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TLS Fics of the Week May 20 - May 26, 2012

Cliche by Suzie55-rec'd by Michelle
In a place far, far away lived a beautiful…oh, forget it. Who are we really kidding here? This is Hell. This is high school. Welcome to Forks. Bella X Edward AH - some humor though that's subjective. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Onebravelamb

When I began reading Cliché, I had a small epiphany. I was Suzie55’s Bella Swan.

In fact, I’m sure a good majority of the female population can relate to her.

Bella’s the shy girl. She’s not the most fashionable girl in school. She’s not the most popular girl in school. In all actuality, she barely exists and she’s determined to change that.

“My mission if I choose to accept it:
1. To get noticed. 2. To finally talk to Edward Cullen 3. To have someone ask me to prom instead of going stag or staying home with my dad watching the Mariners game.
I realize as I start my mission statement that I have mission statements – plural. Geez, am I really this sad?
Apparently, I am. 
I scratch through my entire mission.
That list is way too lame. I am not in a state of admitting my complete and utter lameness at this point so I take a deep breath and exhale slowly. I look down at a new blank piece of paper in my notebook and start over.
To be who I want to be
That kind of says it all, don't you think? Well, I do…wait, no it doesn't.
My mission:
1. To be who I really want to be 2. Talk to Edward Cullen.
Scratch number two.
Number two should really be: 2. Be visible enough to have Edward Cullen initiate a conversation with me.”

I can’t help but feel for Bella. She has very few friends. She’s called Bird Girl by Mike Newton and unless she’s being teased, she’s pretty much ignored by everyone.

Almost everyone.

See this is where Cliché becomes such an amazing story, in my opinion. Call me a delusional romantic, if you must. Edward Cullen – the big man on campus – already sees Bella. He’s already dazzled by her, even with her too big sweaters and non-descript headbands. In fact, he sent me head over heels with one endearing action.

“I dig out my freshman, sophomore, and junior year yearbooks and crawl onto my bed. I flip open my ninth grade book and scan my finger across the pages until I find the S's. Saburn, Scott, Smith, Swan. Isabella Swan - brown hair, a little messy for picture day, headband, heavy looking sweater, and no make-up. She's cute. She doesn't stand out on the page and probably didn't back then. I don't remember much of her that year. I wonder if we had any classes together.
Tenth grade – the glossary says page eighty-seven and one-nineteen. I look at her school photo first. That might be the same headband from the previous year. It's hard to tell. She's wearing another bulky, too big for her sweater and a turtleneck. She's nothing if not practical for Forks weather. Her face seems similar – a late bloomer for sure, but cute. Page one-nineteen reveals she joined the yearbook staff. This is the book that has an abundance of pictures of me in it ironically. I think there were thirty-seven if I remember correctly. I shut this one and toss it aside.
In last year's book, I can see the girl she's become. Her hair is smooth with soft waves, she still doesn't have any make-up on, but she doesn't need it. Her eyes capture me, draw me in. They're brown. I know that just from seeing her at school, but the flash of the camera highlights something else in them, maybe gold, maybe green.
I run downstairs and grab the magnifying glass out of the bookcase drawer, not saying anything as my dad watches me whip into the room and run back out. I jump back onto the bed and hold the glass over her picture, but they're still too small to tell. I toss the glass on the bed frustrated.
I steady my breath not knowing if it's from staring at the girl in the photo or the race to get the magnifying glass, but it's erratic, uncomfortable in my chest.”

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a boy that goes through that much trouble to find out what colors make up the object of his affections eyes?

These two are absolutely adorable. And you can’t help but root for them. Things aren’t that easy, however, and really, when are they ever?

As we go along, we find out that there’s a hierarchy set in place at Forks High. Well, duh. There always is. But in Cliché, it’s not as simple as boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they date, fall in love and live happily ever after.

Oh no, you have to play the game.

Did I mention that I hate games? I hate games almost as much as I hate stupid boys.

Poor, sweet Bella has no clue about ‘the game’ so while she’s away over her holiday break, where she meets Rosalie – probably the coolest Rosalie ever, by the way– her new step-sister, she goes through with her mission. She tosses out her over-sized sweaters for more form-fitting and low cut shirts. Her shapeless jeans are turned in for short skirts and jeans that make her ass look fabulous. Toss in a blow out and some make-up and our sweet Bella suddenly becomes every boys wet dream.

