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TLS Fics of the Week 2/16 - 2/22/2012

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on with the show...

Each week you tell us which fics are moving you the most. This week we give to you the five fics that made you squirm in your seat, squeal with excitement and yell the f word out loud. Please take a minute to check out the fab five TLS Fics of the Week:

Bad Blood by LadyExcalibur2010
Edward Cullen was a man who liked order. He arranged his life into neat little segments, exercising rigid control in all areas of his existence. Then one day, all of it was brought tumbling down by one simple question. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Mss L Masen

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to read this story. I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a beautifully written story that was so different from anything else I’ve read. It’s hard for me to put into words, but, I’ll try.

We open to something like a third party report on one, Edward Cullen. This tone sets up the rest of the story perfectly. Because Edward is so regimented, it’s almost like the story itself is also regimented. Structured. Contained.

This is a story of redemption. You want to see him let go. You want to see him happy. After everything that he’s forced upon himself, you just want him to feel joy. I can say that I’ve never felt so…concerned. So…desperate for an Edward. What Edward has gone through is enough to break anybody. He’s managed to find a way survive the nightmare of his experience. But an unexpected visit from an unassuming brunette throws his world into a mess.

You watch as he tries and fails to shake off the brunette,

Control, Edward, he reminded himself. In all things, control. You are not subject to whims of excess in anything. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It didn't matter. He would say nothing. Confirm nothing. He would ignore her. She would go away eventually. She had to.

But she’s just so determined to talk to him.

You see the relationship evolve. You see them fall in love. And it’s the most beautiful thing to see. Especially to this Edward. He deserves this so much.

What makes this story even better, is that it’s not stretched out and full of filler. It’s what it is and is exactly as it should be. I hope you give this a go, because you’ll be happy you did. I was so very pleasantly surprised, and I hope you are too.

Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls by bannerday
After a series of awkward events, fan fic writer Bella finds new story inspiration in her hot-headed sexy neighbor, never dreaming just who might be reading her fic. Art imitates life imitates art. A fic within a fic. AH/Canon/Hilarity/UST/Love/Lemons Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Frankielynn Delilah Rg

For those that know me, know I'll give anything a try once. And FanFic wise, even though my heart always belongs to Jasper, I'll give Edward a try every so often, esp. a cocky, asshole Edward.

So when I first gave this fic a skim one thing caught my eye, a hat. Yes, I said a hat, an 'asshole' hat. This hat it pretty much it's own character as well, and I love it, kind of wanting to buy my husband one... but I digress.

The story is set around Bella, a teacher- fan fiction writer, who is moving out of her Dad's house and into her own. That right there is enough to suck any one in, the author (the real one) includes both Bella's real life and fiction life in each chapter, writing it in a way I'm sure most of us will read nodding our heads, feeling every bit like Bella. I know I did. And we've all gotten that review, you know the ones, the one that can either make you cry or scream.... just me? No?

Ok, onward. A new neighbor, a loud back firing truck, and a bitten... friend, brings Edward out to not so nicely greet said new neighbor, only to discover she’s not a he, and she’s not going to back down.

I like the fact this author gave Bella a voice, but still kept her as Bella.

Her eyes had been drawn further downward, taking in that lovely, perfect trail of hair and she was just able to make out the uppermost line of the thatch that was below. Oh. My. Freaking. God! So, yes, his hair…on his head…must be his natural color by all indications of the shade of his…

Bella abruptly noticed he was only wearing black…possibly silk…pajama pants, tied at the waist…no, no; much lower, at the hips…and they might just fall off…no they won't because he's…

Holy shit! He's hard! Ohmygod he's hard! And he's so…protuberant!


Oh. My. Freakin'. Gah! How did I not notice that he's erect? And he's talking to me out here in broad daylight with that…thing…just…right there!

The pants he almost wasn't wearing left very little to the imagination and her imagination wasn't imagining "very little" at the moment. She thought her blush just might kill her. She could feel the flash of heat and wondered if her brains could be fried and scrambled as a result of extreme embarrassment and the resulting scorching blush. She struggled to collect her wits and cleared her throat in an attempt to sound as normal as possible, despite the situation. She still had to yell, however, to be heard over the sound of her truck, which was still running for some ridiculous reason.

