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TLS Fics of the Week 2/9 -2/15/2012

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The Search by Amber1983-rec'd by Twilover76
When Bella Swan flees to London to escape her painful and humiliating past she doesn't expect her charismatic new boss to be quite so interested in her secrets... AH. Britishward. Rated M for language and lemons. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Born Onhalloween

Perhaps it’s the fact that Britishward’s language reminds us of a certain endearing young actor hailing from the same country. Or maybe it’s the fact that Britishward throws out words like ‘tosser’ and brews Bella tea when she’s upset. But I think not.

No, I rather think it has all to do with the fact that he says stuff like this: "Show me your room, Bella," he whispers brokenly. "Before I lose my mind completely and take you here in the hall." Um…

From the start of this story, Amber1983 draws us in to Bella’s haunted past with her estranged ex-husband Jake.

"You ran away," his gruff voice accused. 

Well of course I did. It would take the strongest and bravest of people to stay in this town after what had happened between us, what everyone knew had happened, and I was definitely neither strong nor brave.

"I'm speaking to you." Anger crept into his voice and he grabbed my shoulder to turn me towards him, frustrated at my silence. His touch sent a shudder through me.

"What did you expect, Jake?" my voice was small and pathetic. Well, if the shoe fits.

His giant form towered above me and his eyes were as dark as the Washington sky above, with just the hint of an incoming storm.

"I expect my wife to HONOUR me!" he growled and it was suddenly as if the last six months hadn't even happened.

What is this Bella’s damage? That’s for her to know, and Britishward to attempt to ferret out after she’s assigned to the UK branch of the executive search firm to work for none other than Edward Cullen. He is none too pleased about the prospect of dealing with “some little upstart from the Head Office,” but Bella makes quite the first impression on her new boss:

Fuck. Me. Hard. 

This isn't an expression usually found in my head whilst residing in Aro's office but, my God, it seems fairly appropriate right now. For a horrible moment I wonder if I muttered the words out loud, although perhaps that wouldn't be too much of a big deal as it is definitely a proposition I wouldn't mind offering Ms Isabella Swan…

She lifts her head to greet me and I can't help but notice the way she quickly rakes her eyes over me. In all honestly I'm certain I did the same.

A smirk sneaks onto my face almost entirely against my will and she blushes the most delicious shade of pink. I can't take my eyes off the way the colour spreads across her cheekbones, down her delicate neck and into the collar of her blue shirt. I want nothing more than to see how far down it goes.

Nobody has spoken so I feel a need to break the silence. I reach out my hand for her to shake and introduce myself. She continues to stare in silence for a beat too long and I'm torn between feeling flattered and uncomfortable.

Finally, she blushes further and puts her hand in mine, offering the smallest of shy smiles. Her hand is soft and slightly damp from nerves and it feels tiny in mine. I'm instantly overwhelmed by a need to wrap other parts of myself around her to keep her safe. Okay, that's a very weird fucking thought, Cullen, you perve.

Bella is wary of her new boss, whose reputation precedes him, and after one week, “three hours, and eight Cosmopolitans,” she finds out for herself just exactly how persuasive he can be. But cooler heads prevail, and things don’t end well on her stoop:

At once, I feel completely sober and a little sick. This is not what I came here for; I don't want this man to see me, to know me, to touch me. I don't want him to see into my soul and know my secrets, my shame. He has no place and no right.

Sudden anger courses through me. And this is Edward Cullen, for fuck's sake! Workaholic. Ladies' man. I bet he has bedded every PA they have ever given him!

"What do you think you're doing?" The volume of my voice in the silent, damp night makes us both jump.

"Nothing. I'm sorry. I didn't mean - I'm sorry." He stumbles and stutters and puts space between us. His green eyes are confused. Part of me feels sorry for my outburst and desperately wants to take it back and pull him back against my door.

But I don't. I crack instead.

"This is the usual method, is it?" I snarl. "Take your PA out, ply her with drink and make your move?"

I watch his face slowly harden.

"No." He almost growls.

"Oh really? Because that's not what I've heard."

