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TLS Fics of the Week: 5/13 - 5/19/2012The Fab Five reviews are up!

5/13 - 5/19/2012

Addicted by Cosmogirl7481-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Bella has a secret. But how long can she really keep it in the closet? A sexy little story with humor and drama. ExB, AH, and OOC. Rated M dirty language and content of a sexual nature.
Twilight - Rated: M 
Reviewed by: Jaime Arkin

What the fuck is this?

 Why do I feel this way?

 Why do I fucking love it?

 Every single time cosmogirl7481 writes a story these are my exact emotions.  I’m not even lying.  When I was rereading Addicted to prepare for this review, I came across these sentences and couldn’t resist using her very own words to describe my feelings everytime I get that story alert. 

I’ve reviewed cosmo’s stories before so I’ve admitted my obsession with her words…(her too) but I don’t know if I’ve ever properly expressed why I love and adore her so much.  This story, and all her others, take a situation that could happen to anyone and make it a fantasy. (a class reunion, a naughty text message, a waitress in a coffee shop, a neighbor in your apartment building)  It’s not overly dramatic or an over the top, out there kind of plot and that’s the kind of stuff I love. I want people written like they talk in real life, a storyline that I can easily imagine happening to me, and I think cosmo is one of the best authors out there at providing this.  Addicted offers the same. Bella works in an office. (I work in an office!)  Bella works in an office with Edward and well, I don’t, but I can tell you one thing, if I did… I’d be dragging him into the supply closet on the regular.  Cosmo let’s Bella explain the situation the best:

Here's the thing. I'm a whore. And not in the "my-girlfriends-call-me-a-whore" kind of way. I'm an actual whore. Well, I don't have sex for money, if that's what you're thinking. So, I suppose that means I'm not an actual whore. I guess that makes me a slut. Or "loose as a goose," as my Grandma Swan used to say.

 But really…I'm just arguing minor points about a very major thing.

 My name is Bella Swan and I'm addicted to sex.

 Specifically, I'm addicted to sex with Edward Masen.

She brings a little bit of heavy and a little bit of light and creates this fantasy that, well, I’ll be honest… I may have had a time or two. Bella is relatable, she has worked hard to get where she is in her career, but Edward seems to make her forget all about workplace decorum.  

"Why the fuck did you do that?" I ask. "Do you want people to know what we're doing?"

 He chuckles, before burying his face in my hair.

 "What makes you think they don't?"

 And my whole body goes rigid at his words. And I feel the shame cover me as I think about that being a possibility. Do people know what we're doing? Does he want them to?

 "Do they?" My voice is small, nervous…terrified that it's true.

 And then he licks my neck – his tongue wide and flat and wet. And suddenly, I don't care if they know. Fuck, I wouldn't even care if they watched at this point. Just as long as he keeps doing what he's doing.

 "I like your hair down," he whispers, reaching behind me and locking the door. "And since I can't see it spread across my pillow," he continues, reaching up and grabbing it at the nape of my neck, "I'll have to settle for feeling it between my fingers."

 And I whimper.

 His words make me fucking whimper.

Edward … this Edward, and I swear I say this with every single story she writes, but this Edward is spectacular.  He’s unapologetic for taking what he wants and he absolutely wants her.  I’m not going to spill many more details about this because the story itself isn’t long, just 16 chapters and under 20k words, but you will adore each and every word cosmogirl7481 posted and when you’re done with this one, make sure you check out everything else she has posted because they’re just as amazingly written!


The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease-rec'd by Nic

I jumped at the chance to review this story because there are few fics that will grab me and keep me at the edge of my seat enough to want to write about it.

So is the case with The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease.

Bella has a seemingly perfect life. She’s happily married, has a wonderful kid, owns her own art gallery; seriously living the dream. She's got the power. She makes the decisions.

But sometimes not all is what it seems. The truth is she feels her marriage is dying a slow death. Not for any reason in particular. Just that it's not who she is. Especially when the mysterious and highly powerful Edward Cullen enters the picture.

