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TLS Fics of the Week June 10 - 16, 2012- The Fab Five Reviews are up!

A Forbidden Love by TwiloverSue
Fleeing her father's attacker, Bella masquerades as a servant while she awaits Lord Carlisle's return, only to have Lord Edward decide to protect the new maid by making her his mistress. With her reputation ruined, all appears lost…or is it? AH EXB HEA! Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Soapy Mayhem

A Forbidden Love – who wouldn’t be tempted to at least read the summary? Even with just the tidbit we are given, one can tell that TwiLoverSue’s Bella has found herself in a terrible predicament.

On the run with Jacob and Leah, her childhood friends/servants, trying to escape James, an evil man out to steal her family’s fortune, Bella must make the long and perilous journey to the home of Lord Carlisle Cullen, the Duke of Worthington, and her father’s longtime friend.

"Listen to your father, lass," Billy shook me gently by the shoulder. "Ye need to go quickly. Hide that ye're a lady or Lord Hunter will find ye in no time. Leah and Jacob can travel with ye…they'll help protect ye. "
Papa seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness, but his eyes focused at Billy's words.
"Go to Carlisle, Bella…Worthington Hall. Take your mother's pearls."
"What…what if…" my words caught on a sob.
It was almost a year since I'd seen Papa's friend, Lord Carlisle Cullen, the Duke of Worthington, though I knew he and my father corresponded regularly. The bond formed between the two men—my father, the military captain knighted for services to his King and country, and Carlisle, one of the most powerful men in Britain—had been forged in the fires of adversity. Papa had saved Lord Carlisle's life, engineering their escape from imprisonment at the hands of the French. Not that I would have ever heard the story from my taciturn father: it was Carlisle who'd regaled me with tales of my parent's heroics and how they'd met and fallen in love against the backdrop of war, my beautiful French mother and her brave English officer.
I wasn't sure where Worthington Hall, Carlisle's ducal seat, was located or what I would do if he wasn't in residence, but with a deep breath I put my concerns aside. For now I had to bid farewell to my father...

Upon her arrival to Worthington, Bella soon finds that not only is Carlisle not in residence, but that he has taken his new wife, Lady Esme, for a Honeymoon in Europe and isn’t expected back for months. With no one left to trust and no one to turn to, Bella concocts a plan to hide at Worthington Hall until Lord Carlisle returns, working as a maid and pastry chef.

Not long after her arrival, Bella befriends Angela and Jessica and learns that Lord Carlisle’s son, Edward, the Marquis of Masen, heir to the ducal seat of Worthington, is managing the estate in his father’s absence.

"What are you looking at?" I whispered, and then my eyes widened as I caught sight of three men on horseback riding across the courtyard towards the stables, three of the most handsome men I'd ever seen.
"Who are they?" I gasped in awe.
"The Lordships," the girls sighed in unison.
"The big one with the dark hair; 'e's Lord Emmett Cullen, Viscount McCarty. He's His Grace's nephew, but he's lived with the Duke most of his life. 'Is parents got taken off in an epidemic when he was a lad," Jessica explained, her attention rapt.
"The tall, blond 'aired one is Lord Jasper Whitlock. 'E's an Earl with estates in the south," Angela explained.
"And then there's Edward…" Jessica sighed dreamily.
"That's Lord Edward, the Marquis of Masen, Lord Cullen's heir," Angela said sternly, then giggled, "And without a doubt the best-lookin' man alive."
I didn't argue. Edward rode tall in the saddle, his tousled hair the colour of honey tinged with gold. His face was almost too perfect, dazzling in its artistry with arching dark brows, wide eyes, and a straight nose and jaw-line that looked like they'd been chiselled by a master sculptor.
"Oh...my…" I whispered, a strange sensation fluttering in my stomach.
"Yeah well, don't be gettin' any ideas," Jessica muttered, crouching beside me. "If I've not been able to tempt 'im to break 'is father's 'no fraternisin'' rules, ye don't stand a chance."