Poor, misunderstood Edward. Well, sort of, and sort of not so much. Because up until Bella, he wasn’t really the nicest guy to women, and he knows it:

Of course someone as refined and adorable and fucking beautiful as Bella Swan would shy away from the office scoundrel, the moody bastard, the commitment-shy bachelor. And she is right, isn't she; I am all of those things. What was I really aiming for with that kiss on her neck - I did want to fuck her. And then what? Return to work, awkward and uncomfortable. There was certainly nothing else, I had nothing else to give and everyone at Volturi clearly knows that. Apparently, including Bella. 

And here’s where the delicious push and pull of this story takes off. Edward becomes less of a scoundrel, and of course Bella finds his charms irresistible, but still, there’s something blocking her from letting go, and we’re just at the point in the story where Edward (and we) find out what it is. Though we don’t yet know if he can help her overcome what appears to be a major obstacle for her, we see that he will give it his best shot:

you told him everything and he's still here. 

My heart is racing and as gently as I can I lay down next to him and prop my head on my hand to watch. I'm not ready for him to wake up yet. I'm not ready to face the day.

But God, he's beautiful; lying on his front with the sheet pulled down to the top of his boxers. My hand is itching to trace over the stunning expanse of muscle and smooth skin that is his back. His arms are folded above his head and his crazy hair is poking out in every direction. His face is turned towards me and the sight of his full lips reminds me of his kiss last night. Kisses that felt like nothing else I'd ever experienced. His mouth searching mine, the taste of his tongue, his hands - Jesus, his hands -

"Do I have something on my face?" He suddenly mumbles, eyes still closed.

"Shit!" I leap about a foot in the air and his throaty chuckle fills the room. He opens his eyes and stares at me, laughing.

"You're awake then?"

"Yep," he grins. "I tend to wake up when someone's eyes are burning a hole my face!"

I blush and he takes my hand to pull me back down beside him. I lie back willingly, facing him.

"I bet you're pretty used to waking up to women staring at you, huh?"

He shrugs, smirks. "Not really, I'm usually half way out the window," he teases.

I roll my eyes but then ask softly. "But not today?"

His smirk disappears and he pulls me closer.

"Nope, definitely not today."

Gah! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that sight?!

This story is told with Amber’s lyrical voice and careful attention to dialect, and you will become addicted to hearing Britishward think and speak. Bella has a broken past but she’s no shrinking violet. The fun of this story is in watching the two of them bring out the best in each other. Separately and together, they’re a pair you’re going to want to know. And I didn’t even tell you about all the lovely side characters. Darn! Have I used up my allotted space already?

Unbecoming by BookishQua - rec'd by Katinki
In the aftermath of her divorce, a heartbroken Bella Swan looks for danger to give meaning to her life. If only her hot ex-husband would stay out of the picture. AH ExB.
Twilight - Rated M.

Reviewed by: Iambeagle

Unbecoming starts off with a bang. Literally.

It happens in the blink of an eye.

Well, if that opening line doesn’t intrigue the hell out of you, I don’t know what will. From the beginning of the story you’re immediately thrown into the action, heart beating along with Bella’s.

While devoting her time in Africa as an aid worker, Bella’s camp is invaded by rebel soldiers who scavenge for food and new recruits. In an act of bravery to save a young boy from being taken by one of the soldiers, Bella is set apart from her group, making her a target.

My shoulder burns and I'm jerked back, almost as if someone snuck up behind me and tied ropes around my torso and yanked when I didn't expect it. I hear screaming and wailing and more gunshots, this time from behind. My head is numb at first, then the pain is transmitted by my screaming nerve endings and I can barely move my body hurts so bad. I am sprawled face down on the barren ground.

Like I said, it starts off with a bang.

Using the earth as my pillow, I close my eyes and see his smiling face. It's our wedding day in my mind. He's so handsome standing there in his tux - his green eyes shining. He knows I'm nervous coming down the aisle, terrified to be in front of so many people. But I do it for him.

"Edward," I manage to whisper.

Upon reading the summary, you are well aware Bella and Edward are divorced. The fact that she is thinking about him as she loses consciousness is reason enough for you to ugly cry into your hands.

I had fled the continent to escape the pain he'd inflicted, and had done my best to disappear. Over the past months I had become used to not having him in my life, to that ache in my heart where our love used to reside.

The deep hurt Bella’s inner monologue conveys will make your own heart ache and your mind run wild with questions of why she and Edward are no longer together. Before you can curl into the fetal position on the forest floor while wearing your ugly coat, you are presented with a sliver of hope. Bella wakes up in the hospital and is informed that an annoyingly persistent doctor named Edward keeps insisting to see her. See? I didn’t lie. There is hope after all.