She’s immediately intrigued by this beautiful and very confident man, who she finds out later has a rather interesting reputation.

Within social circles Edward is known to be into an “alternative lifestyle”-- ie. He’s a Dom. 

I am, for the most part, slightly turned off to BDSM fics, for obvious reasons and in light of recent popular stories entering the mainstream. The ones that the masses seem to like are not really true BDSM, at least according to my sources.

But this story takes the lifestyle and makes it secondary; a mere subplot to what’s really going on.

And what’s really happening is Bella’s going through a tough crisis. Call it the need to “find herself” or whatever. The fact of the matter is, she soon finds what she aches for through Edward. 

Case in point: Here’s a scene towards the start of the story where Bella is delivering artwork Edward had acquired to his place. Prior arrangements were made where he invited her to experience a bit of the life he leads, having gifted her cuffs as an open invitation. She has taken him up on it, but is still fearful of what it means for her.:

He turned from where he stood by the windows. "This is it." He gestured at the room around them.

She glanced away from his semi-nakedness, but not before she'd noticed the faint line of hair that started at his navel, vanishing into the waistband of his pants. She took a deep breath, trying to slow her racing heart. She looked around at the room and nodded to the wall above the sofa. "I can see the Jane Laffey piece there."

He took a step closer. "Yes, I thought so, too."

"I can see a sculpture there in the corner and perhaps some prints in the hall. Robert Polidori, perhaps. Or, uh, Wolfgang Tillmans. I know Andrea and can get you a deal." Her nervousness was making her prattle. "Do you like jazz? I have some Skip Bolen."

He walked slowly in a semi-circle around here, not taking his eyes off her. He moved as slowly and sinewy as a caged panther. "Yes. Yes, I do."

Her stomach was fluttering madly. She could feel her throat closing with fear and anticipation. "Maybe…" She swallowed hard. "Maybe a smaller piece by the table there."

He moved past her, back towards the hall. "Perhaps we should check the other rooms."

The bedroom was that way. Her racing heart and fluttering stomach overwhelmed her, and she could feel her knees beginning to wobble. "Listen, I don't think I can do this." She struggled to get the words out.

He turned to face her. "Then why are you here?"

Her lips were pressing together. "I don't know," she said, struggling for control of her feelings.

"I'll tell you why," he said, returning to his circling of her. "Because, for once, you are choosing to relinquish control. To let someone else take the lead. To bow to fate rather than fight it." His voice was soft, nearly a whisper.

"Is that it?" she asked, without turning. "Not because I'm stupid or risky or insane?" Her voice caught in her throat. Inexplicably, she felt like she was going to cry.

"No, none of that," he said, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder, and gently turning her to face him. "You came for a discovery of self. Who are you? Who can you be?"

His face was unexpectedly tender. Gratefully, she held onto the kindness she saw in his eyes. He was easier to talk to when he was less seductively…feral. "And you can show me that?"

"I can help aid the discovery, but it is up to you."

God help me. "I just want to know what it's like…"

"That I can help you with."

She closed her eyes and swallowed hard, her throat suddenly dry. "What do I do?"

"The cuffs. You have them?"

She nodded.

"Take off your jacket and put them on, wrists and ankles. Not the collar. Bring that to me in the other room." He crossed to the door in the corner and entered, shutting the door behind him.

Hot, hot, hot. Yes?

And where this WIP is right now, it seems Edward’s having a few revelations himself about his relationship with Bella.

Now, this fic may not be for everyone. There is unfaithfulness, but it’s not between Edward and Bella. I would advise those who have serious issues with cheating, in general, stay away. However, I will say this: it occurs at a moment in her relationship that makes it less dramatic. I hope that makes sense. Don’t want to give too much away  there.

The writing is exceptional. The lemons are pretty hot, and I’m one who tends to skim over tired and done sexual encounters (and after reading over 500 fics, there are only so many ways someone can get it on, kwim?).

