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Welcome to TLS Nursey!

Welcome to TLS Nursery! Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days) that we love! Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few - or a lot - of the TLS ladies and we think you will enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

I am so excited by so many of the stories listed this month, and I think you will be, too. There is something for everyone, and I know they'll become firm favourites in no time. So when you have that quiet moment in your day, plonk yourself down in the comfiest chair you can find, make yourself a cup of whatever takes your fancy, and get lost in these awesome stories. And remember to leave some love, and let them know that TLS sent you.

Happy reading! XOXO

A Soft Place to Land by btwnthestacks

Single father Edward Cullen and his daughter are looking for a soft place to land. In an attempt to help her, he turns to a program at the local library. While two furry friends help his child find her confidence, their owner will mend his broken heart.

Close Your Eyes by CaraNo

Bella barely remembers her godparents, but after losing her mom and dad, she's shipped off to rainy Washington to live with the Cullens for her final semester in high school. On the outside, the Cullens are perfect. Behind closed doors is another matter.

The Veil by belladonnacullen

You always have the choice between life and death... until you don't. There is poetry at the beginning and end of our journey, but it's what you make of the interim that counts. BxE, rated M, canon parings.

I love belladonnacullen’s storytelling ability. I think that’s what draws me in to her fics, and ‘The Veil’ is no exception. Also, the writing here is blunt and beautiful; every word has its purpose. I’m still not sure what to expect either, which I love. The story is shrouded in mystery and there are little red herrings everywhere: Is the story AH or AU? Is Bella dying or not dying?

I love that nothing is obvious. It keeps readers interested and guessing, and tangles you up in its web.

Nighttime, in Edward's arms, his breath in my hair. "You are my life now," he whispers.

I wrap my limbs tighter. I don't want space between us. I need his hands to make me come alive.

I need him to light these dark times I have away.

"I'll love you forever," he breathes as he rolls a nipple between rough finger pads.

There is no forever. Not for me.

"No forever tonight," I insist.

He sighs.

"Just now," I request climbing astride. There's no lingerie tonight. I want skin on skin, slipping against satin sheets. Men in this position don't often argue. Edward is no different. His hands grip my hips, pressing our bodies together where it counts. Forward, up, down, we both groan as he fits inside.

I slide; he pumps. I press thighs, he grabs my ass.

"Come here," he demands.

I fall forward and his lips catch mine. He sets the pace. His biceps flex as he rocks me forward. Faster, harder… I sweat, I tingle. He tugs my hair; I arch my back.

His lips close over my breast.

Eternity is just a kiss away.

Death and love are heavily featured and explored in this story, both beautiful despite the pain that lingers in both. ‘The Veil’ is gorgeously told, and addictive, and will have you asking yourself questions after reading—really make you think.

So if you haven’t read this yet, get your thinking cap on and get consumed.

Head Over Feet by iambeagle

It's simple, really. A story about two best friends realizing they're head over feet in love.

Review by Jaime Arkin

Anyone who knows me, knows I dig the fluff... I swoon over it! I love good banter just as much as a good lemon and with Head Over Feet iambeagle does not disappoint.

Bella and Edward have been friends and neighbors for years never single at the same time they've built a solid friendship. Through the chapters there are hints that Edward has wanted more... wants more now, but Bella seems a bit oblivious. Or, maybe she's just afraid of taking that step and messing up a perfect friendship. Either way I love the characters iambeagle has created in this and I just adore the relationship she's built between these two.

There is the sweet...

I let out an unattractive laugh. "Whatever. Don't lie. You were always Team Pete."His brows furrowed. "No, I wasn't."

"Oh my God!" I shoved his shoulder. "Yes, you were!"

"No." He rubbed his shoulder. "I was always Team Whatever Makes Bella Happy."

and the funny...

"I mean, you don't want to take someone like that home to meet your parents."

"I don't?" he questioned, setting his chopsticks on the edge of his plate. "Who should I take home to meet my parents, Bella?"

"I don't know, but not someone like that."

"You keep saying 'someone like that'. What do you mean?"

"You know, like," I cupped my hands to hover over my breasts, "Chesty forward with what she wants." The hostess looked our way again. I realized my hands were still placed in front of my chest, so I quickly picked up my glass.

And I'm holding my breath for the lemony stuff - because I know it's going to be just as incredible as the rest of this sweet story.

Go now... seriously. iambeagle is 8 chapters in and it's quickly moved into place on my 'must drop everything to read' list!

High Fidelity by IReen H

Edward is an unfeeling bastard. Bella gets caught up in his games. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It's a slow burn, slow and painful. Mature. Lots of random pop culture references. AH, AU, ExB.

Like Crazy by willyoupleasebequiet

They say that there are three certainties in life: birth, death & taxes. A fourth certainty in Edward & Bella's life is their friendship...okay, five if you include Edward's fixation on seeing her boobs. Inspired by WhatsMyNomDePlume's "Best I Ever Had"

Cutlass by Tkegl

Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.

His Cimmerian View by WeeKittyAndTAT

At 13 Bella is left to care for her siblings. 5yrs later she still struggles to provide for them. Edward is a professor at UW, who thinks all women are users and liars. When paths cross, what happens when Bella is just another female who lied. AH/OOC/18

Sustainability by Love Well Spent

Bella and Edward have never liked each other. When their best friends Alice and Jasper unexpectedly die in a car crash, they become joint guardians of an orphaned one year old girl. What happens when they are forced to set their differences aside? AU/AH.

Unbecoming by BookishQua

In the aftermath of her divorce, a heartbroken Bella Swan looks for danger to give meaning to her life. If only her hot ex-husband would stay out of the picture. AH BxE

Carpe Aestatem by vysed

Special Agent Edward Masen is assigned to solve four seemingly unrelated murders. He finds himself in a race to protect a possible fifth victim as June 9th looms closer.

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