It doesn’t take long before Bella realizes she’s been forced into a world filled with cruelty and depravity. Her unique beauty and ladylike behavior begins to draw unwanted attention, putting her in danger on more than one occasion, especially from the dashing Marquis who finds himself inexplicably drawn to the beautiful new maid, and after many attempts at resistance, decides to take the young maid as his mistress, in exchange for his “protection.”

Bewildered and afraid of the alternative, Bella accepts Lord Edward’s offer believing he merely wants her for companionship.

Capturing my chin with his fingers, he gently tilted my head so that I would look into his eyes, and he smiled. "I told you I would take good care of you, and I mean it. So…as much as I'm looking forward to having you on this couch, I will show some restraint and leave that for another occasion. Our first time—your very first time, I suspect—should be a tad more auspicious than a quick coupling while fully clothed, don't you think?"
I blinked, staring up at him dazed.
"Have me?" I puzzled, looking down at the couch where we'd lain.
Edward's smile was slow and dangerous, unlike any expression I'd seen on his face before. "You want to know how I plan to have you?" he asked, and I nodded hesitantly, hoping to finally get some answers to the myriad questions tumbling around in my thoughts.
He closed his eyes for a moment, letting his head fall back against the leather seat. "I've imagined having you every way conceivable, Bella," he whispered hoarsely then pierced me with the intensity of his gaze once more. "Lying on this couch, of course." He gestured with his head. "On my desk…definitely on my desk."
I looked towards his large mahogany desk and frowned, shaking my head. I really had no idea what he was talking about. Glancing up, I saw Edward studying my puzzled expression.
"I'll clear it off," he said by way of explanation, leaving me none the wiser. "Up against the wall," he continued. "On the floor in front of the fire...sitting on the couch...hard, fast, gentle, slow. The possibilities are endless, and that's just in this room alone."
I looked around at the places he'd mentioned, my mind spinning. Then I opened my mouth to question him some more before shutting it abruptly, not knowing what to ask. Should I be afraid? I wasn't sure. Edward had promised he was going to take good care of me, but what did he mean by his strange words? Was he talking about more kissing? My mouth tingled, and my belly fluttered at the thought.

Oh, poor naive Bella. She has no idea what she is getting into, and poor Edward has no idea that Bella is the daughter of his Father’s best friend, and in fact a “lady” from a very respectable family.

Fear not, though the author has gone to great lengths to keep the fic as historically accurate as possible, she has also given us plenty of angst and UST, an intriguing plot, and also some very steamy lemons.

High Fidelity by Ireen H
Damaged Edward, damaged Bella. Two sides of the same scarred coin. When one side is up, the other is down. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It's a slow burn, slow and painful. Mature. Lots of random pop culture references. AH, AU, ExB. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: VampsHaveLaws

I was a little late to the High Fidelity train. I saw it rec’d on numerous blog sites, and after a few friends started reading it, I decided to shift it to the top of my list.

Despite working in the same office building for five years, it isn’t until Edward mistakenly files a claim against Bella for a hit and run accident that they “meet”.

He’s arrogant, attractive, and obstinate. She’s fiery, insistent—his perfect match.

"Did you know that you hit someone in the parking lot this morning?"

Come again?

"Uh. No I didn't. Wait, you mean, someone hit me?" I thought maybe he had misstated what he was trying to say.

"No, you hit another car in the parking lot."

I actually laughed. This was absurd. "Nope, wasn't me."

Things only start to get more heated from here.

Edward sets out to get Bella into bed, but she isn’t like the usual women who fall at his feet. She fights his advances and keeps him at a distance. She has a secret that will only let him get so far before she pulls away.

The UST is crazy. Their banter humourous. And the more Edward gets to know “Bella the person”, instead of “Bella the ass and legs and smart mouth”, the more his previous notions get turned on their head.

He starts to feel things he can’t deal with; emotions he doesn’t want to own.

The story shifts between point of views, allowing us to see what lies beneath protective shields and outward shows.

I especially love this Edward. He’s cruel and broken and has a past he keeps hidden at all costs.

His torn up ideals and inner demons result in personal attacks and mistakes he’ll learn to regret.