Their relationship is not degrading, and Bella shows her loyalty and mettle a few times. And Edward, at this point in the story, doesn’t seem to be “fucked up” as some other BDSM Edwards. And that’s a relief. Because being a member of this particular lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have deep-rooted problems or mommy issues. Not one bit. It means you find freedom and trust in another person, in a different way.

And that’s what this story, I believe, is truly about. 


This Is My Wish by EricasTwilight-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Dear Wishes for You, My name is Riley Biers and I'm nine years old. Soon, very soon I'll leave behind my momma because I have terminal cancer. I write to you today and this is my wish... Rated M for language Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Jenn Granat

This is my wish is a story that touched me right from the start. From the very beginning, Riley touched my heart, brought me to tears with his courage, strength and determination, and made me smile at some of things he said. 

It's always been Riley and Bella. His father died before he was born. His grandparents are gone. Riley has always been the one to make Bella smile, and laugh as well as frown and yell. It's always been them together. When he finds out that his cancer is back , he sets out to make the most of the time he has left. He has a few things that he wants to do, for himself and for Bella.  For himself, he wants to live each day the best he can, to live each day to the fullest. For Bella, he wants/needs to make sure that she will not be alone after he's gone.

That brings us to Edward. Edward comes back into their lives around that time. Edward is famous and had left Bella and Riley to protect them from the media. They had never forgotten each other. When Edward comes to see Riley, Riley tells Edward what he wants.

"I asked my mom to do something for me," he said warily. "She doesn't want to do it, but it'll give me the time I need."
"I'm listening," I said, patting his leg.
"You know I've never really had a Dad before," he started, his eyes quickly darting to Bella's face. She gave him a small watery smile and pulled his ear in response. He smiled at her and continued. "Grandpa Charlie had his hands full with my sick Grandma, and he didn't live nearby. So I didn't see him much, then he was gone."
I squeezed his little toe on one of his over-sized feet. I had known this, having met Charlie on more than one occasion before his death. "Then, of course, there's no one in my mom's life to take the place of my dad. It's my fault that she's alone," he said. Bella gasped, holding her hand over her mouth in shock. He turned to her again. "Sorry, Momma."
She shook her head and wrapped her arms around him. "Don't ever think that," she whispered. "It's not your fault, its mine. I'm not alone, I have you."
"No, you're not alone, for now," Riley whispered, closing his eyes briefly. They slowly opened them to watch me for a moment. "I want to do all the things a son would do with his dad. I need your help, Edward."
"Anything, Sport," I said, smiling gently.
"I want you to pretend to be my dad, for as long as I live."

That's not the only thing Riley wants.  Riley is determined to make sure she's okay after he's gone. .He knows how happy Edward had made both of them in the past and he sees that Edward and Bella still care about each other. So he sets out to play matchmaker.

Both Edward and Bella soon realize how strong their feelings are and are determined to make things right. 

."I wanted it all with you and Riley."
She closed her eyes as she took in a shuddering breath. "All?"
"I wanted to be here with you both, as your husband and as his father." A sob escaped her, her whole body shaking as she took another breath. "I still want that."
"It's not too late," she gasped. "To be his father." I closed my eyes – she was still unsure of us. Her hands squeezed mine, forcing me to look at her again. "And to be mine."
I sighed, releasing the breath I'd held. "I already am." She gave me a smile, turning in my arms, giving me a sweet kiss.

It's not an easy process but all the moments they spend together bring them closer and closer. They talk about their doubts and their mistakes from the past. There is no pretending on any of their parts. They are a family.

Some of the moments that most touched me were the Edward and Riley talks. Very much like a father and son. Riley’s wise beyond his years and that is more than apparent by his observations and his interactions with everyone that he comes in contact with. Edward gives Riley advice on kissing and Riley gets Edward to open up about his relationship with Bella. 

