Friday, October 26, 2012

Repeat Poll due to polling error: PLEASE RECAST YOUR VOTES

I'm sure most of you noticed our poll acting wonky this week- calculating votes at the beginning only to lose them later. This is the fourth time this has happened and the last three times it happened the poll righted itself before it closed and all votes were recovered and accounted for by the closing time. This time, however, no votes were accounted for nor recovered. We have no idea why this happens or when it will happen again, we just ask that you hang in there with us and recast your votes. We apologize on behalf of blogger's polling glitches that decide to pop up and kick us in the ass un-announced once every 4-5 months. Thank you for understanding and TGIF people! Have a great weekend!

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

A Form of Escapism by Flubbles-rec'd by Monica Nopi
Bella finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, whilst going through the motions of everyday life. Her only form of escapism is the romance novels written by the recently retired, reclusive author E.A.M Cullen. Rated: Fiction M

Adore, Adore by Ooza-rec'd by Remmy
Bella is in a bit of a financial pinch. Can one night with Edward solve all her problems? "What do you want to do to me?" she asked. "Everything." One-shot written for SFFR, now expanded! BxE, AH, Rated MA for dirty citrus Rated: Fiction M

Any Way the Wind Blows by Miss Baby-rec'd by AnHanninen
When fate brings a jaded young doctor to the small town of Forks, he expects nothing out of his stay but a shot at redemption. Little does he know that a new patient and a mysterious young woman will turn his exile into the experience of a lifetime. Rated: Fiction M

At Last by Itlnbrt-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Edward and Bella find each other while married to others. They are two imperfect people trying to make a perfect relationship. With so much to learn and so many mistakes to make, their time will come, at last. Rated: Fiction M

Because of a Boy by Cutestkidsmom-rec'd by Misty Hawkins/Nic
Edward is the son of an Autistic father. Bella is the mother of an Autistic son. What happens when their paths cross. Can they find peace and love with in the chaos. Rated T for minor language and some adult situations. Rated: Fiction T

Cursive by Phoebe44-rec'd by PAWsPeaches
Bella has been running from her past for a year, living a nomadic lifestyle. Edward has fought his demons, but still needs to learn how to move on. They meet, they fall, and they try to help each other heal. The toughest obstacles they battle? Themselves. M, AH, subject matter may be sensitive to some readers. Rated: Fiction M

Figmentum by Thimbles-rec'd by Lynn Pepper
Figmentum: 1. figment, fiction, invention, unreality; 2. thing formed, devised; 3. image. She coaxes him into existence with every word she writes. What will Bella do when she finds herself falling in love with the main character in her latest novel? Rated: Fiction M

Flames by Rose Masen Cullen-rec'd by Edmazing
A prostitute with nothing left to lose. A man with everything at stake. A marriage that has lost its passion. A little crazy, a little messed up, and mostly insatiable. A burning passion that can't be controlled. A language more along the lines of breathless moans and whispered promises. A love where words are burnt. Rated: Fiction M

In the Debris by BelieveItOrNot-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
A story of unlikely friends, a story of family, a search for truth and a search of self. "She's everyone else's Isabella, but she's only my Bella." "I write a poem about a boy and girl who fall in love in the eye of a tornado." AH E/B V/J Rated: Fiction M

La Bella Addormentata by  Einfach mich-rec'd by Edmazing
Bella gets a new job with a strange twist. Edward is a vampire with a very particular fetish. AU, OOC, Dark fun. Halloween Treat. Rated: Fiction M

Louder Than Words by DazzlinSparkle05-rec'd by Jamie Meredith
Moving back to Forks with her mother after her father's death seems to be an adjustment for Bella. She learns that sometimes peoples actions will speak louder than words... A/H, A/U
Rated: Fiction M

Mask of Indifference by Isabella N Edward-rec'd by Agrutle
One night in Vegas changes Bella's life forever. What happens when she finds that the man she met that night, Edward Cullen, is not only her new boss but the father of her son? How will Edward react when he realizes that Bella has been keeping this secret from him? Rated: Fiction M

On Grey Mornings by Littlesecret84-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Bella's tryst with power made her infamous. Hounded and ashamed, she's back in Forks to start over again, but where do you find a clean slate when everyone who sees you already knows your biggest secret? AH, adult stuff. Rated: Fiction M

Pas de Trois by Amberdeengirl-rec'd by Mercyrus Tales
Bella and Edward are the perfect partnership at one of the world's greatest ballet academies. But Bella is a First Year and Edward is a national champion. Can they last when Bella wins a scholarship to the enemy school is forced to dance with Edward's arch rival? After all, there's no pas de deux for three. Rated: Fiction T

Quickie Mart Cupid by PrettyKittyArtist-rec'd by Rose Arcadia
Quickie Marts, flat tires, expensive suits, gangster rap, g-strings and velvet roses. Valentines' Day wasn't going as planned. Rated: Fiction M

Raising My Son by Chocolate-Emeralds-rec'd by Elliania
Bella Swan is a single mom raising her 4 year old son. Edward Cullen has been a single dad for over 2 years since his wife left him and his now 4 year old son. On the 4th birthday of their sons, their world gets turned upside down with the news - they were switched at birth. Romance, Drama, Humor, some Angst. EB REm AJ. AH. Rated: Fiction M

Roar Like a Lion by Counselor-rec'd by PAWsPeaches
1936, Edward and Jasper work as loggers. They work hard and play harder. Bella and Jacob come to the camp to open the school. Problem is the unmarried men have a great time running off the teachers. When Edward sees Bella a roar starts to build inside. She's everything he can't stand. And he's pretty despicable. Trouble. Rated: Fiction M

Seven Years by Headbandfreak-rec'd by Misty Hawkins
Love can be a painful experience if the one you love doesn't love you back. This is Bella's story. All human. Rated: Fiction M

Spoonful of Lemon by BabyWard-rec'd by Coldplaywhore
Painfully shy Bella has lusted after her delectable neighbor for a long time. She manages to break out of her insular existence and begins to pursue him with some delicious cupcakes. Can they live happily ever after together? Rated: Fiction M

The Learned Game by  Eglantine16-rec'd by Twilover76/Nic
While on a business trip in San Diego, Edward can't find a place to stay. Luckily for him, Bella has a room for rent. Inspired by the Cary Grant film "Walk, Don't Run". Rated: Fiction M

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