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TLS Fics of the Week 2/2 - 2/8/2012- The Fab Five Reviews are up!

Each week, you tell us which fics are moving you the most.  This week, we've got five great fics for you to dive into. Sorry for the delay in delivering these on time this week, please enjoy!

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Blood & Glory by Drotuno
The definition of a mercenary is a soldier for hire. His crew are trained fighting machines. Hers are smart PIs. What happens when they need each other to survive? Canon couples. AH/AU/ Rated M for lots of reasons, including violence and lemons. Twilight - Rated: M.
Reviewed By: Suebee Betafairy Thundercocks-ho

If you know me, you know that I read a lot but that I don’t recommend a lot.  A fic has to be really stellar for me to tell people to read it.  It speaks volumes, then, that Drotuno’s Blood & Glory (and the following two fics in the Gravity Series) is my go to rec.  Truly, it is my first suggestion whenever someone asks me what to read.  It is written impeccably (with a shout out to beta JenRar) and action packed with no superfluous scenes and some of the sweetest and hottest lemons I’ve ever read.  And this Bella and Edward are, hands down, two of my favorites.  Bella is strong and fierce and Edward… oh my, this Edward.  He’s a mercenary - a soldier for hire working for his dad - a helicopter pilot who is undeniably sexy, yet sweet when it comes to Bella, with an endearing stutter that makes an appearance when he’s feeling nervous and vulnerable.  I read an interview Drotuno did and she described him as pretty much the perfect man, and I agree wholeheartedly.

At the beginning of B&G, we see Bella in her element as a ballsy Private Eye on assignment.  She is kidnapped by a truly evil gun for hire working for the Mafia to keep her as collateral for Charlie Swan’s testimony against a powerful mob boss.  She is not raped, but she is tortured and severely traumatized and is eventually rescued by Edward.  Because she and her coworkers are in danger, they are all gathered and placed in a safe house with the rest of Carlisle’s team guarding them.  These are some of the best depictions of supporting characters I’ve seen and possibly my favorite Alice.  And the eventual showdown between Bella and one of Edward’s female team members is truly breathtakingly brilliant and left me in tears for both of them.  But, at the heart of this story, Bella is trying to recover from the psychological and physical scars left by her time in captivity.  We see this against the backdrop of riveting action and suspense as a result of the team keeping away from the bad guys and eventually trying to catch them.  And it is during this forced seclusion in a safehouse when we truly see her and Edward’s relationship grow and blossom.  She needs him to take things slow because she’s still in her head much of the time and shies away from touch due to what happened in that basement.  Edward putting scar cream on her to desensitize her to touch might be one of the most tender yet sexy moments I’ve read.  Who knew scar cream could be so hot?  I thought about including the passage here, but it really is a moment best experienced while reading the fic in its entirety.

And the lemons… if you have read anything else by Drotuno, you know she can write lemons like no one else.
I could feel him shift just enough, and then slide languidly into me. A whimper escaped my mouth as he completely filled me, his head falling to my shoulder. We clung to each other for just a moment, our breathing ragged, our hands gripping hard onto one another.

Edward's hand drifted down my side, along my thigh, to my knee, where he suddenly lifted it between us, sinking even deeper into me than before. I'd never been in that position, and it was fantastic. I could feel everything inside of me clench down on him.

I gasped when he pulled back, thrusting in with a touch of force. It was a taste of what was to come. He was not going to be gentle; this was something I would be feeling way after we landed in Seattle.

"I want you to come so fucking hard, baby," he growled into my neck, dragging his teeth across my skin. "I want you to feel me into next week. I want you to know that I'll always be...right here," he grunted, thrusting into me again.

Edward began a rhythm that was deep, with swiveling hips and long pushes into me. His forehead pressed to mine as his mouth quirked up into a breathtakingly sexy smile. I leaned back on my hands, my hips meeting him with every press of his hips, and more than once, I cried out his name, and more than once, his hands gripped too tight at my hips, but it was the kind of pain that felt good, that added to the entire experience.