I make a sound that disbelieving and his brow furrows. His look is much more convincing. "Are you planning to make an honest woman out of her?" Inside my head I'm laughing, rolling around the floor. He's totally buying my act.
His eyes widen further and his hands, two of them, run through his hair. "If she'll let me!" He looks so lost and frustrated, but it's funny because his hair is all over the place. A giggle slips out and before I bite them back, I'm laughing.
Edward's eyes narrow and he smiles. He playfully growls and closes the distance between us. In a blink of an eye, I'm tossed over his shoulder. "Be quiet," he hisses. "Your mom is still asleep."
"Jeez, what did you do to her?"
He stills before setting me on the kitchen counter. "I am not having that conversation with you, Riley. And I already told you, nothing like that happened. But we did talk." He's serious and I wonder if he said anything about my request.
I nod because I have no clue where he's going with this. He sighs as he starts to make coffee for my mom. Edward shakes his head as if he can't find the words to tell me something. "She's scared that I'll leave her, no matter what I tell her."
Edward really loves Mom, because he chokes on his words. Before I can stop it, a tear falls from my eye. I wipe it away as I whisper, "She has reason to be scared."
He nods and I know he's sorry – really sorry. "And I'm telling you because of what you asked me yesterday."
I sigh and rub at the ache in my chest. "I want to be a big brother."
He nods again and takes out a mug and travel cup. "Last night," he says as he grabs something from the fridge. "I had no idea how to respond because that came out of nowhere. I mean, I knew you wanted your mom and me to be together, you know, afterward." This time I nod, listening carefully. "But Riley, I want what you want. But I need your mother to want it because she loves me and wants a future with me."
"She does," I protest.
"Maybe," he said hoarsely. "She hasn't come out and said she loves me. And right now, I don't know if she's with me only because she needs me. I have no idea what will happen after you're gone."
"She not like that, Edward." I'm getting upset, but I know he's right, too.
"I know she's not," he replies and turns to look at me. "She gave me hope last night, because we both wanted the same thing a couple of years ago. The question is, does she still want those things with me now?"
"I know she loves you."
"I hope so, but she's afraid. She thinks I'll walk away and she doesn't understand how much leaving her almost destroyed me."
"Do you still want her?"
Edward nods and says, "I do, more than ever."
"I still want to be a big brother. I'll be able to watch over him or her."
He looks away for a bit, and I can see his jaw clench. Because I know when I say things like this, it upsets him. "First things first, okay," he says after a few moments.
"What's first?"
He smiles and wiggles his eyebrows. "I have to woo her." I laugh and high five him. Oh yeah, Mom doesn't stand a chance. 

What comes through so strongly is the love between Edward, Bella and Riley. This is a story of a family who try to make the most of every moment . Of a son who wants to make sure that his mom is okay once he's gone. Of a love that never went away. Riley's courage will inspire and amaze you. It's been a while since a story made me as emotional as this one did. This story stayed with me long after I finished each chapter. 


The Most Eligible Bachelor by Lost In Fanfiction-rec'd by Cejsmom
After years in seclusion, Edward Masen, a former teen pop star reappears as the Bachelor on a reality tv show. Will he find true love or heartache? E/B all human rated M HEA
Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Edmazing

Next season on 'The Most Eligible Bachelor,' the elusive Edward Masen, the former lead singer of After Dawn, will be our eligible bachelor. So ladies, if you're interested in dating Edward, and possibly marrying him, send your video applications to...

Imagine it. The star of your own teenage fantasies announces he will be the star of the next reality dating show. Calls for squeeing and daydreaming, right? Maybe some sighs and viewing parties? And watching your favorite clips over and over again on YouTube.

If it were up to Bella that probably would’ve been the extent of the plans, too. But she (and we) should be glad that her faithful best friends, Alice and Rosalie, have a better idea.

You see, Bella’s in a rut. Her life is bland. Hell, even the first opening chapters feel… lacking. But as the girls’ plan comes to life, so do the details and the story.