And when he lashes out, it’s not only at himself, but at the detriment of others.

I reach out and place my hand gently against the wood. What am I touching? What part of her presses against my hand through this thin barrier of painted oak.

Her back? The small of it? Her hands, bracing her against the force of Edward's thrusts? Her breasts? Two of them?

A whole woman, a broken man. Both of them thieves, robbing me in this moment.

I can't help this longing, comfort me, I can't hold it all in, if you won't let me…I can hear Edward breathing.

I can hear him cursing.

And her moans.

This is fucking.

I am an empty vessel. A moment ago, a heart beat inside of my chest... now it echoes the banging and squeaking of those people... those people on the other side of that door. And this song. This terribly beautiful song which I know is ruined for me forever.

I pull my hand back and return to the kitchen where I hastily pack up my final bag and set it near the door.

My vision blurs as I quickly, sloppily, wipe down his cabinet fronts, his counters, his floors, his bar, his sink.

I tell myself it doesn't matter. My neck starts to ache.

I have to get out of here.

All I hear is her now, the animal sounds of fornication drowned out by her voice, as she says his name. Over and over again.

I feel it in my stomach, in my scar, in my throat which is throbbing with my silent demand to keep it all in.

All I want to do is hide.

But I don't get that chance.

I am just crossing the hallway to finally escape when the door to his bedroom, the door bearing his touch and hers, is thrown open with a bang.

I thought I knew what his bedhead looked like. I was wrong. His hair falls in his face, into his eyes, limp strands damp with sweat. His hair, so beloved, has become anathema to me.His expression, though, is familiar. I've seen it before. I've rejected him before, in this moment.

Bella, dance with me.

It's torment, it's rage, it's someone dying on the inside. His whole persona is electric as he fills the doorway, his eyes beseeching mine. Asking something from me that I can't even comprehend. Accusing me of something I haven't done.

He has his dress slacks on, riding loose on his hips, and he's shirtless. His chest expands as his lungs slowly fill, a soft tangle of hair marks his collarbone. A fine patina of sweat causes his bare skin to sparkle at me… and something else. The ugliest scar I've ever seen. In the scariest place I can imagine. His left pectoral muscle.

I remind myself that the heart is actually more centrally located, and that he is in fact alive in front of me, but I'm reaching for him, to comfort him... God only knows why. Because it's obvious from that scar that he is lucky to be alive.

Oh what a lucky man, he was.

Before I can close the distance between us, he speaks. "Stay away from me."

I’m interested to see where the story is headed, and how dynamics will change now that feelings have.

High Fidelity is well written and has a unique plot, and with it only being thirteen chapters in, won’t take you that long to get caught up.

Read it, enjoy it, and let the author know what you think.


Moments by SydneyAlice
She's a college student working toward a dream. He's a man walking away from the only dream he's ever known. There are moments that can change your life forever. This is their moment.Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Midnight Cougar

I was thrilled to learn that Moments by the talented SydneyAlice won as a Fic of the Week! And, I was honoured to be asked to write a review for it as well, as it’s an attention-grabbing story that has had me waiting on the edge of my seat for updates. Moments began posting on May 19th and so far we have 10 well-written chapters with over 2000 reviews, and it’s such a commanding story. Moments starts out with a punch, dealing with several serious issues in the storyline, and the emotions set forth by SydneyAlice, through both Bella and Edward, are penetrating and powerful to the reader. I am completely captivated by the plot and the characters!

As the story begins, we meet a driven and lovely Bella Swan, and learn of the realities of her life, with her hard at work in a “greasy diner” as a way to finish putting herself through her senior year of college. It’s just a normal, busy night at the restaurant, soon to be closing time, or so Bella thought, until her last, but certainly not least, customer walks in…