My first orgasm hit me hard and fast, causing my leg to slip off of his shoulder and down to the counter top.

"One," he growled, suddenly pulling out of me and dropping to his knees.

And it just goes on from there.  In case you were wondering, the final count on this lemon alone is three.

I also truly appreciate that Bella doesn’t suddenly become better.  Her recovery is a struggle as it would be in real life.  But with her strength and Edward’s love, as well as the support of all of their friends, she’s able to make huge strides.  And I really appreciate that even in the third part of this series, we still see occasional glimpses of the after effects of her trauma as they would be for anyone experiencing what she did.

Blood and Glory really is the definition of a perfect fic to me.  Go read it!!!  The Beta Fairy seal of approval doesn’t get much stronger than that.

Penal Code by FictionFreak95 and Bellaflan Fanfiction
Undercover Cop Edward Cullen wants some excitement on his beat. Bella, whom he mistakenly thinks is a hooker, desperately needs to snap out of her funk. How deep is Edward willing to go undercover to get the girl? COLLAB with BELLAFLAN! AH/Comedy Twilight - Rated: M
Reviewed by: Kitty Vuitton and Kelly Clwn
I will tell you right now, this review for Penal Code will be very difficult for Kelly and I to write, as we basically wanted to copy the entire 4 chapters and post them as our favorite lines! BellaFlan and Jo have come together to write us what can only be described as one of the funniest story out there. It has me hiding in offices or bathrooms to read because I laugh so hard, my co-workers think I am losing my mind. And FYI, you will never ever want to eat pudding again. TRUST ME!!!

Edward Cullen, brother to Alice, is your all around good guy and one of New York’s finest, an undercover cop who loves his job. He isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of making an arrest.

"I've got an ASP in my sights; I'm gonna follow along and make a collar." I actually chuckled quietly to myself as I said it. This whole undercover thing was gonna take some getting used to. Being a cop for quite a few years, I wasn't exactly new to the workload, but I'd just been promoted recently and was a little gung-ho, so to speak.

"You know, you could just say hooker, Edward."

Then we have Bella Swan, Communications Director for the NYPD, who is unwillingly forced by her friend Alice Cullen to attend Rose’s costume party, and also forced to dress in a costume that makes her look like a hooker. See where we are going with this...

I looked like a costume shop hooker, which was a fair assessment since I bought the outfit from an actual costume shop, but dude...

"I'm gonna punch you in the tit, Alice."

"Why? You look hot. If I wasn't working tonight I'd totally dress as your pimp." She cupped my breast.

Edward spots Bella almost immediately and the fun truly begins. After what constitutes the funniest meeting ever, Edward actually invited Bella back to his apartment, for pudding. Granted, both of their definitions of pudding are extremely different. The whole time, Edward is fighting an inner battle with himself because he thinks he is bringing a hooker home to sleep with.

"Hi there."

I decided to play it cool... you know, reel her in then slap the cuffs on her when she asked for the money.

Except that... she ignored me.

So I increased my speed a little and caught up to her. "Um... helllooooo."

She eyed me funny.


"In a hurry?"

"Sort of . . . is there something I can help you with?"

"Depends. Are you offering to help me with something?"

"Um, not really. Hey, there's something in your pants!"

High priced hooker, maybe.

Wait... "In my..."

I looked down. Shit.

"Oh my god, is that a gun?"

"Depends on your definition of gun," I winked for her. She was kinda cute. As far as
hookers go, that is.

"Well . . . can you kill me with that thing? Is it regulation size?"

"I'm pretty sure regulation isn't the word I would use for it. As far as killing you... I try not to hurt pretty women with big hair these days unless I absolutely have to... or they ask me to... which isn't really the norm."

"It is too big, isn't it? I knew the hair was awful. God, I suck."

Oh shit, was she gonna cry? Do hookers cry? I'd collared hookers on the beat before, but they never cried... and this was different... I was supposed to be covert and shit. What the fuck was I doing anyway?

"Hey now, I didn't say I didn't like it... It's kinda... Bea Arthur-ish really."