What Bella doesn’t know is that by making this change, she’s throwing a wrench into the well-oiled machine of the Forks hierarchy. She’s not the only girl that wants Edward, and by making herself over she’s not only put a target on her back for all the catty girls – she’s also opened herself up to the game.

“She looks up as I settle onto the floor and lean against her closet door looking at her, still waiting for something… anything.
"These boys are trickier than I gave them credit for." She slides off the end of the bed and sits across from me on the floor so we're eye-level. "There's a code, a bond or something. They all play by a certain set of rules. They tag a girl and the others lay off of her. I must admit that it's quite organized and somewhat civilized for a group of high-schoolers."
"You got all that from one day at school? I'm impressed, Rose. That makes total sense too because Edward told me that he was my best bet."
"Yep, it's that damn code." She looks puzzled. "The problem is do they mark you and the others back off or do you have a say in the matter?" It's rhetorical, I can tell by how hard she's focusing on the ceiling, on solving this mystery.
The code thing whether it's a friend code or a team code or whatever surprises me though. It sounds civilized on the surface but it's really quite insulting that they get to tag you as theirs, verbally claim you in that way.”

Cliché is filled with twists and turns and moments that make you want to punch someone or something. It will have you making deals with whatever higher power you believe in that Bella and Edward can somehow navigate this rocky terrain and find their way – together.

Cliché is complete at forty-five chapters and has everything you could really ask for in a story. There’s humor, drama, romance and smut, because c’mon, this is The Lemonade Stand.

So go ahead, embrace your inner nerd-girl and cheer Cliché’s Bella on as she fights for her man. I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

My Mate by Princess Rachael-rec'd by Shahula
After 300 years, Edward finds his mate in young vampire Bella. But the mating blood rituals of vampires will test their strength and belief in each other. Graphic lemons and violence.
Twilight - Rated: M 

Reviewed by: Shahula

Vamp fic is something many are wary of, considering to close to the original Twilight to mess with and I’d agree in most cases. But after discovering My Mate by PrincessRachael, I can’t hold on to that notion any longer.
My Mate is a captivating story from the very beginning where we meet Edward, a 300 year old vampire who doesn’t believe in the mating bond meets young vampire Bella while on an assignment from the Volturi and the sparks fly. The only problem? Bella wants nothing to do with the mating bond of vampires, and refuses to give into the call despite her initial attraction to Edward.
Edward's words were abruptly cut off as he suddenly experienced for the first time in his immortal life, heavenly silence. He could no longer hear Carlisle's explanations or the growls from his sons, or even the thoughts of any of them. His brain felt pricked and stretched making Edward grimace in pain. His very bones felt as if they were crippling, the blood and venom running through his veins seemed to cry out in agony. Everything within him screamed for the female that was standing in front of him. Every facet of him competing and demanded her for themselves. He took a heavy step towards her.
Bella's eyes were wide as she shrunk under this new vampire towering over her. He was dressed completely in black and looked like some beautiful, avenging angel. With increasing fear she watched his red eyes turn dark with wrath and revenge. But then there was pain, as if he were choking on his own breath. He blinked twice, like he was shaking off a bad memory. And then he looked at her with such desperation and resolve it made Bella jump back with a trembled cry.
Before Edward could move further, he was crashed into the ground by Jasper and Emmett.
"Run, Bella!" Emmett roared.
Bella took off through the back door, disappearing into the woods as if she would never return.
"Dear God!" Edward croaked under the weight of Jasper and Emmett.
He'd found her.
And thus begins an exciting tale of how Bella and Edward must learn to not only accept the mating bond, but also come to love one another. This story is filled with tender moments between our favorite pair, who grow to appreciate the finer details within each other in an understated, yet powerful way you won’t often find in fanfiction.
PR knows how to tell a story, folks, using her words to capture your imagination fully, as well as create a plot so vivid and thrilling, you’ll be desperate to hit the next button at the bottom of every page. And if lemons are your thing, you are in for a one hot ride, ladies. Because once Bella and Edward give into that side of their bond, the heat is on!
They both groaned when he pushed into her. He thrust hard three times before slowing down and lengthening his stride. Edward was vehemently aroused watching himself come completely out and then seeing his thick head push back inside her, his length coated with a wet gleam from her folds.
Bella whimpered, leaning underneath to bring her hand around him, fondling his swollen sacks, desperate to touch him anywhere.
"You want to see this, don't you, beautiful girl?" Edward continued his slow pushes. "I know you love this position, but you wish you could watch."
"Yes," she whispered. "You look so good moving inside me. It makes my mouth hungry for you."
"Ah, fuck… I want you so much. Sometimes… ah, Bella… sometimes it's all I can think about. I crave you again the moment we're finished."
He sped up his thrusts and she moaned, her hips moving to meet his. He shifted his body to cover her back, his hands smoothed her hair away as he kissed and licked her neck.
"Hang on," he whispered[…]
There is so much beauty in this story, as well as action, adventure, drama and love. One minute you’re hot and bothered from the lusty lemons and the next, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting with bated breath to see how the action unfolds.
PR has done a wonderful job creating this alternate universe and I dare you to not beg for more once you read it.