I glanced at my watch and sighed with relief. It was nearly closing time, and my tired body was ready for a bubble bath and a glass of cheap wine. With renewed energy that only comes at the end of my shift, I grabbed a rag and began to wipe the counter. The place was blissfully empty, which would make closing that much easier.
Ten minutes. If only the customers will stay away for ten more minutes.
But no, the universe was cruel.
At five minutes until closing time, he walked in. Without a glance toward the tired waitress desperate to lock the doors, he found a stool at the end of the counter.
Sighing, I grabbed the coffee pot and a mug before making my way over to him.
“I’m afraid the grill is closed,” I said in apology. “It’s nearly closing time, and all we have is coffee and pie.”
The man said nothing. He simply stared ahead with glazed eyes as I poured a cup of decaf. His rude silence gave me the chance to really check him out. He had a wild head of bronze hair and the kind of sculpted cheekbones you’d expect to see on the face of a runway model. His eyes, as lifeless as they were, were a beautiful shade of green.
Despite all of that perfection, he looked like absolute shit.
His clothes looked as if he’d slept in them—for about a week. The wrinkled dress shirt had been white once upon a time, and a dingy tie hung haphazardly around his neck. His slacks were torn at the knees, and his leather shoes looked as if he’d stepped into the nearest muddy puddle.
On his wrist, was a Rolex.
I cleared my throat. “Can I get you a slice of pie? We have apple and, I think, one slice of cherry.”
He finally looked my way, and the intensity of those eyes pierced through me.
Beautiful green and painfully cold.
“Your name is Bella?”
The question surprised me, and quite frankly, scared me a little. But then I remembered I’m a waitress, and wearing a name tag is part of the gig.
“Yes, I’m Bella.”
He nodded once, and that was the end of our conversation.
I finished closing up and tried not to stare at the beautiful disaster sitting at the end of the counter. He must have money, if the watch on his wrist was any indication. Why would he be dressed as if he spent his nights sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley?
After gathering dishes, I headed back to the kitchen….
 I made my way back out front, expecting to see the handsome homeless man sitting at the counter.
To my surprise, he was gone.
I walked to the end of counter, and that’s when I saw two things that made me stop in my tracks.
A full cup of coffee.
And his Rolex.
Well, now that’s what I call a generous tip! But why would someone who looked so destitute leave a Rolex for a tip? Well, Bella will soon find this out… She finishes cleaning up the diner and heads home on foot in the frigid mid-November air in Seattle, just hoping for that warm bath and some relaxation after her busy school and work day, but those hopes are shattered when she stumbles upon her mysterious “beautiful disaster” again…

I pulled my jacket tighter around me and quickened my pace toward my apartment. It wasn’t a long walk between the diner and my place, but the cold temperature made it seem like miles. I was just making my way across the Washington Street Bridge when something caught my eye.
A man was standing along the barrier of the bridge, looking down into the frigid water below.
Without a backwards glance, he placed one leg over the edge, and that’s when I recognized him.
I screamed.
His head jerked up, and there, under the lights of the city, my eyes locked with the beautiful man who’d left his watch on my counter.
And he was going to jump.
I know, very intense first chapter, but so worth reading because Bella now has quite a plight ahead of her as she realizes she must somehow convince this distraught man not to end his life. Will she be able to do it? And who is this mysterious stranger? What would drive him to make such a drastic and final life choice, because she knows there must be someone in his world that would miss him…?

"You can't jump," I said.
"Why not?"
At least he was talking.
"I don't even know your name. You know mine. That's not fair at all."
He looked surprised. "You don't recognize me?"
"Should I?"
"Wow," he muttered. "That's…refreshing, actually."
This was the strangest conversation in the history of the world. Surely we were making a scene and someone had called the police by now.
"I'm Edward Cullen."
The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it.
"I'm Bella Swan," I said softly. "Now, would you please put both legs on this side of the barrier so that my heart will stop trying to beat out of my chest?"
Edward tilted his head toward the river.
"Let me call your family."
It was the wrong thing to say.
"My family is dead, which is exactly what I should be. What I want to be."
His body swayed, and my hands reached out, grabbing onto his arm. My entire body shook, and I didn't know if it was from adrenaline, fear, or a combination of the two, but I knew that I had to do whatever I could to keep him from plunging into the water.
I heard him take a deep breath.
"Please let me go."
Tears swam in my eyes. I was tiny, and if this man truly wanted to jump into the river, there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him.
I realized this. I accepted this.
But as a determined young woman she doesn’t accept this fate for the enigmatic Edward Cullen. She tells him she cares and somehow convinces him to come home with her, and as he climbs down from the bridge wall, she wonders why he said his family is dead… all his family? And is that only what motivated him to want to end his own life or is there more to his perplexing and intricate story? You must read the remaining defining Moments between Bella and Edward, in the subsequent 9 chapters, for yourselves to learn the answers to these intriguing questions. As you read you will meet some other interesting characters who complicate the plot, and also discover that both Edward and Bella have dramatic past storylines to reveal, as their lives weave in and out of each other’s. Oh, and pleasantly, you will see that the rich and successful businessman of Cullen Technologies, Edward Cullen, also has a caring and sensitive side to his complex persona. *swoon*