Oh my god. Bea Arthur? Seriously?

"She was such a handsome woman."

"She really was."

Why were we talking about Bea Arthur?

"Look, I'm really nervous. I don't do this very often . . ."

I mumbled, "that makes two of us."

Of course this is just the beginning. After they arrive back at Edward’s apartment, Bella really does want pudding, where as Edward thinks this is some sort of code word.

"Sure! I mean, I'm not exactly dressed for The Plaza or anything, but . . . you know, I'd kill for a pudding cup."

Pudding cup? Was that like hooker code for cum on my face or something?

"Um... okay."

"With cream."

Definitely code for cum on my face.

Handjobs are given, pudding is eaten (and yes we mean a pudding cup) and Bella eventually falls asleep, in said pudding cup. At this point, Edward is freaking out because he has a hooker in his home and he just knows he is going to lose his job. So imagine his dread when he runs in to her at the the New York Police Station where they are both waiting to speak with Commissioner Swan. Edward of course thinks Bella has been arrested and while Bella is actually there to speak with her father. After another case of crossed wires and unspoken miscommunications, they agree to meet up for coffee.

The rest of my day went by with absolutely no word from my sister, and it drove me completely insane. Did she get the message or not? And if she had, why wasn't she calling me back? Was she concocting some plan to get Bella out of the prostitution business? Was she debating turning me in? I mean, Alice loved me and all, but she was also very by the book.

I was still thinking about it - wondering why I hadn't heard from my sister - when Bella walked up on me as I waited outside my apartment building.

She must have had the night off because the hair looked like it did at the Commissioner's office the day before, and her make-up was barely there at all. The smile that spread across her lips as she approached put me a little more at ease . . . Who was I kidding? I was shaking in my boots, not just from first date jitters, but from genuine fear that someone would see me out with her.

"Hey," she said.

"Your hair flattens out nicely," I greeted like a schmuck.

She laughed. "Uh . . . I have absolutely no idea how to reply to that. You ready to go? Or would you prefer to begin with a solemn oath that you won't cum on my face?"

"Unless you ask me to," I joked, taking her hand. We walked in silence the rest of the way to the coffee shop.

After Edward suffers through a stressful 'date' where he runs into some work colleagues who, much to his surprise, also know Bella. He takes her back to his place for 'pudding', resulting in another sleepover. Everything is going great until they are rudely awoken by a knock on the door!!! DUN DUN DUN!

If we haven’t made it clear before, we are such big fans of this story, you must run out and read it right now...GO...RUN! Read!

Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ
A NYC barman views his mind reading as an isolating cancer, until he meets a lonely 28yr old trying to escape her sad reality. His life is full of harsh lessons. Hers an uphill battle, so she never complains when a beautiful boy treats her badly. EXB AH Twilight - Rated: M
Reviewed by: Evilnat

Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ centers around BE BAR.

At BE BAR, there are three rules:

Rule Number One: Leave your troubles at the door.
Rule Number Two: Always—always address the staff by name.
Rule Number Three: Just be.

BE BAR also has a gimmick where all the staff wear a t-shirt with a character printed on the front as part of a different theme, each night, and they only answer to the name of that character.  The shirts become a way for Edward to convey something about himself.  The rules help him cope with his gift and the shirts are a way for him to remain anonymous.

Bella Swan stumbles upon BE BAR one day whilst running an errand for her boss.  Her truck breaks down and she has no money, her cell phone is flat and she needs help.  The bartenders inform her that she must follow the rules to get service.  Bella thinks Sugarlips, as he’s known from his t-shirt, is hot from the moment she sees him and has dirty thoughts about him.  After promising to return the money she borrows for a phone call Bella thinks that maybe Sugarlips is reading her thoughts, he basically offers her the dirty thing she’s been thinking and freaks her out.

"So, before we go any further, you have to tell me to get fucked," he said, utterly serious.
No," she retorted horrified. "That'd be rude." Bella looked away. She couldn't do this. As annoyed as he was making her, she couldn't be rude to a perfect stranger. Or just kiss him for that matter, regardless of whether that was what she wanted to do or not.