No Ordinary Proposal by Twilover76-rec'd by KittyVuitton
Bella wants to escape her small-town life and live her dreams in New York. What happens when a man almost twice her age makes her an offer she can't refuse? AH/M Twilight - Rated: M 

Reviewed by: Nole Bucgrl

No Ordinary Proposal is an aptly named fic that gives you a clue as to what you’re headed for, though I was surprised with exactly what the proposal entailed.  If you want to know, well, read it! 

We start out with a letter from Bella Swan, high school graduate to be, sending an email off to Edward Cullen, corporate bigwig.  She was wrongly told she was being awarded a scholarship from his company only to have it taken away.

April 24, 2012

Mr. Edward Cullen,

I am writing to you personally as every other form of my correspondence regarding the Edward Cullen Scholarship has been blocked.

My name is Isabella Swan and I am currently a senior at your alma mater, Forks High School. Three weeks ago I was informed by your employee, Tanya Denali, that I was the selected recipient of your annual scholarship awarded to a senior with outstanding scholastic aptitude. Upon hearing the news that my four-year tuition would be paid, I accepted my admittance to my first choice college, NYU, to start as a freshman in the fall. Further, I sent NYU a non-refundable deposit for room and board, which has depleted my personal savings, of which I have spent the last four years working toward.

However, one week after receiving the news I was the scholarship winner, I was told by the same employee that an error had been made. Another student in my class was to receive the award instead. I hope you can imagine how crushing this news was to me both emotionally and financially.

I understand mistakes can occur at any time, but I am pleading with you to take a look at my situation. Perhaps if you reassess these circumstances, you could make an exception and fund both me and the now-appointed winner?

I appreciate any time and effort you put toward rectifying this unfortunate series of events. I am including a copy of my most recent transcripts as well as my original essay submission for the scholarship.

Deepest regards, Isabella Swan

She waits patiently for a response and gets back a form letter that makes her angry and has her reaching out in other ways to actually speak to Edward Cullen.  Fortunately for her, she has a best friend with mad computer skills who manages to score her his private cell phone number.

"Okay, now let's find this mysterious Mr. Cullen."

I pulled her beanbag chair next to her desk and watched as her fingers flew over the keys. My thoughts strayed to what I already knew about the man. His family was old money, and had only resided in this area for around ten years, during which time Mr. Cullen had graduated from my high school.

He'd gone on to UCLA, and got involved in the entertainment business. Using his own ingenuity and his family money, he renovated music television and spawned a lot of the success of cable networks. With the merger to Cullen-Whitlock, Inc., his company now rivaled media giants Disney, Sony and Viacom.

"Damn, he's hot!"

I straightened up and looked at the pictures, jolted out of my thoughts from Alice's exclamation.

He was definitely a good looking man. Tall, lean, sexy hair, and a face that would make the gods jealous. I tore my eyes away before I licked her screen.

"He'd be even better looking if he paid my tuition." I gave her a smirk and she laughed.

