to be my best friend, and I want to hang out with her and Edward and drink Blue Moon with orange slices. I would even keep my eye fucking to a minimum, because Bella isn’t a huge fan of people eye fucking Edward.

Read the story; you’ll see what I mean.

Did I mention the banter? Because, oh my God, the banter is off the charts. Someone, somewhere needs to make an award for best banter, then promptly give it to Meg, because it belongs to her, and she likes prizes.

If there is anyone out there who isn’t reading Head Over Feet, please correct this gross injustice immediately―you’re only depriving yourself―and that’s just silly.

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