You are not kissing him. 

But, look at him… 

He waited for her eyes to return to his before he raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders at her. "Well, if that's what you want to be… if you want to be rude… then do it."

"No, I can't."

Goddamnit, if I don't want to, you bastard. 

"Who says you can't? I'm telling you to, and in here…" he gestured to the four walls "…we play by my rules."

Bella went to speak but realized her answer would only win his argument for him. Her thoughts flashed to her life, her work, her friends, the library, back at college. She then thought of her parents and how they had admonished her for a lifetime when she let her emotions control her behavior growing up. Hell, her father still did when she acted anything but proper and polite in public.

He smiled. "Let me guess… 'society' expects you to be polite and good. Is that what you were going to say?"

Is he reading my mind? Holy shit. 

"No," she lied. "I was going to say…"

"Your parents?" he finished for her.



Bella narrowed her eyes at him, but he continued, undeterred. She didn't like feeling out of control.

Bella has money problems and has kept a lot of stuff to herself about her financial status; she’s even kept it from Rose, her best friend.  She lives from paycheck to paycheck just to survive so going to BE BAR and seeing Sugarlips, or Edward, becomes something that helps her forget for a while.  She also finds him frustrating, he seems to be interested but then he does something to chase her away.  She can’t work him out.

Edward Masen has a gift, although he’d call it a curse, and pushes anyone away that gets too close, except for Alice his sister and Jasper her boyfriend.  He has spent a lot of his life in hiding and doesn’t trust anyone.  But when he ‘sees’ Bella’s thoughts he just can’t keep away, although at first he tries to.

"I can't read your mind like a book or hear your thoughts," he explained. "I see images."


"Pictures. Some people think in words, some don't. Visual people think in images—varying degrees, of course. Some people's images are hard to interpret, but you…God. Your mind is so beautiful." He gave her a small smile.

"Really? I think in pictures?"

"Yes, almost completely, and they're so detailed it's easy for me to know what you're thinking. You're like a story book."


"Wow is an understatement. Your sexual images are the dirtiest, most erotic things I have ever witnessed. I didn't think anything could shock me after thirty years of seeing inside people's heads, but fuck, Bella... That first day you came to the bar, you completely blindsided me."

How embarrassing! 

"No, it's not embarrassing." Edward was more animated now that the focus had shifted from him to Bella. "I wish you could see them. It's so fucking sexy, Bella. That's why that day I broke all my own rules and practically told you what I could do."

We meet Emmett at the door; he’s the friendly bouncer who is so genuinely happy every time we see him.  He falls for Rose even through her bitchy demeanor.  Rose is not the most likable character but we see her slowly changing throughout the story.  Alice is Edward’s sister who also has a gift, she and Jasper are together but she is ‘in hiding’ like Edward.  Jasper is a great character; he’s sweet and understands a lot about what Bella is going through with Edward.

Bella and Edward form a hot, sexy relationship from the start. The lemons are scorching and it’s as though Bella and Edward’s connection amps them up.

Bella’s relationship with her Father is another central part of the story.  He is her reason for doing what she does, spending her spare time with him and all her money to provide for him.  She makes a lot of her life decisions with him in mind and not all of them work in her favour but she does what she has to.

Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams is a great read, it’s funny, fluffy, a little angsty and sexy.  Chapter lengths are perfect and each time one updates it leaves you wanting more.

Please check it out, you won’t be sorry!


Take What You Want by Purelyamuse
Based on January 2012 witfit prompts. Though she's known Edward for years, they've just started hanging out. His crass, smelly boy self is not appealing, but his looks and charm are. How will Bella deal with her feelings for the gross, flirty boy? Twilight - Rated: M
Reviewed by: vampshavelaws

Take What You Want is a witfit story, which basically means a story inspired from word prompts—and boy is it so much fun to read.

A bit about the characters: Edward... he’s a little different to what we’re used to, or more-so his hygiene habits are. He’s stinky and has long fingernails, but makes up for it all with flirtatious banter and his undeniable good looks.