Yes, she did say he’d be better looking if he paid her tuition.  This Bella has moxy and sarcasm and all the things that I can’t get enough of in a well written Bella.  She gets Edward’s number and texts him and he’s curious enough to call her and try to find out how she got his number and what she wants.  He decides to look into her situation and a mysterious man comes to town and starts following her around.  He eventually introduces himself as Alec, a man sent to check her out.  He extends the offer to bring her to New York to meet the mysterious Mr. Cullen and the next thing she knows, she’s on her way to the Big Apple.

Before delivering her to Edward’s place, Alec tells Bella the following:  "Just so you know, there's no reason you should feel intimidated by Mr. Cullen. You hold more power than you think."  It’s a very important and true thing so I’m highlighting it here for those that worry about the age difference between the two and the obvious financial power he has over her.  She has something he wants as well and that gives her just as much power, maybe more.

To say this Edward is a sexy man is not adequate, so I’ll let Bella tell you what she sees:

The pictures from the internet really didn't do him justice. He was hands down the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. His green eyes sparkled as he gazed at me, his lips twitching into a smirk. He likely thought I was insane, spinning around in awe of a room he got to see every day.

My eyes roamed down from his angelic face, taking in the crisp white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top with the sleeves rolled and pushed up to reveal his forearms crossed over his chest and the glint of a thick, silver watch around his wrist.

How could forearms and a watch be so sexy? 

His black slacks hung low on his hips, perfectly fitted to his long legs. His stance was casual, one foot crossed in front of the other as he leaned against the frame. My eyes slowly traveled back up to meet his, and his smile widened as my heart pounded.

He must have liked my ogling and the obvious effect his presence had on me. I checked myself to make sure I wasn't panting.

When his head tilted slightly to the side, and his gaze intensified, I began to wonder if he could see right through me…inside me. He'd said he would take care of me, but he never specified exactly what that meant. I only hoped he wasn't regretting his decision.

As they spend their first meal together, they finally start to talk about why she’s really there:

"So, Bella, tell me about yourself."

"Not much to tell." I met his gaze. "Besides, I'm pretty sure you know everything already."

He smirked. "I've done some homework, but I think there's a lot more I have yet to find out."

I really wanted to slap that smug smirk away…or maybe kiss it away.

Stop it, Bella! 

I was getting frustrated with myself as much as with him.

"But why do you want to know more? What is all this about?" I asked angrily, waving my hand at the wine and candles.

His eyes glittered as his smile grew. "I wondered what you would look like when you got feisty. It's better than I imagined."

Before I could fire off a retort, Hannah appeared with our dinners. I had completely lost my appetite, but I thanked her anyway. If I hadn't been thoroughly confused and intensely aroused at the same time, the shrimp linguine would have been perfect for the setting.

I took a big gulp of wine, and then watched Edward fill my glass back up. His eyes never left mine.

He twirled noodles around his fork and slurped them down with a grin.

"You should really try this, Bella. It's delicious."

"You didn't answer my questions." I took another drink of wine and folded my arms over my chest defiantly.

He hummed, and tilted his head. "You really haven't figured it out?"

"No, Edward. I don't know. Tell me why I'm here."

He put his fork down and leaned forward again. "It's actually quite simple. I want you, Bella."

There’s more to it than that, much more, really, but I’m going to let you find that out for yourself.  This Edward is sexy, controlling and has some baggage but then so does this Bella, albeit a different kind.  Both have holes in their lives that one another can fill, but will the proposal get in their way?  She gives as good as he does and I think you’ll find that Mr. Cullen has met his match.  Enjoy the back and forth and watch the power struggle.  You won’t be sorry!

Pocket Change by AWhiteBlankPage-rec'd by Twilover76
I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the kind that blows you away in an instant.Twilight - Rated: M 

Reviewed by: Les Sharpe

Do you ever get that feeling when you're reading a story where your chest hurts, and you read peeking through your fingers, but the story is so good, you just can't stop? You know the one, the one where you read words, words that you probably see every day, but somehow mean more, make you feel more? The kind of story that completely captivates you, but you don't know why? A story that grips you and sucks you in so far that you look at the clock one minute and then when you look next, hours have passed and you don't even notice? Or how about the kind of story that when you do finally pull yourself away from the computer or Kindle or phone you're left breathless, sort of nervous, a lot excited and all you can think about is when you can sneak in a few more minutes of reading time? If that sounds like you or what you want from a story, then look no further than A White Blank Page's Pocket Change.