"What do you mean, 'How the hell were you supposed to know I was a girl'? What the hell is your problem?" Bella shouted right back at him, speaking, more or less, to his erection.
She realized the impropriety of having a conversation with his penis and so she forced her beet red face to look back up at his exquisite, enraged and vaguely baffled, eyes.
But just then a movement in the upstairs window across the way caught Bella's eye once again. A woman with a flowing mass of red hair stood at the window, holding back the curtain. She appeared to have a sheet wrapped around her and was glaring at Bella as the jerk continued yelling at her. He was asking her questions and she was barely able to focus on them due to the erection that stood between them and the obviously waiting redhead in the window across the way.

"What's my problem?" he sputtered. "What's MY problem? Your truck is the problem! Shut it the hell off!"

"You think I don't know that my truck has problems? You think I like driving it like this?"


"Why the hell would you keep driving it with it making all that racket? There's obviously something wrong with it! That isn't safe! What the hell were you thinking?"

Bella couldn't do it. If they were going to continue their shouting match she just couldn't do it while he stood there with that big…thing…in his pants waving around and demanding her attention. In one swift move, Bella reached up and removed the hat from her head, releasing her wild mane of hair and hanging the hat…directly on his …hard-a-ma-jigger…because it was just too damn distracting to try to talk to him with that thing waving in her face.

The jerk was stunned into silence as he stood there, looking down at the baseball cap that was now hanging from his attention-grabbing, masculine appendage. He looked back up at her face, his mouth agape and his eyes wide with shock.

"I can't believe you just hung your hat on my…"


THAT! That right there set images in mind that had me laughing so hard I woke up my house. Note to self: Don't read this fic at 2am. Oh well, my family already knows I'm a bit... off.

But enough about me, this fic still needs more gushing. So after things between Edward and Bella get set on the wrong foot, you guessed it, a new fanfic is born. And how does it turn out? Well, go find out for yourself. I think it'll be worth it.

And make sure you don't have any liquids around either; you'll thank me later.


Foul Territory by Rinabina
After being dragged to a baseball game by her best friend, Bella Swan meets handsome first baseman, Edward Cullen with the help of a rogue foul ball. There's something about him that she can't put out of her head, and apparently neither can he. E/B AU AH Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Angie Forlove

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for romance; I live for reading romantic stories.

Stories where you can make the sentiment of the story yours, where you can love with the same intensity, where you can get angry with the same passion, and where you can feel the hurt and sadness of the characters in your heart.

There is nothing better than a romantic story with reality in it, sometimes the “fan fiction” world gets too involved in the story and the story becomes more fiction than reality, which is NOT the case with Foul Territory by Rinabina.

Rinabina portrays a beautiful, realistic love story with romance, hurt, comfort and forgiveness.

Bella Swan is a regular girl who finds herself at a baseball game, a sport she is not fan of, but being the good friend that she is, she can’t let her roommate, Angela, go alone.
Edward Cullen, major league baseball player and the star of his team, thinks this is a day like any other day, a game like any other game.  Little do they know that an autograph and a foul ball will make their paths cross and nothing will ever be the same.

“His eyes met mine and I took in a deep breath. They were green.  Emerald green. Bright, sparkling, happy green eyes. The setting sun was hitting his face, the light half obscured by the brim of his cap. The shadow played over the bridge of his nose and cheek. I felt like we were standing there forever, staring. The air around us was crackling and I didn't know what to do.

But everything is not so happy for our couple.  There are people against them.  Bella can’t seem to understand Edward’s best friend Rosalie’s resentment towards her.

I feel like I have done something to offend you and I would like to set it right if I can.”
She laughs and rolls her eyes slightly.
What the hell?
“It’s nothing you can control” she said turning back to the mirror.
“I don’t understand”
Rosalie let out an exasperated sigh.
“Listen, Edward can do whatever he wants with you but I don’t want any part of it.”
Her statement struck me and I froze.

Both of our characters have to deal with and confront their insecurities and a secret that is just waiting to be revealed.

“I can't believe you let him get away with it so easily," Rose said her laughter still evident in her voice.
I blinked. "What?"
"If Emmett had anything like that still hanging over his head I never would have stayed with him."
What was she talking about?
"Stop trying to mess with my head, Rosalie," I snapped. "What are you being cryptic about?"
Rose paused for a second and looked me over, then her eyes widened as if she just realized something. "Holy shit," she breathed, shaking her head. "He hasn't told you."
Oh God.