Bella can put on a good front and appear brave, sure, but when the heart monitor she’s attached to accelerates merely from the mention of Edward’s name, you know there’s no way she will be able to deny her lingering feelings for long. Their first encounter in the hospital will have you creepy smiling like a fool because you know they still care so deeply about one another.

Pale, unshaven, with his clothes rumpled, Edward looked like he hadn't slept in days. His typically neat hair stuck up every which way. His glasses had smudge marks on the lenses.
He had the shadow of a smile. "Glad to see you've decided to rejoin the living. You have a concussion, and your temperature is elevated." That weasel was reading my chart and trying to beguile me.

Using my coolest voice I said, "I'd like my hand back, please."

"Sure." He dropped it.

As if I were burned, I snatched it back.

You’ll quickly find yourself wanting to be this Bella’s friend because, underneath the pain and suffering she clearly feels, she’s brave, allowing herself to say what’s on her mind. In fact, questions about her new-found spunk are raised when Edward says:

"When did you become so argumentative? This isn't like you. We need another MRI about that head injury.”

Though Unbecoming is only a mere four chapters so far, you’re already given enough information regarding Edward and Bella’s past that you don’t feel like you’re in the dark. Not completely, anyway. The mystery revolving their divorce and a certain tragedy will have you begging for more, more, more. Before I give too much away, I will insist you read this story for yourself. I’ll even lend you my hand to hold and my shirt if you feel the need to blow your nose.

A Quiet Fire by Magnolia822-rec'd by Surething302
"But true love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, From itself never turning." Ten years after a tragedy parted them, childhood friends Edward and Bella meet again. Can what was lost be recovered? E/B Some OOC  Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Surething302

You know that feeling you get, when you read the first chapter of a fic and you are all twisted inside needing more at that very moment. A Quiet Fire did exactly that to me, from the prologue until the very end, I could not read this fic fast enough. I felt so many emotions while reading this, love to hate and hate to love and everything in-between.
It starts with a prologue where Bella is running late for her first graduate class. She enters the class and takes her seat. A few minutes later, the door opens and Bella recognizes the man entering and passes out, but not before saying his name, Edward, aloud. She begins having this memory as she blacks out.

"Have you ever been kissed, Bella?"
I am shaking my head, blushing. He makes me nervous now in a way he never has before. He is only 15—soon to be 16—but he seems like so much more of a man to me, the two-year age gap between us expansive. I bite my lip and realize I'm still shaking my head.
He chuckles. "Would you like to be?"
I almost gasp . . . is Edward asking me . . . if he can kiss me? My throat is dry as I nod, the word struggling to make its way from my brain to my mouth. Yes. YES.
And when his lips meet mine it's nothing like how I thought it would be. His mouth is soft and gentle; he brings his hand to my face and cups my cheek softly. It is brief but when he pulls away I am left with a strange sensation, a longing that I've never felt before. Almost without volition, I touch my finger to his lips. Mine tingle.
"I wanted to be your first," he says, smiling as he kisses the tip of my finger.
"Me too." The words finally come and I know they're true.
Do you see why, I was all kinds of twisted and wanting more? I am so glad this fic was complete when I picked it up to read. The first chapter starts with Alice and Bella playing dress up in Esme’s, Alice’s mom, clothes and this is one of my favorite moments in the story:

The dress didn't have a zipper, and Alice lifted it over my head as she giggled.
"What's so funny?" I asked her.
"Bella . . . I think you're getting boobs!"
"What?" I was shocked, looking down at my chest. There were two small lumps there—I hadn't really noticed them before. But they weren't that big. Still, they were bigger than Alice's. She lifted her shirt to show me. We looked at ourselves in the mirror. Yes, there was definitely something there. Alice poked one and I flinched.
"See? Boobs! I'm so jealous. I can't wait till I get mine. You're so LUCKY! Now you can wear bras!"
For the next five or six chapters we get to follow Alice, Edward, and Bella through their childhood. Alice is the youngest of the three and is Edwards little sister. Edward is the oldest, leaving Bella in between to two sibling friends. Bella and Alice become best friends quickly.