I admit I was late to the party … I didn't start reading until the very end when there were only two chapters left, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I urge you to read this wonderful story. It's not an easy read, know that up front. It'll make your heart hurt. It'll make you grit your teeth and call people bad things (not naming names … Bella, Rose, and Carlisle) It will probably make you cry … but it will also make you smile, make you laugh and most of all, make your heart forget about all the bad stuff because the good stuff? The good stuff, my friends, is exquisite in its absolute perfection.

The Edward and Bella of Pocket Change have a complicated, layered, difficult relationship. Both have had to deal with tragedy, though one handles their grief better than the other. (I'm not going to tell you who, you're just going to have to read to find out.) They love each other but there are times you might doubt it. They are best friends; they are more. They are hurtful and spiteful, but they are vulnerable and scared. Through a series of events, they are torn apart, but then one thing, Alice's wedding to Jasper, brings them back together. They are forced to decide if what happened in the past can be forgiven and if the honest and true love they have for each other can overcome the pain they've suffered.

"You can pick fear, or you can pick love, Bella. Fear or love. But you can't have both. I've made my choice. I'm deciding, right here in this moment. I pick you. You said you wanted all of it. That means all of the crap and the pain and the flaws too. You can't just have the good parts. You said all of it. Well this isn't even the half of it. Let me know when you've made your choice." There is no venom in his voice. But the words bite at my skin all the same.

A White Blank Page's words will move you. I promise they will. They are subtle in that you'll smile and you won't quite know why. Your heart will clench, but just as soon as it hurts, the next line will ease the sting. And then, just when you think you have her figured out, she'll knock you flat on your ass with lines like this ...

* I and love and you.

* Change. The kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day

* Face in the toilet. Heart in my head. Stomach on the floor.

* Because love can be like courage. Quiet.

* Sometimes actions and words are all part of the same. Neither one speaks louder.

* I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the kind that blows you away in an instant.

Pocket Change is a story like no other I've ever read and like most of us, I've read a lot. Also like most of us, I adore being surprised. I love when a story is not what I expect, it's better. I get so excited to read something that touches me in a way that I tell everyone they must read (even if everyone's already read it!) A White Blank Page has written a story that is wonderful and evocative and moving. She is amazingly talented and one of the sweetest people I've ever met ... for that reason alone you should read Pocket Change. No, really you should read it because it's a story that you'll never forget.

Trust me.

Stay by CrimsonMarie-rec'd by Shayna Bowe
As an actor, Edward Cullen is surrounded by people that he couldn't really care less about. What happens when he buys a house in the middle of nowhere and meets his new neighbors? AH, AU, ExB, rated M for future chapters and language. Twilight - Rated: M 

Reviewed by: Jenn Granat

Stay was one of the first FF stories I read. I'm a big fan of crimsonmarie's stories and this one is still a favorite of mine. It hooked me right from the start.

Edward and Bella are neighbors in a town where Edward goes to get away from the fame. Edward is used to people wanting things from him and making a big deal about who he is. He is intrigued when Bella does not make a big deal about him. She's not like anyone that he has met and they quickly become close. 

That doesn't sit well with Bella's boyfriend, Jacob. He accuses Bella of cheating on him. They have a big fight and when Jacob leaves, she realizes she is more upset about Edward and everyone hearing their fight rather than the relationship ending.

Bella and Edward continue to grow closer. Edward tries to convince himself that he cannot give Bella a stable, normal life because of his career. That he doesn't want a relationship. That he cannot subject her to a life with the media and paparazzi watching their every move. But Edward is finding more and more things that he likes about Bella and his resistance is crumbling. Bella too can't deny her feelings.