"Bella, we just want you to be happy. You've closed yourself off to everyone but us and your dad. You never take any risks. But no risks means no gain. Your life is going to remain as it is right now, unless you do something to change it. Do you want to be doing exactly what you're doing now, in ten years?"

The girls want Bella to audition for the show and while the prospect of being a reality tv contestant is frightening, the idea of finding herself alone after everyone has moved on and grown up is terrifying. Bella somewhat reluctantly agrees to participate on one condition. Rosalie and Alice have to audition, too. And thanks to the magic of fanfic, the trio is off to hopefully win Bella her man.

But who is Edward Masen now? All anyone really knows about him is that he has gone into seclusion since his band broke up years ago. Where has he been all this time? Has he aged well? Kept his feet on the ground or is he one career move away from being labeled a “has been”?

"I know, Edward. You have a lot riding on this. I understand, I really do," Jasper assures him. Knowing his friend is not only putting himself out on a limb for his career, but also to find love. Edward has put his romantic life on hold for practically his entire adult life. That, by far, is where his friend's greatest fears lie, and Jasper will do anything he can to help his friend, because of all the people he knows, Edward deserves some happiness in his life.

Is Edward a good guy? All signs point to yes. Does he have some skeletons in his closet? Sure, who doesn’t? But through his interactions with the contestants and his deliberations with Jasper and Emmett we come to see a guy that actually is worth competing for.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah, the whole gang is together and they’ve brought along Jasper’s sister Elizabeth. Their very own mole in the house. The Most Eligible Bachelor is a mix of the very best of reality tv and fanfic. Friends plotting and scheming to bring down those tv whores who make you want to yell at your screen.

Let’s see, we have an aspiring model, a cougar on the prowl, a foreign sexpot, a groupie, a dumb girl, a couple of easy girls, some forgettable ones, and what I like to call the Bella crew. So, basically, everything from the slut across the globe to the girl next door. And when the opponents are Tanya, Jessica, Victoria and about fifteen other floozies you know shits about to get real and people are going to stop being polite.  

Most Eligible Bachelor is currently a work in progress and the chapters come at you bite sized and filled with all of the drama you get on and off camera. Want to know who the snorer is? Who’s in it for fame? Who lied about their age? Or snuck something into the mansion?  Who got the first kiss? Who’ll get the last? Of course you do.

The action is just heating up and the drama and fun are in full swing, so pull up a chair, get comfy, and catch up with it. And don’t forget to put it on alert and leave Lost In Fanfiction some love.

Rosebud by Arabella's-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Millionaire Edward fell quickly for small town Bella, and their dreamy romance soon led to wedding bells. When their new marriage is about to fall apart, Bella goes missing. Edward is determined to search for her, but does Bella want to be found? AU-Human
Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: LuvrofInk

Rosebud by Arabella starts off with a pretty big bang. Isabella Cullen is reported missing. Sure that’s a massive bomb to drop on us at the start of the story, but what comes after is heart wrenching and just plain...sad.

A divorce meeting.

Here we see just what kind of people Edward and Bella are:

"Well then, let's get started. We thought it would be fair to split the bank accounts and stocks but to relinquish any owned companies to Mr. Cullen. Isabella can choose to keep the Seattle high-rise or the house. The vacation homes in Prague and Nice are also up for debate, but Prague is currently being used by a family friend of Mr. Cullen, so he asks that they be allowed to stay there for the rest of the summer."

I blink, finding the latter statement ridiculous. I've never even seen the vacation home in Prague. Most the time, I forget it's there.

My lawyer looks surprised. "That actually sounds quite reasona-"

"I don't want it," I interrupt quietly. My tone is soft and dead at the me.I don't dare look toward his side of the room, instead focusing on my blond, far-too-good-looking representative. She looks puzzled and a little reprimanding. "Would you rather-"

"I don't want anything."

Silence fills the room, except for a soft, unmistakable gasp from the other side. Lawyer Barbie is aghast. Wide gray-blue eyes, mouth hanging open...