As we read on, we learn that Edward and Bella are becoming close. Edward starts sneaking out to go see Bella at night, mind you, they are only like 10 and 13. Bella begins telling Edward about her mother. Renee, Bella’s mom, has bipolar and has episodes. This continues throughout middle school, where Bella and Edward start dating, and on into high school. During these years, Renee is sent to different hospitals for her mental condition and the Cullens take Bella in while her mother is gone.

There is one night that Bella and her mom argue, Bella leaves and returns home going to bed only to be awakened to her house on fire. She tries to save her mom but the fire is to bad and she passes out from smoke ventilation. Renee dies and Bella is burned severely. She is sent to live with Billy Black, a life long friend of the Swans. Over the years Bella writes to Alice and Edward but never hears anything from them, that is until Edward walks into her class room ten years later. Talk about over load, I was going crazy during all of this. I wanted to punch so many people because I had no clue what the hell was going on.
We get back to present day and here is part of the second conversation Bella and Edward have.
"Bella?" No one calls me by my nickname anymore, but said in Edward's voice, it's so familiar I stop dead in my tracks.
Oh shit.
"Running away from me again?"
I turn around and face him. He's just about two feet from me, standing with his arms crossed, and I can't believe how tall he is; I'm only eye level with his chest. I cross my arms and take a step backward. I won't let him intimidate me.
"I'm not running away."
"Oh really?"
"I saw you were talking with Peggy, and I had to go. I have somewhere to be," I lie. Edward's eyes dart down to my left hand and this time it occurs to me what he's looking at—my simple gold engagement ring. His jaw clenches.
"Well, don't let me keep you from your...obligations," he says, stressing the last word. "But, if we're supposed to work together on this project, we'll have to get in touch somehow. I need to do well in this class."
"So do I," I huff. "What are you doing here, anyway?"
He looks at me incredulously. "Me? What are you doing here?"
"I'm obviously in graduate school, Edward. I came here to work with Peggy, and anyway, it's none of your business."
"That much is clear," he mutters, shifting on his feet and looking across the street before turning back to me. "But it's a little weird you end up here, in Chicago, in my class, isn't it?"
"What are you saying? That I planned this? Incredible!" I turn on my heel but Edward reaches out and grabs my shoulder. Shrugging him off, I back away again.
"Why did you pretend you didn't know me last week?"
His direct question catches me off guard and I'm at a loss for a second. "Because it's easier. And I don't want people to know...okay? I don't want people to know about my past."
"But you fainted..."
"It was the heat," I snap, trying to ignore the sharp cut of his jaw as he clenches it again.
"Are you sure about that?" The corner of his mouth turns up in a little smirk.
"Yes, I'm sure."
"Okay. Fine." His tone is dismissive and I'm relieved he's not pursuing this line of inquiry anymore.
Just then, Edward's eyes focus behind me, and he gives a small wave. I turn my head as a tall, thin, blonde girl approaches. Her hair is closely cropped and she's wearing tight black jeans, converse, and a red Killers t-shirt.
Things don’t look so well with them, but fate has different plans and the professor pairs them off for a project. Through this they start to form a new friendship and they start learning things, they didn’t know, like all the letters they wrote to each other over the years, but never received. Oh, and did I mention Bella is engaged to Jacob Black? Yeah, there are so many twists to this fic from the very beginning. If you are looking for a fic that will make you laugh, cry, and fill your heart with happiness and joy, then join Bella, Edward and Alice in A Quiet Fire. You will not be disappointed.

Teacher of the Year by Diamondheart78-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
When Bella has a chance encounter with a sexy stranger, she never believes she'll see him again. Fate however, has a sense of humor. AH/ExB  Twilight - Rated: M

Review by: JO FICFREAK :)

Hi, my name is Jo.

I like fic.

I like fic with a good plot, deep characters and yeah, maybe some angst along the way.

That’s right, I said it.  I like a little drama between my Bellas and Edwards just as much as the next chica.

HOWEVER.  Funny is always my go to, it seems.  And I mean that as in, I still like fic with a good plot and deep characters – but after crying my eyes out over some of best written stuff out there… I also like to find good plots and deep characters in the humor genre… I like to read about a Bella and Edward who have somewhat of a sense of humor.  Ya know what I mean?   Because life isn’t one hundred percent of the time over the top depressing, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I need a little fluff N stuff to balance out the heart wrenching tear jerkers, in other words.