"I want all of you," I breathed, shaking my head at him as I swallowed hard.
There was no turning back at this point. The least I could do was to be truthful with him.
"Can you handle that I'm an actor? Can you handle the fact that every tabloid in the country is going to make a big damn deal out of one stupid dinner with a friend?"
"I trust you," I whispered, my hands shaking as I reached up to place them on his arms. "And I know you enough to know that you wouldn't do that to anyone."
"I wouldn't do that to you," he corrected softly, standing up straight and taking one step towards me, effectively closing the gap between us. "But I need to know, Bella. Can you deal with all of the shit that comes with dating me?"
"You want to date me?" I squeaked, digging my fingertips into his arms.
"Yeah," he smiled, leaning down to rest his forehead against mine. "I guess I do."
"You guess?"
"I need to know, Bella." The smile was gone and he was back to being completely serious. "Do you think you could handle everything that comes with being with me?"
I took a deep breath through my nose and pressed my lips together.
This was it. This was my chance. This was what I'd been waiting for.
"If it means being with you and knowing that you were really with me," I started softly, swallowing hard, "then yes, Edward. I can."
I expected a smile or for him to grab me in his arms and hug me until I couldn't breathe. Something along those lines; something to let me know that this was what he really wanted.
Instead, he merely licked his lips and took a deep breath.
Oh, God, what if he was just joking? What if he just wanted to see what it would take to make me crumble in front of his eyes?
Well, it wouldn't take long for him to witness it if that was what he truly wanted.
"People are going to be taking your picture," he said softly, sounding as though he was almost in pain. "You'll never have a quiet, simple life again."
"You'll be there with me?" I asked, my voice a few octaves higher than normal.
That's what usually happened to me when I got nervous and had to speak at the same time. It wasn't actually a squeak, but it sounded nothing like my normal voice at all.
It was embarrassing and only made me even more nervous somehow.
"When I can be, yes, of course. I'm never leaving you alone when I don't have to."
With those words, it felt like I was flying. Like a giant weight had been lifted off of my chest and as I watched the slow smile form on his lips, I let out a strangled laugh.
"Then I don't care," I laughed, shaking my head. "I really don't care."
And then that grin was there and his arms finally moved from my shoulders to do as I wished; he wrapped them tightly around my waist and pulled me against him, burying his nose in my shoulder as I flung my arms around his neck and held on just as tightly as he was.
"Music to my ears," he mumbled, squeezing me once before standing up straight and placing his hands on my waist.
I just grinned up at him, entirely too excited about the whole idea of Edward Cullen and I together. Together. Dating. Kissing.

Both of them know it's not going to be easy but they're all in. They find what they're looking for in each other. They do face their challenges. Edward still worries about the notoriety and that Bella will get tired of living life in a fishbowl. Bella has some insecurities of her own. Some of them are fueled by the nasty piece of work that is Jessica Stanley. Obnoxious, jealous and wanting Edward for herself, Jessica has no problem letting Bella know what she thinks. That leads Bella to temporarily doubt herself.

Why do you want to be with me?" I whispered, fighting off the sob that threatened and watching him closely. "Why do you want me?"
He watched me for a few agonizing seconds before leaning down to rest his forehead on mine.
"Yesterday when we were sitting in the parking lot of Price Chopper and I was having a very small panic attack at the thought of having to go back in there," he said softly, licking his lips, "you saw it. You saw it and you took my hand," he reached behind us to grab one of my hands in his, "and you said that you were the only one that knew. You didn't laugh at me or tell me that I was just being paranoid."
He brought our hands in between us, twining our fingers together and backing away slightly to place a kiss on my ring finger.
"You make me dinner," he continued, placing another kiss on my middle finger. "You argue with me."
He laughed softly at that for some reason I didn't quite understand and kissed my pointer finger.
"You don't want to bother me with alarm clocks and you gave up your vacation time to save my serenity. You brought me pizza, chicken wings and beer."
He laughed again, shaking his head before placing one more kiss on the back of my hand and returning his forehead to mine.
"You've never treated me any differently than any of your other friends. I've never been an actor to you; I've always just been your neighbor and you have no idea how much that means to me."

After a brief bout of self doubt, Bella is determined not let Jessica's nasty words get to her and realizes that everything that she and Edward share is real and strong and forever.