Edward Cullen has to realize that, by omitting the truth, he will not only hurt himself but hurt the woman that has become the center of his world.

"Bella, don't do this again. We need to talk about this."
"Fine. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about how you've been lying the whole time we've been together. Let's talk about how I'm supposed to rationalize my feelings right now when all I want to do is cry. For days."
Edward stared back at me, eyes wide.
"I don't want to talk right now Edward. You hurt me. You've ruined…everything. I can't believe you lied. Again."

Do you believe in destiny?  In fate?  This story will make you believe in it. It will make you believe in the power of love and forgiveness.
Give it a try, you will not regret it. And don't forget to leave Rinabina some love.

His Cimmerian View by WeeKittyAndTat
At 13 Bella is left to care for her siblings. 5yrs later she still struggles to provide for them. Edward is a professor at UW, who thinks all women are users and liars. When paths cross, what happens when Bella is just another female who lied. AH/OOC/18  Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Krystel Hamilton
myonlyheroin (myheroin1 on twitter)

We all face hardships in our lives, some more than others. Some people overcome them, and some get dragged down by them. Whether it is by their demons, or the circumstances that surround them. This story has two characters each facing hardship or demons of their own.  For Bella, she lives her hardship every day, working three jobs and pretty much walking through life invisible to those around her. Most think because she is quiet and shy that she has no true intellect, or that she is from another country and not able to speak English. She simply does what she has to do to survive. They meet at the University Washington where Edward is a professor, and Bella is a Janitor. Edward has issues with trust, letting people in and the occasional panic attack. The panic attack is what makes him see Bella, he notices her as she walks through her life, always keeping her at a distance to only push her further away. This Edward thrives on control.

‘However, I am a man and have needs, so I now pay for those needs to be met. So off I go to Il Mio Amore. It's a high-end club that meets the needs of people in certain lifestyles in Seattle. The club is owned by Aro Volturi, and every month I pay him eight thousand dollars. That payment allows me the pleasure of having three hours, twice a week with one of the girls of my choice. Yes, it is prostitution; however, I have no worries of unwanted attachments.’

With that in mind his tight control starts to slip. Bella throws his world into a tailspin. He wants to know everything about her, while still keeping her at a safe distance, never letting her in. She saves him in ways he can’t save himself and that alone frightens him beyond anything.  He wants to forget the girl that has brought chaos into his world but he can’t pull himself away. He follows her- watching, waiting for anything he can get on the girl. He learns almost everything about her by simply watching.

‘ I watch them laugh as they cross the park; Isabella is still in the maid uniform she was wearing this morning. "When you see them, they look so happy and carefree. You would never guess the hurt that each of them have gone through, more so for Isabella than the other two. She is very much like you, with a wall built up inside, but it's not just to protect her, it's for them too. The only difference is that you have people there for you if you just ask for help or talk with them. She however, has no one to turn to, and she's too afraid to let anyone in. I have known them, oh, must be four years now and I am still on the outside. It still surprises me that she lets me watch the two young ones when she's at work."’

The authors of this story make you want to know more about the characters why they are the way they are. They make you feel for the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Have you ever found yourself reading a story where you get so involved with the characters that you go pretty much on whatever emotional roller coaster ride they are on, with them? Does an author ever get you to the point where you want to seriously do harm to a character? This is one of those stories that gets me that way, especially this Edward.

‘This whole fucking 'lost girl' act is pissing me off, and I notice that her foot is still touching my briefcase. "Do not touch my things, this past week your work has been below standard. Nothing has been cleaned right and you went through my things. I will be speaking with Marcus regarding your ability to do this piss-easy job. Oh and now you've tried to blackmail me. Get the fuck out of my classroom; I don't want to see you in here again." Isabella slowly places the book back down, and nods her head at me. I watch as she reaches into her pocket taking out a watch, and places it on the desk next to me as she walks out.

I look down at the watch and turn it over seeing the inscription on the inside. I know that it's mine; I didn't even realize that I had lost it. I sigh, rubbing by hand over my face. I know I had it on before I left with Gina. Fuck no! She held her hand out both times saying she had found something. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I feel my heart race, as I look back on the last few weeks, and everything that I have said and done to her. I break into a cold sweat, and start for the door to stop her. Feeling a sharp pain in my chest, I make my way toward my desk to get my medication. I have still needed it and right now I fucking need it. I just can't get this shit under control. As the pain increases, I bump into the table and fall against the wall. I slide down trying to calm myself. My breathing speeds up, and my head begins to spin. I know there is no fucking way I am going to make it to my desk. I see no way out of this, as I sit praying that it will be over soon.’