SydneyAlice is updating regularly and she says, “As of now, I plan to update weekly. Maybe more, depending on my schedule. As some of you know, I’m working on my first novel, so that’s keeping me super busy, but I’ve missed you guys and wanted to write you a little something. It won’t be super angsty, although it starts out a little dramatic. If you know me at all, you know how it’ll end. If you haven’t read my stories, I’m a happy-ever-after kind of girl, so trust me.”

Moments is definitely unfolding to be another of SydneyAlice’s fabulous stories, and if you choose to read it, I know you will be as enraptured as I was right from the first dynamic chapter! Please enjoy.

You can also visit SydneyAlice’s Blog for more information: http://sydneyalice5.blogspot.ca/

Outbound by Aftrnoondlight-rec'd by Remmy Kins
Two beautiful souls humbly traveling life's lonely path, until fate suddenly shows her hand. Will Edward and Bella surrender willingly... A tender, romantic tale of love and life in the clouds.Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: A White Blank Page

Outbound is a beautiful, heartfelt and sexy collaboration between jarkin33 and phoebes.promise about two lonely people finding love. 

He owns a bar. She’s a flight attendant. The attraction is immediate and their connection is undeniable.

He paused, our eyes locked in the faint glow of an iron streetlamp. Suddenly, my back met the rough red brick fa├žade, his long, lean frame trapping, pressing.

"I can't put you in a cab… yet." He hushed, fingers dancing down my neck, thumbing over my mouth. Tilting, holding my face, forcing a deep stare, I grasped his broad shoulders. His eyes closed as he leaned and sighed. Lips softly grazing, I dug into his black wool coat, pulling tighter. Whimpering, now wide open searching… desire heavy.

When our lips teased again, his tongue ran along my lower lip, eyes fluttering to float. Warm patterns moved over my cheekbones, I angled, deeper, more sensual. I braced around and behind, tangling through his hair. We dipped, tongues tasting… panting, promising.

Slowing the pace, he nipped, I sucked… all gentle, breathing heavy as he then trailed up my jaw. Quiet moans for more morphed into a sweet chuckle, as he rested his forehead at mine. "Come home with me, Bella." His intention apparent, melting through the middle, I nodded.

Chapters alternate between Bella and Edward points of view, slowly giving us insight into their layered lives. It all starts in his bar and this Edward will have you at his feet from the first chapter. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read a lot of fic, but this one had me from the beginning. It is beautiful from start to finish and I’m a sucker for beautiful writing.

This is a love story with heart. With a bit of drama mixed in, it has the perfect balance of Bella and Edward with secondary characters. The other characters are original, well developed and compelling. Rather than take away from the story, they make it richer. I want an Aunt Mary, a niece named Makenna and a dog named Charlotte. And Rose, the character that usually makes me stabby, is heartbreaking. The characters in this story don’t seem like characters at all. They seem like people you want to know.

Afternoondlight has a unique, almost rhythmic, writing style. Outbound is poignant and funny. And sexy. So damn sexy.

I hit the edge and tipped harder, faster than I'd ever known.

"Edward… oh, god," I screamed gripping his shoulders. Breathing, open, wet mouth at my ear and below… he pumped once then twice, bliss realized as he pressed and pulsed. Buried at my shoulder, his teeth grazed, knees weakened. I tickled along his lower back to soothe as we calmed.