"Would you like to hear my conclusion?"
He grunted again and I felt his heartbeat pick up the pace a little. I tilted my head to the side, leaning down and pressing my lips against the spot below his ear.
"I'm yours," I whispered, keeping my lips against his skin. "I love you and despite what you're thinking about me right now, I know that you love me too. And we are going to have a lot to deal with, especially when you leave."
I moved my hand from his chest, running it up his throat before reaching around and cupping his cheek.
"And it's not going to be easy and I'm going to miss you every second of every day." I moved my head, lightly kissing his jaw as I traced his lips with my thumb. "But I'll wait forever for you, Edward. I'm not going anywhere and even if you do leave me at the airport the way you did in my dream, you're not getting rid of me."
I felt him relax underneath me and smiled softly, placing one more kiss against his jaw.
"Bella," he whispered, turning his head and gently touching his lips to mine.
"If that means turning into one of your stalker fans, I'll do it. You said that I was it for you and I'm holding you to that."
"You know I meant that," he said softly, turning on his side to face me and reaching up to place one of his hands on mine.
"And know that I mean it with everything inside of me when I say that you're it for me too," I whispered, leaning in to rest my forehead on his.
He closed his eyes and I heard his sharp intake of breath before his lips were on mine again, lazily dragging them across and twisting our fingers together.
"I don't ever want to know life without you," I whispered, squeezing his hand as I backed away. "I don't think I could handle it."
"You won't have to." He shook his hand out of mine, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling me against him again. "I'll never leave you that way."

When circumstances force them to be away from each other for a little while, they both feel the separation. They're a part of each other.

My home was with Edward; along with my heart and every single inch of my soul. I was connected to him in ways that I never thought possible and I'd never change that for anything.

This story will draw you in as Bella and Edward’s relationship develops. They start as friends first and they're able to talk frankly to each other. Bella never treats Edward differently and is not afraid to challenge him. They take care of each other and make sacrifices for each other. Love their teasing moments. The title of the story is Stay and that's the theme of the story. Staying together. Bella and Edward are it for each other. They never give up on each other and work through everything to stay together. It’s an amazing story.

The Bear by Lady Gwynedd-rec'd by Jedigirl SC
I wasn't at all sure about returning to Forks after my father died. But like a siren—not the one that came with his police cruiser, but the ones that lured you in too close to the rocks—I couldn't resist. Fate has a funny sense of humor. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: JedigirlSC

The Bear  by Lady Gwynedd is an AU mystery/romance /humor story.  Right after Bella finished college, Charlie was killed in the  woods by a “grizzly bear.”    Bella moves back to Forks and to the house that Charlie left her, and finds a job at a book and coffee shoppe.  There she meets a golden-eyed Edward and they have an instant attraction. The story is a drama but there is always some subtle humor:

"So Edward, how is your family? We really miss your father around here. He was such a wonderful doctor."
"Thank you, they are all well. My father is still practicing. I doubt he'll ever quit." 

Edward tells Bella that Dr. Cullen is doing some research:
 "A substitute for hemoglobin."
"You mean a substitute for blood?"
"Yes, but only for one specific purpose and for only a comparatively small number of individuals. Most people wouldn't ever be aware of its existence."
“That’s amazing,” says Bella. (That’s nice, she thinks to herself.)

Before long Edward Bella go out on a few dates.  They are falling in love head over heels.  One day when Bella was getting ready to go out that night with Edward,  she was shaving her legs and *oops* nicked a place on her legs.  She figured that such a little bit of blood would dry soon and no harm done.  But that night, in the heat of passion, Edward smells the blood on her leg and without any warning BITES Bella and as a result changes her.

Bella didn’t even know Edward and his family were vampires.  She was more than a little unhappy to find out she had woken up as one.
“Oh, my God, what am I!?" … Edward paused a moment and looked woefully into my eyes and then whispered, "Vampire."

It took two of his family members to pull me off of him.  And it took me quite a while after that to stop cursing and breaking things. I discovered I was super-humanly strong…I had messed Edward up a bit, too.  … As I was tearing the room apart, two others appeared, also gorgeous and also evidently a couple. I sort of liked the gal, because she handed me things to smash. She was blonde and busty with an angelic face, although her eyes told me that she could probably peel the paint off a building with a look if she needed to. The man with her was watching me with a humorous and admiring expression and once when I managed to clear off a shelf of books with a fire iron, he muttered, "Bad ass!"

We are up to chapter 8.  We have the mystery of Charlie’s murder case, Carlisle’s synthetic blood research,  and Edward and Bella’s love story--and how everything ties in together.  A really enjoyable and unique story!

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