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Meet the Poll: Choose the FIVE that moved you the most!

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right

100 Hours by Wytchwmn75 - Rec'd by Tracy
Bella has a 4.0 GPA & volunteers at the hospital. Edward is pierced & has tattoo's & has to serve 100 hours community service at the hospital. What happens when the bad boy finds out the good girl has a wild side? ExB, AH, OOC, Rated M
Twilight - Rated: M

A Four Letter Word by TeamEdwardAlways-rec'd by Suzie55
Bella has crushed on her BFF, Edward, since high school; always knowing they were only friends. What happens when she finds "the one" to marry? Will Edward remain her BFF or will their relationship take a turn? AH/OOC/some usual & unusual pairings. Twilight - Rated: M

Accidentally in Love by Missus T rec'd by Mary Kitty Masen
A personal ad for a fake fiancé leads to something they never expected. Two lonely souls discover that faking it might be the best thing that ever happened to them. ExB AHTwilight - Rated: M

All the Wild Horses by ElusiveTwilight-rec'd by Dragnfli336
In her suffocating small hometown, Bella Swan meets widowed Edward Cullen. Can she pull him from the depths of his grief? Is there enough of him left to soothe her clawing loneliness? AUAH E&B. Twilight - Rated: M

American Girl by Coldplay Whore-rec'd by Agrutle
Before starting her freshman year of college, Bella decided to backpack through Europe for two months. On her travels, she meets priveledged black sheep Edward Cullen, who takes an instant liking to her & wants to join her on her trip and much more. lemon Twilight - Rated: M

And Then There's You by StewLuv -rec'd by Michelle & Tracy
A misunderstanding makes the Cullens plan a cruel prank on unpopular Isabella Swan for vengeance. But as Edward takes on the challenge of seducing Bella he quickly discovers her dark world at home. Edward must now save the girl he was supposed to break.Twilight - Rated: M

Don't Judge a Bella By Her Cover by Jtmd24-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton & JC Mazen
Edward meets sweet, innocent Bella at a strip club one night. Or so he thinks. He may have just met his match. Rated M for language & lemons. All human. Twilight - Rated: M

Freaks and the Greeks by ThroughDeepBlueVelvetSkies - Rec'd by Kelly Clwn
Volatile Bella Swan is thrown straight into a high school warzone; with vicious ice queens, strangely philosophical stoners, backstabbing giants and a hyperactive emotional neighbour - not to mention the stunning brother who seems to really hate her. AH
Twilight - Rated: M

Hardcore Paranormal Romance by Badjujube rec'd be TwiloverSeven-Six
Edward has an issue with Bella Swan that can't be found in the employee handbook. AU, goofy.Twilight - Rated: M

Hallett Hall by Jaxington - Rec'd by Twific Crackmum
On our first night away at college, Bella Swan, thinking the room was her own, drunkenly stumbled into my bed. She was broken and I wanted to fix her. I loved her for four years before she left. Never did I expect her to come back, but she surprised me.
Twilight - Rated: M

Little Green and Easy Bella by BettiGefetch rec'd by Melbie Toast
She only remembers a silent kid, he doesn't remember her at all. When they meet again, they feel a connection that isn't of this world - ExB; AH; lemons, no smut; autism; age gap; true love; virginity - "Cherry Exchange" contest entry, now continuedTwilight - Rated: M

Olly Olly Oxen Free by Dandelion Mind - Rec'd by Evilnat
Until the murders, it was difficult to enjoy anything in this dull town. Now CSI has nothing on my life, and I have my own killer to catch. I just wish I didn't have another mystery to solve. Bella. Just as puzzling, only infinitely more annoying. AH ExB
Twilight - Rated: M

Quickie Mart Cupid by PrettyKittyArtist- rec'd by Mary Kitty Masen
Quickie Marts, flat tires, expensive suits, gangster rap, g-strings and velvet roses. Valentines' Day wasn't going as planned.Twilight - Rated: M

Requiem by Katinki - rec'd by Lynn Pepper
For seven decades, he has worn the collar of faith and service. Wandering the earth alone, he's searched for redemption and for the soul he can never possess. Until now - when a young woman enters his world and shatters everything he ever believed. AU.
Twilight - Rated: M

Resurrection by TwilightMomofTwo-rec'd by Dragnfli336
Without Bella's love, I can merely exist. Now that I've lost her, I am bound to wander this earth, alone and unchanging for eternity. - Edward, attempting to be noble, leaves again after the Night of Tears. Will Bella crumble or run after him? Eclipse/AU. Twilight - Rated: M

Step Right Up by Foxxy J- rec'd by evilnat
Quiet Bella Swan ends up the newest member of The Volturi Bros Circus. Friendships unfold as she discovers herself. Edward Cullen has never had to keep his hands to himself, until now. Will the charming trapeze artist control his need? EXB OOC AH NC-17Twilight - Rated: M

Such Is My Luck by ImHereToReview-rec'd by Dragnfli336
Bella's bad luck has landed her in Chicago for a business trip, with no luggage and no hotel room. Her co-worker, Edward, steps in to help! Her luck is about to change. AH. Canon pairings. Fluffy. Rated M for lemony goodness. Twilight - Rated: M

The Fallout by OCDindeed-rec'd by Dragnfli336
March 16/06 the world the Cullens knew ended. Faith, hope & love are powerful things. Edward is about to find out how powerful they are. Yes,set during a post-apocalyptic nuclear war. Try the Prologue before passing judgment. You might be surprised! NM/AU
Twilight - Rated: M

The Heart of the Mafia by Brigidcullen - Rec'd by Mary Kitty
Hardened mob boss Edward meets innocent and shy law student Bella and is immediately drawn to her. Can he show her love in his world of crime and murder? Will their love survive or will Edward's enemies see Bella as his weakness? OOC/AH BPOV/EPOV
Twilight - Rated: M

The Ranch by EKSmith-rec'de by Dragnfli336
After finding himself deep in trouble, Edward accepts an unconventional offer to attend a rehab program for troubled teens and young adults on a ranch in northern Canada. A story of growing, learning and love. Twilight - Rated: M


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