She's looking at me like she wants to send me back to Gold Diggers 101, since I obviously failed the first time. She clearly has no time or desire to teach me the error of my ways, herself. She's got a jet ski to pay off. She's got references. And teaching really isn't as rewarding as it seems.I chance a glance over the coffee table divide, avoiding the face that haunts me in both slumber and consciousness. Donald is huffing like he's in a marathon, looking personally affronted at his own uselessness. Maybe we kept him from his affair tonight.

"Sorry," I lie as I stand to leave. This isn't my fault, after all. If Edward had just talked to me, he would have known. But instead, he assumed. Assumed that half of all of his worldly possessions would soothe my shattered heart. Assumed that the small town waitress would be gleeful that she got so much money out of such a short marriage.

Throughout the story you get glimpses of the passion that ignited between them but got lost in the short time they’ve been together. Edward’s ignorance is certainly not bliss. He’s drowning in his stupidity on matters of the heart while Bella desperately hopes for more from him.

When Bella goes missing Edward dares to hope that she didn’t just leave...that she didn’t walk out without a word even if that hope comes from her teddy bear.

"She left her bear."

He stares at me blankly for a moment before he rubs his bleary eyes.


I try to be more coherent and calm, for his sake. I look down at the brown fur in my hands as way of indication.

"I found Benny in our room, and I don't think she would willingly leave without him. Her father gave this to her."

"Maybe Isabella just forgot to bring him, in her rush?" he guesses tiredly. He doesn't understand.

"No!" I exclaim, holding Benny up with my left arm. My frustration is being fed by my shattered nerves, my shattered reality.

"She loves this fucking bear. She wouldn't just leave him behind. I knew that she wouldn't leave without saying goodbye. Maybe this means that she didn't want to go. Maybe - "

"Edward," he interrupts quietly.

He reaches his hand out to touch Benny, but I pull my arm back. I can't let him. It's the most I have left of her.

Inside, my emotions are a mess - worry that she's not okay warring with excitement because she might still love me.

"Edward," Marcus murmurs slowly. "I'm glad that this has given you hope...or I'm sorry that this is distressing you."

He pauses and looks directly into my eyes. "But I can't do anything with a teddy bear."He says the words so kindly, so sympathetically...and that's so much worse.

He doesn't know if we can find her.

I nod once, bringing my eyes to the smooth concrete of his porch.

"Right. I'm sorry that I woke you up." I think my words are true, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything at the moment.

While Edward is desperately hoping that Bella isn’t gone forever, she’s stuck with a strange abductor who we still have yet to find out his name.

"I'm not a bad person," my abductor says as he opens the kitchen cupboard, pulling out a can of something unidentifiable.

Since I'm still rooted to my spot at the table, I can only catch glimpses of the shelved contents by looking over his shoulder.

Hiding my bewilderment is impossible as he takes out can after can, stacking them on the counter. It looks like he's making a miniature fortress out of peas and corn.

I really hope those aren't as old as the Y2K scare.

We both remain silent while he unloads a dozen more, checking the seemingly off-brand labels. Making the aluminum wall even taller.

"You were just...there," he mutters before spinning on his heel, giving me a clear view of his troubled expression. The sudden movement makes me flinch.

"I couldn't not take you. I mean, what are the chances?"

Anxiety is clear in his voice, as if he hopes I'll forgive him for this tiny lapse in judgment.Despite my horrified curiosity, I don't reply. Yelling "fuck you" doesn't seem very prudent, considering the likely cause of my injured head. And I have more important things to say when my voice finally decides to start working.

Things that will get me out of here. I hope.

I’m definitely looking forward to finding out who the abductor is and if Edward and Bella can finally get their real HEA!

 Who abducted Bella? Will she escape or will Edward be the one to save her? Will they finally get their happily ever after? The only way you’ll get answers is to dive head first into this story and hang on for the ride!

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