I honestly can’t wait for the next update. I highly encourage you to give this fic a read. I promise that if you like an olderward or a jerkward, you will not be disappointed. This story is a work in progress with five chapters already up. The authors update in a timely manner as well. I know that when you get to the point of the last chapter you will want to smack Edward around just as much as I wanted to, if not more! So, please go and read and give these authors love. They deserve it!

We Were Here by Lola-pops
Upon waking, there's a brief, blissful period in which you don't yet recall the sins of the night before, but eventually, you have to open your eyes. I'm Bella Swan, seventeen years old, cheerleader. This morning I woke up in the wrong bed. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Jo Kline

When I was asked to do a review for “We Were Here” I was so nervous. I’ve never written one before, but what a story to pop my cherry with! This story drew me in from the first chapter, as most are meant to do. However, Lola-pops truly makes you want to stay up all night to find out what happens next!

The first chapter is blow-you-away crazy! We begin with Bella in Edward’s bed after sex, but then things get complicated. Bella has a boyfriend, Jasper! Ooooh, Cheaterella! Don’t worry, girl, I’d do the same damn thing!

Before we get into the meat of the story, I want to say I adore Rose in this Fic!
In some ways, she is canon Rose. She’s demanding...

"Mix me something without Malibu, Bacardi Limon or Schnapps," she demands, glancing at him once, before turning to change the music and mumbling something about "jock rock bullshit". She’s entirely sure of her body, “By the time Rose struts up it's almost midnight. Her outfit is minimal, her bag bouncing against her hip.”

But she is so different as well. She has a pharmacy in the bag that is always at her hip and isn’t afraid to use and dish out the contents.

Lola-pops’s Bella, describes her better… The major differences between us lie in how we were raised. Her father is a psychiatrist, and her mother lives on white wine and delusion. Rose has been fighting against being too self-aware her entire life.

Her level of sobriety varies hourly, and I start to notice that she errs on the side of fucked up most of the time now. She steals pills from her mom and booze from her dad - and she steals money from both of them to buy whatever else she's on.

But she's a good friend to me, and in the end, she's one of the only people that I really trust.

Bella comes clean with Jasper and, of course, he turns to Alice, who was always waiting in the wings. The fallout is bad for our Bella. Jasper is cruel and Edward won’t talk to her. She’s sad, but not enough to blow off a chance encounter with Edward, even if it doesn’t go according to plan!

"I was parked in front of the record store, and there was a group of guys standing out front when I got done. I saw Edward with them and said 'hi', but he just did that thing where he nods, you know? So, of course when I walked by, I tripped and dropped my books." Rose throws her head back and laughs.

"Anyway," I continue, "some big burly guy helped me, but Edward watched me trip and just…like, didn't laugh, but sorta smiled, like he thought it was funny. So I called him an asshole under my breath when I was getting in the car."

She raises her eyebrows, but stays silent.

"Okay, maybe I didn't exactly say it under my breath," I clarify. She smiles. "But then…"


He's looking at the ground when I look up, but I know it was him. I throw my books in the back seat and slam the door. 

"What did you say?" 

He shifts uncomfortably and won't meet my eyes. I stomp around the car and right up to him. 

"Damn, E, who is this chick?" One of the guys asks. I don't look to see who it is, though, because my eyes are trained on him. 

"No one," he says, and turns his head to nod toward the shop. They file through the door talking in low voices, leaving us standing in the dark spot between street lights. He leans back against the brick wall and finally makes eye contact. I realize that I haven't really looked at Edward Cullen in a long time. I lose my breath for a second at the intensity of his expression, the symmetry of his face...and something else that I can't put my finger on. There's anger, which I expect given the fact that I just called him an asshole, but also lust, which is so out of touch with his words that it doesn't make sense. 
His words echo through my head. No one.

"Fuck you," I whisper, but there's no fire behind the words. Maybe that's because I know he's right. 

He moves that slow gaze to my lips and then...and then I'm not really sure I can explain what happens next. I take another step forward and he drags his teeth across his bottom lip, and then I'm fisting his shirt and that bottom lip is between mine. 