Bella... she’s fun and despite not wanting to fall for Edward—because, dude, he smells—she can’t help but be drawn in. His childish antics are lovable and their chemistry is second to none.

They’re teenagers and I love that they act like such, instead of forty somethings with a one-seven stuck by their name.

From the very first chapter, it becomes apparent that Edward likes Bella. His teasing brings a smile to your face. And Bella... well, she isn’t as immune to it as she’d like.

"You know you want everyone to know about our late night rendezvous."

"There was no late night rendezvous."

"Just keep telling yourself that, princess." He leans in and peers over my desk. His head's right next to my boob. If he turns, he'll smoosh it with his nose. "It's the first day back, why are you all . . ." He sweeps his hand across my desk, and my paper goes fluttering to the floor.

In my attempt to catch it, I knock my pencil as well. Groaning, I lean over to get them, but Edward beats me to it. "Got it," he says, but he stays down low for a peculiarly long amount of time.

"Can I have my stuff now?" I huff.

"Mmm," he says, "That depends . . . can I?"

I look over the side of my desk, and Edward is scanning my legs. Damn this skirt Alice convinced me to buy.

"Uh, no." I say tucking my legs back and crossing them at the ankles as far away from Edward as possible.

"It's a shame. They're nice legs, but at least I can look."

"No, you can't."

"See . . . here in America . . . it's a free country. I can do what I want. And if I want to look at nice legs, I will. Speaking of . . ."

Ms. Benson enters the classroom, her pencil skirt highlighting her shapely figure and nice calves. "Bounjour. Ca'va?"

"Tres bien," Edward says in response, though he's staring right at me.

Over winter break, Alice and I sat with our diaries and outlined our new year's resolutions. I listed things like eat less chocolate, watch less stupid TV, and study more while Alice focused on her relationship with Jasper. At the time, I didn't think anything of it. That's her life. Jasper, I mean. My life is school and family. There was no reason to write anything about anyone else, but now, now I think I may have to add something to my list.

Stop noticing Edward Cullen noticing me.

And stop liking it when he does.

Their relationship grows into friendship as the story progresses, despite being attracted to one another in a different sense, too. They date other people, all the while flirting and teasing. It gets harder not to cross that line into more.

"She broke up with me. Said I had a 'wandering eye'. Wonder where she got that idea." He makes a great show of looking me up and down, and when his eyes catch mine again, I have the urge to kiss him. Hard. Just swallow him whole. But I don't, so I continue talking.

"I wonder," I whisper, staring at his lips.

Edward leans forward, places his hands high up on my thighs, and swirls his thumbs in one slow, firm circle. My lips part automatically, and Edward leans in. "You smell even better when you're all wet."

My breathing halts, and I can feel the heat from his body so close to mine. His mouth brushes over my own briefly before he bites down, trapping my bottom lip between his teeth.

I long for him to tug on my lip, for him to yank me off the counter and into his arms, for him to push me back, smacking my head again the mirror, but he does none of these things.

Instead, he laughs.

"And you say I'm easy." Edward reaches backward and snags a towel for himself, running it over his hair. "Let's get out of here; I'll take you home."

I hide in the bathroom for a minute, trying to remember how to breathe. I put my shirt back on but hijack the towel. I am still so damn cold.

I meet Edward and his smug grin outside. He opens the car door for me and laughs when I thwack him "accidentally" with my towel on the way inside. I scowl and pout.

"Don't be such a poor loser."

"I'm not a loser. You're the—"

"Bella, hey, I didn't know you were here."

My stomach drops out from under me, and I turn my head ever so slowly to be met with Mike smiling at me as though he's so happy to see me. He probably is. Only problem is, up until now I sort of forgot that he even existed.

"Um, yeah, we found out about the party late today, so, yeah, we're here. Edward drove me because we're friends, and yeah."

"Why are you all wet?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Edward spits out.

