Monday, October 1, 2012

Edmazing's Staff Fic Pick Of The Week! See which fic the TLS staff is loving on this week!

Room 212 by revrag
A story of survival and adversity. Endurance and love. Discovering how to overlook the things that matter least, for the reward of the things that matter most. ExB

Picked and Reviewed by Edmazing

When I was invited to share a must-read-story that might be flying under the radar it was a pretty easy decision for me. I stumbled on to “Room 212” intending to raid revrag’s favorites list when low and behold, I found a new story by her. Knowing her reading standards; her demand for heart, consistency, and believability in characters and their actions, I was intrigued. And by the end of chapter one I was hooked.

The story is told in alternating points of view and begins with Edward. He has signed up for a continuing education class that his ex-wife is also attending. It’s been years and yeah, it’s a shock. But before the awkwardness can set in, a classroom accident forces Edward into action and he learns what the paleness, the weight loss, and the change in hair style really mean.

Bella has cancer. She has given up a leg and a lung, and is currently going through another round of chemo, but she has not given up her will.

I have this need to push myself. I think a lot of people do this, women especially. For me, it's go, keep moving forward. I admit to showing weakness, but without weakness how could any of us know strength? There is opposition in all things and I've learned this lesson in life, most especially in the last eight years. I've known extreme sadness, and happiness that has a violent roar.
I'm okay. I'm okay. I am okay.
And for the most part Bella is okay. She has a good support system around her, a positive outlook on life, and her own personal Hoveround in the form of a Great Dane named Jasper. She is okay.

But Edward’s return to her life opens up the possibilities. And the questions. Why have they been apart? Was it the right decision? And ultimately, does the time apart really matter?

She is so strong. She knows her strength, but she doesn't know the half of it. But I can see that she's still just a girl. That she's vulnerable not because of her physical limitations, but because she thinks that I may feel different. I know this because of the way she smiled in class, polite yet sad, and then turned around.
I want to touch her everywhere, feel that she's real. I don't because as much as she is a girl, I am a man. In my mind, all these years later, I am still very married to her. There has been no one else for me, there will never be anyone else for me.
The story is only 7 chapters in and I gasp every time I get more an update. Revrag has one of the best hearts out there. Really, she is kindness personified and it shows in her words. Please join me watch the love and tenderness grow in “Room 212”.


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  1. Edmazing, you first rec'd Room 212 on TLS FB page several months ago. My heart was in my throat after reading the first chapter and it's been there each and every update revrag posts! She takes a subject that most would run away from, writes it with articulation that puts you right into the story with the characters, and makes you want to put your arms around them and show them the love that you feel. I thank you for recing this little gem -- but I sooooo appreciate revrag for having the umphh to write Room 212.