And this, my friends, is why I love DiamondHeart78’s fic, “Teacher of the Year”.

She takes a situation that could obviously have just as easily been angsty and made it into one of the funniest, sweetest story lines I’ve read in a while.

My take: Bella moves back to town with her son (Garrett) after getting up and getting out of a very messy “relationship”.  Soon thereafter, she goes out with her girls and gets drunk off her ass at the local bar (grandma's watching Garrett, don't worry).  She meets a guy.  She drools over said guy.  She proceeds to make out with him.  And oh yeah, he is one seriously, sexy Edward but alas, in due time of this hot and steamy make out session with the guy she thought she'd never in a million years meet... she's pulled away from him abruptly... time to go, says Alice (grrrr) – and hence, Bella was never afforded the chance to give him her number… or get his.

"You're fucking beautiful." My eyes roll back. His voice is sex.

"So are you," I respond, mirroring his action and feeling his hand snake its way around my waist, gripping tight. He's on the verge of unleashing something.

Unleash away, Edward. Unleash away.

She is just getting to where she is pretty much accepting the fact that she won’t ever see Mr. Perfectly Sexy, Excellent Kisser again when she takes her son to his first day of Kindergarten… and meets his new teacher… who’s none other than Mr. Perfectly Sexy, Excellent Kisser, Edward Cullen!  Who. Wears. Glasses. (did I mention that?) -  He's like Clark Kent.  Responsible, fun loving teacher by day...  Ridiculously sexy, funny, hot, man of Bella's dreams by night.

"Hi. I'm Mr. Cullen. You must be Garrett's mom, I'm pleased to meet y…"

And there it is. I turn just in time to meet his glance.

He's frozen. I'm frozen. There's a bouncing five-year-old holding my hand. I slowly lift my other hand to offer a tiny wave.


The situation they are in is so freaking cute and funny and sexy and funny and adorable and not to mention their kids are FANTASTIC.

Oh, and Lauren plays a pretty funny role in this one too.  You will love to hate this woman.

"Mr. Cullen?"

"Here we go," Angela mutters under her breath, which makes me stop to look up.
Edward turns to Lauren who practically skips towards him, plastic boobs unmoving. No bounce to them. Do men actually like tits that don't move? I guess if they're that big they could give a shit.

"Yes, Ms. Mallory?"

"I just wanted to let you know," she says all breathy and stuff, stepping closer until her hand lingers on his chest, her fake nails, airbrushed with unicorns, contrasted against his shirt.

And what is that smell? Is that her perfume? I think my nose just died.

"I'm available for room mom duties... whenever you need me." She says the last line puckering her glossy lips, eyelashes aflutter.

Cue eye roll.

You won’t regret this one.  I promise.  Diamond is a pretty great lady, to boot, so get on over there and give it a go, leave her some love and then send me Edward wrapped up all pretty like with a bow (or ten) over top of his gorgeous… well, you get the picture, as a small token of your thanks.

Elemental by Tallulahbelle-rec'd by JudasManifesto
AU/AH: When the Swans return to their birthplace, Bella learns she is no ordinary teenager, and Forks is no ordinary town. Can she fulfill her destiny with the powerful Edward Cullen, or will the dark forces that threaten their families destroy them all? Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Dreamweaver94

