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Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right

A Life With the Royal Staff by MrsK81-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Sequel to A Night With The Royal Staff. Find out how Edward adapts to his new life and if it is everything he thought it would be. Light and fluffy with no angst. Rated M for language and lemons! Twilight - Rated: M

Addicted by Cosmogirl7481-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Bella has a secret. But how long can she really keep it in the closet? A sexy little story with humor and drama. ExB, AH, and OOC. Rated M dirty language and content of a sexual nature.
Twilight - Rated: M 

An Italian Winter by Raum-rec'd by Lynn Pepper
His rebellion began for a reason; it still holds true and brought him to Italy. His life's been predicated on revenge for decades; forgiveness seems impossible. When Edward meets Bella, only a winter separates him from his last prey & his own destruction. Twilight - Rated: M 

Ballad of the Spinster and the Outlaw by Alby Mangroves-rec'd by Edmazing Cullen
"Sometimes, at night, he'd walk in his meadow and look to the sky, hoping she was seeing the same full moon, the same brilliant stars." This is a story of second chances and intrepid hearts.
Twilight - Rated: M 

Black Diamond by Dishie-rec'd by Maryann Liberatore
The black diamond slopes of Lake Tahoe are just what Bella needs to start living her life again after a painful breakup left a hole in her heart that work couldn't fill. Will a handsome and charming skier also prove that her heart is ready for love too? Twilight - Rated: M

Celestial Countenance by Mcgt-rec'd by Ryden Dirty/Suebee Betafairy
Sometimes when your life is all going downhill, the only place left to go is up. What if that place isn't exactly where Bella thinks? Perhaps, a more heavenly destination instead? A story about life, love and redemption. A Twilight 25 Round 6 Fic Twilight - Rated: M

Facing the Inevitable by Emotion Masen-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
3 years later our favorite couple Assward and Chéri are still going strong with their adorable daughters Keiara and Kiah. Life seems to be going perfect for them,but its all just a calm before a storm. Can their relationship survive & face the inevitable? Twilight - Rated: M 

Land In My Arms by LuckyIrishTart-rec'd by Nic
A pilot, a flight attendant, a bond with unconventional origins. When the thing you're not supposed to feel is inevitable, what delays would you fight against to make your connection? AH, E/B  Twilight - Rated: M

Make or Break Me by Cruiz107-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Bella, homeless and in need, collides into a man that can't be bothered with her. Is he the one who's going to pick her up or leave her in despair?Twilight - Rated: M

Rosebud by Arabella's-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Millionaire Edward fell quickly for small town Bella, and their dreamy romance soon led to wedding bells. When their new marriage is about to fall apart, Bella goes missing. Edward is determined to search for her, but does Bella want to be found? AU-Human
Twilight - Rated: M

Summerboy by Little Miss Mionie-rec'd by EvilNat
Every summer vacation, Edward was Bella's annual secret escape. At school, Bella can't hide from the whispers that she deserved what happened during "the incident". Her summery and wintry worlds collide. AH, Edward/Bella Twilight - Rated: M

The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease-rec'd by Nic
There is danger in pursuing what your heart desires. A seductive and mysterious stranger leads Bella into a path of unsettling self-discovery. How much can she sacrifice to find out what she wants, what she needs? AH Darkward BxE Sexual themes. Twilight - Rated: M 

The Most Eligible Bachelor by Lost In Fanfiction-rec'd by Cejsmom
After years in seclusion, Edward Masen, a former teen pop star reappears as the Bachelor on a reality tv show. Will he find true love or heartache? E/B all human rated M HEA
Twilight - Rated: M

The Silver Lining by Kimpy0464-rec'd by Shahula
Divorced Bella meets widowed Edward one afternoon in a Laundromat, and an instant attraction results. When you meet your soulmate after your spouse dies, do you allow yourself fall in love again? Written for Litljazzbird. Twilight - Rated: M

This Is My Wish by EricasTwilight-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Dear Wishes for You, My name is Riley Biers and I'm nine years old. Soon, very soon I'll leave behind my momma because I have terminal cancer. I write to you today and this is my wish... Rated M for language Twilight - Rated: M

Under These Lights by Jaxington-rec'd by Shahula/Nic
Small town Texas. High school football. Two best friends, one girl. A tragedy that changes everything. All Human. Lemons. The usual suspects. YeeHaw! Twilight - Rated: M

Unexpected by RockRaven244-rec'd by Twilover76
An unexpected event brings Bella into Edward's world. Can Bella accept the path her new life is taking? And can Edward come to terms with the idea that he is now responsible for Bella's safety? AH Twilight - Rated: M 

You Are My Life Now by Ishey-EJ-rec'd by Memphis Lamb
1885- After some tragic accidents Bella is forced to marry a man she does not even know! She hates it but what happens when she sees that it is the attractive Edward Cullen that waits at the end of the aisle. Edward who himself is against this marriage!
Twilight - Rated: M 

Your Life Can Change In A Moment by Coloradoperson-rec'd by Dandie Goose
Bella didn't like surprises. Her life was safe, predictable and she knew what to expect until fate brought her breast cancer and everything changed. This is not a tragedy; it's a story about love and hope..because that's what life is all about. Twilight - Rated: M

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