"You're… so goddamn…"

"Do you have a bed?" I asked quietly interrupting, he laughed lightly against slick, blushed skin.

"Tired?" Our eyes met, he righted me gently and brushed damp hair back, smirking. "Or do you want more?"

"Yes," I purred… unfamiliar and insatiable.

This Edward will make you fall in love. This Bella will make you root for her. And yet they are both flawed, both a little lost.

Outbound is the perfect mix of heartache and swoon. It’s about dealing with loss and finding love. It’s about family. It’s sweet and dirty. Tender and spicy. And hot damn is it romantic. It will make your eyes water and your heart feel full.

It will make you want to go home with a hot stranger in a bar.

If you haven’t read it already, I’m jealous that you’ll get to experience it for the first time. And if you have read it, then it just might be time for a reread.

Southern Comfort by JiffyKate-rec'd by Nic
Bella is a photojournalist from NYC and is wanting a change of pace. Edward is a southern playboy looking for a good time. Will they find what they need in each other? Who are we kidding? You know the story. We're just telling it with a Southern spin. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Twi Fanmom

After scrolling through the list of nominated fics, wanting to read some so that I could be an educated voter, I was immediately intrigued by the title of Southern Comfort.  Hey, I’m a Georgia Girl, so I can easily relate to anything based in the South.  Plus, who hasn’t had a drink made with Southern Comfort, lovingly referred to as SoCo?  I started this story, only putting it down to feed my children and catch a few hours of sleep.  Seeing that a reviewer was needed, I jumped on it, thinking how hard can it be…you’ve just finished reading it and loved it.  Problem is, with seventeen chapters of fantastic, hilarious stuff, I basically wanted to copy and paste the entire story as the review. 

The authors of this story are a fabulously humorous team!  Jiff and JennyKate, both former Southern gals, will have you laughing out loud at the southern mannerisms and terminology of each character.  But the humor, as wonderful as it is, doesn’t overshadow the readers’ ability to feel the emotions of the characters.  One of my absolute favorite parts of this story is the song title they choose for chapter names and the A/Ns at the end.  The humorous, often *ahem* raunchy banter between the two is a must read!  Jiff and JK have been wonderful with review replies and we have bonded through our Cajunward Tweets!

Southern Comfort is based in French Settlement, Louisiana at The Cullen Plantation.  Bella descends upon the Plantation to photograph and write an article for Southern Living Magazine.  Given the geographical location of the story, and the often used Cajun terms, the Cullen family – Esme, Carlisle, Emmett and Edward – is quite different from other characters I’ve experienced in fanfic.  For example, the family uses the terms choux rouge, canaille, faiblesse…forcing Bella to “conclude right then that people need a passport to come down here.”  Don’t worry, JiffyKate, offers a Cajun term dictionary at the end of each chapter!

Bella quickly befriends Emmett & Edward, sharing dinner with them at the restaurant they own.  She discovers that not all pockets are the same.
As we walk inside, a girl with blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail greets us. She asks Emmett where he's been all night. Then she looks at me and says, "Welcome to Hot Pockets!"
When she walks away, I read the back of her shirt. It says, "Is that a gator in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

As the week continues, Bella and Edward spend some time touring the plantation property, during which she continues to write her article and photograph the property and people of French Settlement.  During the time that Bella is learning about Southern Hospitality, she also has to examine some issues in her life that she has previously ignored.  Prior to her arrival in French Settlement, Bella was having doubts about her passionless relationship with her obsessively scheduled boyfriend, Jake, who is waiting for her in NYC.  Her parents, whose thoughts about southerners are less than positive, have decided to divorce, causing Bella to feel that her childhood was a lie.

Meanwhile, The Cullen’s are preparing for Edward’s birthday party, which will be host to most of the town.  Alice, who lives in Birmingham and works for Southern Living Magazine, comes to visit.  Now, I must say that this has to be one of my favorite Alice’s…she is proud to be gansta and doesn’t want anyone to ruin her “street cred”.  She meets Jasper, friend to the Cullen boys and singer in the band Hard Limits *giggles*, at the birthday party.  They begin to heatedly discuss the finer merits of song lyrics between Mick Jagger and Snoop Dogg.