"I fell in the pool. It was dumb. Just—I'm cold so we're gonna go, but I'll call you, okay?""Yeah, okay."

Just when I think I'm in the clear, Mike does the unexpected: he leans in and kisses me.Right in front of Edward.

Edward gets in the car and starts it immediately, putting it in reverse. I'm amazed that Mike's able to close the door for me before Edward starts to speed away.

"Um, so . . ."

Edward's jaw tightens when I start to speak.

"Mike sorta asked me out last night, and I sorta said yes."

Edward's hands flex and strain on the steering wheel, his knuckles whitening with the force of his grip.

"We had our first kiss at the park last night, and I—"

"I can't listen to this, Bella." His tone is serious, but he needs to know what's going on, so I continue.

"But if you'd just hear me—"

He turns to look at me before speaking in a low, menacing voice. "Would you just shut up?"

"The whole time it was—I don't even know, and I just—I kept thinking about—"

"Shut up!" he bellows, and I clamp my mouth closed as he's asked.

I want more than anything to tell him that that's when I knew for sure that I had feelings for him, but I can't. He won't even listen to me anymore, and I've ruined everything.

Edward retaliates by ignoring Bella, kissing a bunch of girls and finding himself a new girlfriend in the form of Angela Webber. He won’t talk to her, starts to treat her differently, Bella’s heart breaking in the process.

Do they work it out and re-find their friendship? I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

purelyamuse has created a story that is so much fun to read, not to mention incredibly well written. Her characters are likeable, the plot having a little bit of everything: angst, romance, humour. It’s an all around easy read.

I love all types of HS stories, and this one is no exception. I’m confident you’ll love it. So if you haven’t started it yet, what are you waiting for?


Strange Brew by Magnolia822
Soon-to-be college senior Bella Swan needs a summer job. Edward Cullen needs a worker for his new tasting room at Cullen Creek Brewery. She doesn't know much about beer, but she knows how to push his buttons. Romance/Humor, ExB, M for Lemons/Language Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Cejsmom

I must admit that I am kinda freaked out that I am writing a review for one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite authors!  Wow! Magnolia822 has consistently impressed me as she always does an amazing job of creating complex Edward’s, smart as hell Bella’s with a cast of some quirky, witty, unforgettable side characters.  She delves into their past, weaves interesting tales and leaves us with a taste of a story that we won’t soon forget.  

When I think of “Strange Brew” I think of a really hot Edward, a compassionate Bella anda Carlisle like no other - can we say germ phobe!!!)  Edward, along with his brother, Emmett, are owners of a newly expanded microbrewery and have just hired Bella to work thetasting room.   Let me correct that,Emmett hired an inexperienced, young Bella to help run the tasting room and Edward isn’t too pleased with it. Edward, has problems of his own, essentially a soon to be ex-wife, who is out to ruin him and he doesn’t want any unnecessary distractions or added work added to his already full plate.  Edward isn’t happy where his life is at themoment but is working on turning it all around. Little does he know that we can’t always dictate what or who our future holds for us.  Sometimes we meet people who are just destined to be a part of that future, no matter how hard we may resist. A perfect example of this is Bella. The chemistry when Bella and Edward first meet, is there, right underthe surface, and is ready to explode.

"So...I'm not hired." She lifts her head again, thestatement more of an accusation than a question. I feel like a completedick—not the first time today. It's not her fault my brother is an unthinkingidiot.

"No," I say, trying to backpedal. "I just need toknow you're qualified for the job. I'm really looking for someone who'll beable to interact with the customers, teach them about beer, make them loveours, and want to buy it."

"I can do that," she says clearly.

"What do you know about beer, Bella?" I can't hide myskeptical tone, but instead of being daunted, she looks me right in the eye.

"If I'm being honest, not much. But I'm a fast learner and ifyou'll train me, I'll be fucking awesome at this job." She claps her handover her mouth, just like kids do when they realize they've just said a dirtyword. It's pretty funny. I can't help laughing a little.

"Bella, please. I'm not your dad."