Bella describes to Rose exactly how it feels to kiss Edward.
"I never kissed Jasper and felt like that. He never looked at me like that…during…like it hurt to be that close, but he wanted to be closer. Like it was so good it made him want to cry." I think about that for a beat. "With Jasper it never made me want to cry."

Yes, it’s a high school fic and a fabulous one at that, but it’s so much more. Lola takes us on a journey to places that make you feel every emotion you could possibly think of! I felt giddy, sad, happy, joyful, dejected, and blissful.

So, we start out in a basic high school setting… cheerleading, lunch table hierarchy, lockers, and boyfriends, and then we transcend into a world of paint, tagging, and true beauty!

“The rows of train cars are covered in words, sprayed in paint and written thick in marker. Some of them are easily legible, but I almost prefer those that I have to stare at for a minute. I focus on one large, bright piece that almost leaps off of the wall behind it. I make out an "A"…or maybe it's a "G"…

We walk slowly, taking in the tangle of curves and bright colors. "Most of the really old-school stuff is gone now, but there are a few," she points out some letters that are blockier than the rest, the paint faded and peeling.

"The thing is, people think it's all gang shit, but it really isn't always. Some are political, some social commentary, but my personal favorite is…" She leads me around the corner of one of the cars. "…the declaration of love."

I take in the train car in front of me. It's all done in black and white, with deep purple accents. The background is a night sky with stars dotting it, and the word in the center is dramatically framed and heavily shadowed.”

In turns out that long before Bella woke up in Edward’s bed, he had been watching her and wanting her from afar. The only way he could express his feelings were through tagging. Edward tagged a train six years ago for Bella, and she realizes this was his declaration of love.

Bella and Edward begin a relationship that is sweet and full of mishaps. They misunderstand each other at the beginning. She wants him to recognize her at school; he leads her into dark hallways and empty rooms, and ignores her everywhere else. She wants sex all the time, and he wants her to know it’s not all about that for him. Finally Bella gets it together and confronts him… the result, he starts driving her to school and kissing her in the hallway. Adorable!

Along the way, we discover that due to Edward’s tagging, he’s been arrested in the past. We also discover he lives with his Aunt Esme, who doesn’t allow him to do it any longer. Unfortunately, Bella find out that he’s doing it again. For Edward, tagging is his freedom. It makes him feel alive. He doesn’t discuss his tagging with Bella and sneaks around behind her back.

Her hands drop to her sides and she turns to face me. "You make me want to scream. I've never met someone that confuses me as much as you do. I feel like I'm walking on a razor's edge all the time, waiting for the fallout." She laughs. "And that was before I knew you were writing again." She runs a hand through her hair, avoiding my eyes. When she fixes her gaze on me again, though, she's not laughing. "But I love you, so it doesn't matter. And I'm not going to San Diego; I'm staying here, so you'd better really love me back."

If I wasn't me, I would cry.

And life goes on, but things get bumpy and Lola makes you feel a little nervous, especially during this conversation between Esme and Bella.

"Morning," I answer, too cheerfully, my nervousness apparent. I watch her walk to the kitchen before I remember what I'm doing. I find my phone under the couch and stand up, sliding it in my pocket. She gets something out of the fridge and then leans against it, staring at the rules that still hang there, unheeded.

I move toward the door. "Okay I'll see you later, Es." My hand is on the knob when she speaks, and I freeze.

"It won't last, you know."

I don't answer, but I hear her turn so I do, too.

"He'll get caught."

"Don't say that," I whisper, my throat tight.

"How can you just..." her words fade off and she shifts her gaze to the windows. "Just
understand, I've been through this before." The look on her face makes my stomach hurt. It's knowing and resigned and carries a sadness that I don't know I can fully comprehend.

"I love him." It's all I've got, and the reality of that hits my skin like ice.

That's not an answer.

"Then stop him." Her teary eyes focus on mine and make me take a step back, and then another, and then make me turn and walk out the door.

I know it’s cruel, however I need to end this here, because you need to read this fic to understand how everything falls apart, and the emotions along the journey to put the pieces back together. It’s unbelievably worth it. I can’t say enough about the story line, the characters, and the immense love between the main characters. It’s a WIP, but close to finished and hopefully updating soon, because I, for one, am in serious Tagward withdrawal. Give “We Were Here” a read and lose yourself in the love, artistry, and the lesson that sometimes doing the right thing really does give you everything you’ve ever asked for. Lola-pops definitely created a masterpiece.

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