If you’re anything like me, the Harry Potter series is the only set of books you’ve ever read about magic and if it weren’t for Bruce Willis in “The 5th Element” you’d have no idea the four earthly elements are Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. What I liked about the story Elemental is how TallulahBelle paints you a picture of her world of witches and the supernatural so well you don’t have to know anything about this genre to enjoy it. If this story has been sitting on your “To Be Read” list forever, I encourage you to step outside your fic box and give it a try.
Bella grows up in Phoenix with her mom and dad completely unaware that her destiny lies in the enchanted forests of Forks or that her parents are two powerful witches.  Shortly before her 18th birthday her family must return to where they once called home without much notice or explanation – at least none that anyone shares with her.  She unknowingly ties herself to the land her ancestors pledged to protect without even understanding what she is or where she came from.
“That was more than a greeting. It was Earth magic. Very powerful Earth magic and it was accepted, acknowledging the promise from the Swan family.”
“Magic? Let me guess we’re Witches,” I said sarcastically.
“Yes, we are,” A soft reply came from the doorway behind me.
Bella is quickly introduced to an extended family she knows nothing about. There are 12 families in addition to the Swans that make up a coven pledged to protect and oversee the area. After a less than chilly reception from these families, Bella is left wondering why her parents uprooted their lives and bothered to return in the first place.  Though her parents are reluctant to share the history and the secrets of Forks, Bella soon learns more than she bargained for from her new friends at school.
TallulahBelle adopts some interesting twists on canon to create her world. The most fascinating of which is her use of imprinting and the bond it forms between mated couples. Bella is shocked to learn that upon her 18th birthday this phenomenon could and most likely would be her fate. The ritual that follows imprinting may be one of the most unique and intense encounters ever conceived in fan fiction. My opinion of this imprinting is that it’s powerful and fascinating and I commend TallulahBelle for coming up with such a vivid and memorable scene.
When Bella realizes how much of an adult role she will be expected to take on after her birthday, the normal concerns of a teenager are quickly forgotten. As her own powers become more evident and her natural ability shows itself to the rest of the coven, speculation about whom she could imprint with begins.
"…she's his match in skill and power," Principal Weber replied to something that Mrs. Crowley was saying. It brought me out of my musings as I had heard my name mentioned in conjunction with what Principal Weber was telling her.
"I know it's never a good thing to assume a mating, but I doubt there is another who could balance Edward, like the Swan girl," Mrs. Crowley replied.
Bella is quite overwhelmed by this new world she is thrown into, but when it comes to Edward, although she can’t deny his good looks, she’s underwhelmed by his attitude, aloofness, and the superiority complex he carries about. She finds herself at odds with him after several encounters and plans to ignore him just as thoroughly as he ignores her. This story shows us the journey that Bella must take to create a relationship with someone she hardly knows and doesn’t particularly like.
Just as Bella starts to accept her new life, she learns it could all be destroyed. A dark force is headed toward Forks with the potential to decimate the land and kill the entire coven. All 13 families will have to find a way to come together and put their differences and disputes, both new and old, aside in order to fight this evil.
Bella has lost her trust in nearly everyone that was close to her. She was deceived by her parents, looked down upon by some of her new peers and envied by the members of the coven who are jealous of her power her natural ability. She learns that Edward is not quite the cocky, rude boy she thought him to be. The development of a trusting and unique relationship between these two virtual strangers is enjoyable to watch unfold. Although she struggles with the relationship she has with Edward, her dreams are a little more honest about the feelings that they fight against.
A subtle breeze caressed my cheek and lovingly swirled around my prone body. It gently played with the hem of my skirt and the unbound locks of my hair like a small child might as it discovered new textures of the world around them. The light wind danced with joy along my body and brought with it the scents of growing grass, blooming flowers, running water, and the amber-warmth of the radiant sun that resided somewhere high above me.
I held as still as possible, letting myself be adored by the breeze with its rhythmical movements. It brought me gifts of scent after scent as if it were a devoted suitor that vied for my hand; becoming bolder and bolder as diaphanous perfumes turned into heady aromas with firm strokes that dipped and swirled across my body, inciting feelings that I had long ignored.
Wave after wave of sugared wings fluttered in my lower belly, fanning a heat so powerful that I arched further into the feathered touches.
The breeze suddenly changed direction and floated briefly near my ear, sighing:
This fantasy world created by TallulahBelle could easily stand alone outside of the twilight world. Even if fantasy or supernatural or sci-fi isn’t your normal cup of tea, I encourage you to give this story a try because it’s gripping and beautiful and worthy of your time.

For the Summer by Camoozle-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
Every year Bella waits for the 'Pay Checks' to roll into her sleepy river town and every year Edward's hers, just for the summer. AH, AU, OOC, B/E  Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Vampshavelaws

For the Summer is one of those stories that instantly reels you in. I remember becoming hooked after the very first chapter, the writing and premise and characters a winning combination.

Bella and Edward’s relationship spans over seventeen years; seventeen summers of ups and downs and everything in between.

They meet for the very first time at her father’s marina. Bella is eleven, feeding fish, and has no concept of boys.

"Hey you! Girl! I wanna try," I hear this kid say, and I look around, wondering who he could be speaking so rudely to. The sun is glaring in my eyes and I squint as I try to make out the shadowed boy before me. He shifts slightly to the left, his head now blocking out the sun, and his face comes into view.

