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TLS Fics Of The Week 9/3 - 9/9/12: The Fab Five features are up!

Air by Rochelle Allison
Edward and Bella meet at a summer barbeque. A story about - what else - falling for someone, hard. Once a WitFit.Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance

Reviewed by: primarycolors

There are two different types of people reading this review right now. Those that have already read Rochelle Allison’s Air and those that haven’t. If you’re the latter, then please, fix that right now. Seriously… shoo! We’ll still be here when you’re finished.

For those of you left, get over here. Let’s snuggle in Edward’s California King bed… we’ll all fit, I promise.
*whispers* I just reread Air so I could write some nice things for one of my favorite authors… I wasn’t expecting to fall in love again.

It’s such a nice feeling, isn’t it? Effortless. Even if you’ve never been to a birthday barbeque; even if you’ve never walked down the street with that boy, the boy that’s so out of your league it’s not even funny, even if you’ve never had those butterflies knowing that you and that beautiful boy might hook up in your room later that night… the hope and longing, the excitement, the lip-biting nervousness because holy crap, he’s so damn hot.

Ro makes you feel all that and more, remember?

Remember their first date? She climbed up that cliff in her skirt and they talked so much, and he asked her to come home with him just to hang out, nothing more, and they were so good until about 4 in the morning when he finally kissed her… and wow. Remember what he did to her next?

Remember when he showed up at work the next day to see her just because he wanted to?

Remember her embarrassment when she finally speaks her mind? And when he curls his fingers in her morning hair and kisses her hard and whispers in her mouth to just take it?

Remember that time in the bath when she told him he’d have made a good cowboy?

I imagined he would've been one of those Wild West types, rugged and strong and quiet. Rowdy in the sack. I could see him on a horse.
"What're you smiling about?" His voice floated across the water.
"You as a cowboy."
"I could live on the frontier, easily."
"I know you could," I said, smug on the inside because I'd thought as much.
"You could be my cowgirl. Assless chaps and all."
I laughed, thoroughly amused at the thought, and splashed him. "I could ride you."
"You can ride me now."
My smile dimmed, crowded by lustiness. "I could."
He yanked me over by the leg and turned me around so my back was to his chest, pulled me against him so we were both reclining back. I closed my eyes, breathing him in, loving how our skin felt slick and supple.

Remember when he took her skiing? You held your breath, didn’t you? When she finally said those hard words, not wanting to cry and oh god, oh god, he was so quiet; all he did was walk to the window and draw the curtains.

And then on the ski lift, remember? His green, green eyes, serious, sincere, and her hands squeezed his jacket so tight… and you could finally breathe again.

Remember when he took her to meet his parents?

"My mother wants to meet you."
We were standing just inside his front door, still in jackets. Edward was sorting his mail; tossing the junk into a recycling bin he kept by the coat rack.
"She already did." I frowned, gesturing toward his coffee table. "Remember? The pizza…"
"I know. But she wants to meet you again," he explained. "Properly. She wants to know you. My dad too."
"She wants to know your dad? What, is he like you? Hard to crack?"
"Smart ass. He wants to meet you."
"I want to meet them too. Is your dad like you?"
"He's a psychiatrist."
"Ah. That explains a lot."
"You're really feisty since we got back from Tahoe, you know that?"
"Am I?" I asked, knowing I probably was.
Edward grunted in response, looking up at me. The late afternoon sun caught his eyes, setting them ablaze.
"You're feisty too," I said. "In your own way. Quiet feist."
He snorted, kicking off his boots.

And when that dream is finally in his hands, all his hard work, his heart and soul… and for him it’s so obvious. There’s only one person he wants to share it with. Of course it could only be her.

I love Air because it feels so real. Understated, quietly beautiful, no major drama, just two people falling hard, figuring each other out. No one captures the giddiness of a new relationship like Ro… the lust and ache, the secret burn of love before the words are said, so wild and strong on the inside, so timid stepping out for the first time.
Air is funny, sweet, hot and will make you feel good. It’s short enough to finish in one sitting, but long enough to lose yourself completely, to remember how it feels to fall in love.

Go reread. And let Rochelle know what you think.

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