"Sorry. Just a instant reaction to authority figures,"she says, dropping her hand. It goes on a little journey up her thigh to clenchat her side. It's interesting, this combination of nervousness and bravado.

"I'm an authority figure?"

"I don't know," she says, her voice holding the hint ofa challenge. "Are you my boss?"

I hesitate just for a second, distracted by her impatientfoot-tapping. She's got her hands on her slim hips, waiting for my answer. Itake a slow sip of my coffee.

"Well, I'm no one you need to worry about swearing in frontof, for the love of God." I sigh heavily and stare at her. "Listen, Ineed someone dependable to help us get the tasting room off the ground. Ourdistribution is widening, and it's important to show a positive, knowledgeableface to the public. We open in two weeks. Before that happens, you have tolearn everything about our products and everything about the manufacturing process."

"Okay," Bella interjects, but I keep talking. I have noidea why I'm suddenly so willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but Ilay it all out for her.

"I'm a pretty big asshole, but if you can deal with me, andlearn all the shit you need to learn, you've got the job. Do you think you'reup for the challenge?"

She looks me right in the eye, a slight smirk spreading over herface. "I think I might fucking be."

The brewery makes beer that even I want to drink!! Raspberries, chocolate and other interesting ingredients make up the beers in this independent micro brewery. When Edward does teach Bella the ropes, and introduces her to their beer line, it is one of the most exotic food tastings I’ve read.  As their relationship develops, so does Edward’s attraction to Bella.  He may have some competition for her affections though. Bella is a student with a past of her own, who isn’t afraid to go for what she wants; who she wants though is the question.

Finally, we're down to the one dark beer she hasn't tried—ourOatmeal Porter. It's a little sweeter and less hoppy than the Imperial Stoutshe tried earlier in the week, and if she liked that, she's gonna love this. Ihope.

"Now this shit...this will go good with any kind of roastedmeat or stew," I explain. "But it's also good with desserts,especially chocolate."

Bella's eyes widen, and she smiles, taking a sip. "Mmm...this is good."

"Wait till you try it with the this," I say, breakingher off a piece of the organic dark chocolate bar. She takes it and bites off asmall corner.

"Don't tell me you don't like chocolate, either."

"I fucking love chocolate—are you kidding? I just like tosavor it, so I always take little bites."

I want to laugh at her and tell her there's a whole bar here if shewants it, but I'm kinda enjoying watching her nibbles. She takes a sip of thebeer and moans, and I'm glad I'm standing behind the bar because my cock isdefinitely taking an interest in the sounds she's making. Fucking hell. I had to go with the chocolate, didn't I?

"Wow... that's just... wow... amazing. It makes the beertaste more like coffee...and yeah, it's sweet without being too sweet."There's a little chocolate on the corner of her mouth, and her tongue darts outto catch it, and, yeah, my cock likes that too.

"I'm glad it." Honestly I'm a littleflustered. Is she doing that shit on purpose?

Before I have time to consider the answer to that question, I hearEmmett's and Seth's loud voices before their bodies emerge from around the corner.

"Taste test! Fuck, yeah!" Emmett exclaims when he seesthe food.

"Hey, Em! Hey, Seth," Bella greets them, setting herglass down as Seth approaches. I can't hear what they're saying becauseEmmett's so loud.

"Goat cheese and fig, huh? Never seen you bring this shitaround here before." He picks up a piece of baguette and elbows me beforeit disappears into his big mouth.

"It goes good with the Raz Wheat," I explain.

"Sure, sure."

I'd answer him with a snide remark, but I'm distracted by thesound of Bella's giggle... she's laughing at something the kid said. And heseems a little too fucking pleased with himself.

"Edward?" Bella turns to me. "Um...if we're donehere, is it okay for me to get a ride back with Seth?"

Did I just leave you wanting for more???  Of course I did and this story will not disappoint you.  I can assure you that there is no reason to fear reading this amazing story.  In addition to the brief tutelage of beer making you will get to meet some of Magnolia822’s most endearing characters and experience some wonderful writing as she takes you through the story of “Strange Brew”.

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