"Tell me one thing that Snoop Dogg has ever written that really changed people's life...something relevant to real life issues."
"Get your money, Man, it's hard out there."
"And what is the great and powerful Snoop trying to tell us?"
"He's saying that money issues are difficult and that you have to be independent and assertive. You know, do what you have to do to get by...it's like a 'power to the people' kind of statement. Oh, and there is 'when the pimp's in the crib ma drop it like it's hot.' That is some of the best relationship advice you'll ever receive."

Now, I know you are probably thinking “What about the smut…we need a lemon!”  Well, they have those, too.  There is the usual UST between Edward and Bella.  We have Tanya Denali, “bless her heart”, who shows up during the week and causes a stir, hmmm…wonder what stirs?  Not to mention we are still thinking about Jake back in NYC.  But, the reader is privy to the dirty thoughts that are expressed in each POV.

Edward:   My mind wanders to less chaste thoughts and I remember the way the mounds of her breasts peaked out over the top of her shirt. I shouldn't have been looking, but I did anyway. I'm wishing that I hadn't, because I can't think of anything else. I wonder how they feel...how her nipples would react to my touch...and at that thought; I'm hard and needing relief.  Just the motivation I need to get in the shower.

Bella:  "Alright, alright. Settle down." The dogs become calm and Edward wipes his face with the bottom of his shirt, briefly showing me his toned abs and a light smattering of hair that travels down past his button-fly. Happy trail, indeed. Dammit, Bella, you're working! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Finally, at Emmett and Edward’s club – Bump and Grind – things start to heat up a little between our favorite couple.

"Bella." I stop dancing and just stand there, staring up at him. "I don't want to be your guardian or your protector. Right now, I don't even want to be a southern gentleman."
Shit. I swallow and lick my lips. "What do you want, Edward?" I say loudly, over the music.
He brushes my hair away from my face and cups my jaw. "You, Bella. I just want you." Before I can let his words sink into my brain, his lips are on mine. Firm but soft, they instantly mold to my lips. He's giving me slow, sensual pecks, but I need more. He has awakened the passion in me that has been dormant for too long. My hands grab onto his hair as I lick his bottom lip, asking permission for entry. He opens his mouth and groans as I slide my tongue inside. I feel one of his hands in my hair, as the other one finds and grabs my ass. I lean my head to the side, so that our kiss can deepen; and now I am the one groaning.
Best. First. Kiss. Ever.

From here, the story is forced to take a more serious turn…Bella must return to NYC.  Where does that leave Bella and Edward?  What will she do about Jake?  What will her parents think about her newfound interest in the South?  And then, as if we aren’t already addicted to SoCo, we are left hanging by our fingernails on the edge of this cliff at the end of Chapter 17…

I tease each of them a few more times, before I count down in my head...

And, don’t just take my word for it; here are some reviews from other readers who are enjoying Southern Comfort.

KittyVuitton: Your story is so awesome. It makes me want to move south like tomorrow! And now I'm craving hot pockets lol!

Nicffwhisperer:  I love the chemistry between E & B. I guess that means you are doing it right…

Astonmartin823:  I found this fic on Facebook. I started to read it and got to Chapter 5 realizing I was so engrossed in the story I forgot to review…

See, we can’t all be crazy – Southern Comfort really is that good!  If you’re like me, you’ll also be excited to know that you’ll soon be getting even MORE of Cajunward and Chuckella because Jiff and JennyKate have been working with RoseArcadia to start a Southern Comfort blogsite!  Thank you for taking the time to read my review.  I hope you will hop over to FFn and give this story a read.


  1. I have to say that these 5 are absolutely fantastic! I couldn't agree more about how perfect they are and a must read.

  2. Awesome reviews! All of these are on my TBR list...well, except for SoCo...'cause I kinda already know what happens in that one. ;)

    THANK YOU, Twifanmom for your review!!! We love you!!♥