He is glowing. The golden sun behind his head is causing his reddish brown hair to blaze like fire. He is my age, I think, maybe a little older, and his mouth is very red, like he just finished a rainbow sherbet Push-Up or something. His teeth and tongue are tinted pink with sticky syrup collected in the corners of his mouth. His green eyes look like they are shimmering from the reflection of the water, and he has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen, like feathers, and I wonder if they are as soft as they look.

He is an out-of-towner, a Pay Check, I'm sure. It's obvious in his pale, flawless skin. His thin legs are interrupted by knobby knees sticking out from under his blue swim trunks, and there's a little alligator stitched into his white polo shirt. On his feet are brand new leather deck shoes, ones I could only dream of affording. I look down at my old sandals, the straps rubbing blisters into my skin. I always have to stop walking to shake the sharp rocks and gravel out from under my feet.

"I have a name," I respond, slightly annoyed with his tone.

"Well, how am I supposed to know your name? I only just met you," he says, placing his hands on his hips.

"We haven't even really met. Technically, I'm not even supposed to be talking to you," I say as I stand up. I'm taller than him and I suddenly feel very confident. I smirk down at the pretty pale boy, his weird fiery hair still catching my attention, and throw him the bag of bread. "Here, you can have it. I'm done here anyway. Make sure you throw the bag in the trash can when you're through."

I start to walk back to the office to see if my father needs any help, but the boy grabs my swimsuit strap from behind and the elastic snaps against my back with a sting. I spin around ready to knock him out, but he is just standing there grinning. And then he winks. My mouth drops open, his stupid smile making me even more furious. What a jerk!

I don't even know what to do. My normal response would be to punch his lights out. That's what I learned growing up with an older brother, if anyone touches you, you punch them. My brother made sure I knew how to throw a decent punch, and this kid is so scrawny, I could totally take him.

Something about his smile makes me freeze up and forget what I'm supposed to do. I can't even think of anything to say and I suddenly feel like an idiot.

Just then, a magnificently beautiful lady calls out and we both turn and look at her. Her skin is like silk and her golden brown hair is perfectly feathered. She wears a very skimpy black bikini with little red running shorts with white trim that stands out against her slender tanned legs. I'm a little embarrassed at how I stare at her perfect body, but then I figure she wouldn't dress like that if she didn't want to be stared at. She opens her mouth and her beauty quickly fades with what she says.

"Eddie! Get your fucking ass over here! I told you not to go running off, you little shit."It's not really her words that are offensive, living on the marina I hear language worse than that out of my own father's mouth, but her voice is just so full of hatred. The boy's smile fades and he runs back to her with his head hanging. She looks really young, but I guess she's his mother because she pulls his hair and jerks him around as he stumbles onto one of the houseboats tied to the dock.

I turn quickly and march straight to my dad's office, the tears burning in my eyes as I think of how I was ready to knock that kid out. No wonder he was so rude, his mom is horrible! I regret wanting to punch him but I refuse to let my tears fall. No, I will not shed tears over some silly summer Pay Checks.

Camoozle captures the voice of eleven year old Bella perfectly—the attention to detail and overall tone still amazes me.

A fast friendship soon builds between the two of them, one that will have you smiling and feeling that sense of dread in the pit of your stomach.

The night before Edward leaves, we have ice cream on the swings again. I know he's leaving because his campground is clear of the usual debris. All the towels, shoes, and ice chests are all packed up, and the awning is rolled back and hooked into place. Only the motorhome sits in the spot now. We silently sway on the swings, and the air smells different. The air is heavy and my t-shirt sticks to my skin. It's August, storm season, and the sky is dotted with high clouds that billow and bow. Edward doesn't speak of it and neither do I. He hasn't really told me he's leaving but he knows that he doesn't have to. I've seen it all before.

"I'll get him to come back next year," he says eventually. "I'll make him." He speaks in a confident tone and I have to admit I feel hopeful for an instant, but then I remember that a year is a really long time. Things change. People do too.

"Maybe we can go to Laughlin for the Fourth of July. Next year, we'll go see a big fireworks show," I say half-heartedly, wanting it to be true so bad but knowing there's only a slim chance.

"I made you a birthday present," Edward says, and I look up at his face now. His cheeks are pink from the sun and the skin on his nose is peeling. "I know it's not until next month, but I wanted to give you something. So you can remember me."

My heart feels big in my chest, like it takes up too much space, and I feel my eyes start to burn, but I can't cry in front of Edward. Instead, I look down at the shell he holds in his hand. It's small and white and ridged, and he holds it out to me, flat in his palm.

I recognize this shell. He found it while we were hiking last week and he wondered why a seashell would be found so high up on the hill. He said it must be special and shoved it into his pocket with the black glassy rock and the piece of wood that looked like an eye. Edward likes to collect special things.

I carefully take it from his hand and turn it over in my fingers. On the inside, where the surface is smooth, clearly printed in tiny neat writing are the letters: B & E 1983. I close my hand over the shell so I can't see the black letters anymore because if I look at them again, I will cry.

I sleep with the shell enclosed in my fist that night.

Emmett and I watch Dr. Cullen unhook his motorhome from the site as we sit on the swing set. He eats a popsicle beside me while mine melts in my hand, the sticky liquid dripping onto the dirt. My insides feel like they're sloshing around in my belly and I fight back the tears that are filling my eyes because I don't want my brother to call me a big baby.

Once they have everything sealed inside, I start to panic, worrying that I'll never see him again and I'll lose my friend forever. I can see him in the back of the trailer as they pull away, and my heart drops. He's waving, though, so I wave back as the tears slip down my cheeks. I quickly wipe them away before Emmett can see, but it's too late.

"Get used to it, sis," Emmett says quietly. "Summer friends don't mean shit."

Oh, how Emmett couldn’t have been more wrong.

Edward becomes the highlight of Bella’s year, and vice versa, their connection only becoming stronger with each summer that passes. And soon that friendship turns into something else; turns into something more than either of them could have ever imagined.

"Oh God, you're just…" Edward says in a hushed voice as his hands wrap around my hips, the tips of his fingers pressed into my skin and I sigh at the contact. He guides his hands up my belly and over my ribs, his palms pressing roughly into my breasts and I gasp as he rolls his thumbs over my nipples. His hands smooth down my back and over my bare ass, his fingers hooked in the elastic of the underwear and he slides them down my legs. His eyes roam every inch of my body, needy, wanting eyes as he guides my hips to straddle his lap, and I can feel him hard beneath me. I rock against his length, my hands guiding his shirt over his head and then everything just starts going so fast.

I hear a series of loud blasts and pops and Edward kisses me, a rough, hungry kiss that consumes me. His fingers push into me and I gasp in shock, not ready for the penetration. He pumps his fingers into me over and over and the sensation is intense, the stretching of skin, the pulling of the hair there and I feel building pressure deep between my legs, almost like I have to pee and it's too much, too fast. So I try to slow things down.

I run my hands over his chest and I bring his mouth to mine, rolling my tongue with his and sucking at his lip and this feels better. I grind myself onto his hand, his thumb rubbing everywhere and the pressure mounts again, his hand moving faster and faster and I tremble against him. His mouth leaves mine and travels down my neck and he squeezes my breast in his hand, his tongue licking and sucking at the rosy, tightened flesh. I moan loudly against his forehead, my hands pulling through his long hair. Suddenly, Edward stands up, his hands gripping my behind as he lays me on the bed. He hovers over me and I slide down his boxers as he settles between my legs and I can feel his hard shaft against the inside of my thigh. I want him inside me and I writhe my hips against him so that he'll know it's okay, that I surrender to him, that I don't want to fight him anymore. His eyes gaze into mine, his hands push the hair from my face and he kisses my cheeks, my eyelids, my shoulder.

Edward cradles my head in his hands, his eyes worried and I see it there, pain and sadness and I see him hesitating so I wrap my legs around his waist, holding me to him.

They live two different worlds, miles of land and ocean between them. How can anything possibly work out?

I’ll let you find that one out for yourself.

This story is one of my absolute favourites. I was addicted while reading; completely spoiled by weekly updates.

It contains a little bit of everything: angst, romance, humour, friendship. To me, this fic is perfect.

I can in no way do this story justice, so find some time in your day, and fall of love with the words on offer.

You won’t regret it.


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  1. One of the best stories I've ever read!!! Grabbed me from the start and could not put down until I finished. Camoozle is amazing!!!