Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet the Poll- What we're reading in TLS this week:

Air by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Edmazing
Edward and Bella meet at a summer barbeque. A story about - what else - falling for someone, hard. Once a WitFit. Twilight - Rated: M

An Undefined Affair by jayhawkbb-rec'd by Surething302
Bella, recovering from a broken heart, meets Edward, who isolates himself emotionally. Their attraction is immediate, but can they be friends and lovers - without the love? BxE, all the regs, some drama, some funny, lemony, language AH Twilight - Rated: M

Branching Inward by LifeInTheSnow-rec'd by PAWsPeaches
He's a brilliant, sensual, tactile artist with a huge personality and love for least, he used to be. She's a shrewd historian, content to observe from a distance...until now. At Newcoven College in Clearwater, OH, no secret is safe. All Human. Twilight - Rated: M

City of Sin by WutheringBites- rec'd by Jessica
I was slowly going mad. I knew this, yet I couldn't bring myself to regret responding to his ad, the ultimate act of lunacy since I had no idea who he was. He tried to warn me, but I didn't listen. And now, he wore a gun. Twilight - Rated: M

Comp Sem 101 by bornonhalloween- rec'd by Twific Crackmum
What happens when a scholarship athlete and an English major from opposite coasts meet in a freshman writing seminar? Will they be drawn together or forced apart by their weekly discoveries of themselves and each other? All human college coeds!
Twilight - Rated: M

Cullen Hall by kat097-rec'd by Jessica
To escape the tragedies that haunt her past, Bella moves to a remote English country house, unaware that her greatest ordeal is still to come as strange apparitions draw her into a mystery that must be solved if she is ever to escape Cullen Hall. Twilight - Rated: M

Differing Shades of Green by opheliabreathes-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Twenty-three year old college graduate Bella Swan is still figuring out who she is supposed to be when she gets the call that her father has cancer. Leaving everything behind, she moves Washington to care for him, intending to fade into the background. Twilight - Rated: M

Exposed by kdc2239- rec'd by Nic
An influenza pandemic occurs when a new virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. How will two strangers survive when they only have each other?
Twilight - Rated: M

Falling Empire of a Heart by HoochieMama- rec'd by Twific Crackmum
In the dying days of the Western Roman Empire, Bellona's meeting with a mysterious stranger leads her to a choice that proves inextricably bound to Britain's fate, & legend's greatest king. A story of courage, love, & destiny unfolds beneath starry skies. Twilight - Rated: M

How to Fix a Pretty Boy by Xquisite Prodigy- rec'd by PAWsPeaches/Rose Arcadia
Once upon a time, there was a bitchy manager and an underwear model who hated each other. I'm not gonna lie.Billboards were made, cookies were crumbled, and some say a poor cannoli never made it out alive. But in the midst of it all, love formed. Humor,AH
Twilight - Rated: M

How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay by Lou-La- rec'd by Remmy Kins
"My name is Jasper Whitlock, and I teach straight boys the pleasure of c*ck." EdxJas, obviously slash. Lemons, naughty words, the usual. Best UST and Dry Hump in Round Two of The Slash Awards. COMPLETE. Twilight - Rated: M

Hunky Sugar Daddy by tinklove- rec'd by LaMomo
A simple question asked by a lonely Edward in hopes for the happiness he always wanted, answered by an unlucky Bella for the love she forever needed. All Human. ExB. Canon Couples. Lemons of course. Twilight - Rated: M

Inappropriate Touching by jenjiveg- rec'd by Cmybabyblues
While OCD Edward works on his mental health issues, he meets a girl...who has problems of her own...not the least of which is chronic clumsiness. OOC, AH, BxE. Rated M for future lemons and language. Twilight - Rated: M

Just One of the Boys by Tkegl-rec'd by Agrutle
Bella's dying to break into the music biz, but is thwarted at every turn. When boy band 5Point holds open auditions, it could be her big chance. Of course, first she has to convince them she's a boy… AND hide her huge crush on the dreamy lead singer. Twilight - Rated: M

Secret Sex by erinbatt-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Edward and Bella have a little secret...or so they think. A friendship that evolves into a very sweet love story. If only anyone knew about it... AH / Canon pairings. Twilight - Rated: M

Soul by denverpopcorn-rec'd by PAWsPeaches/Jaime Arkin
Meet Edward Cullen, boy next door, dreamer, and self-proclaimed virgin. Take a journey with him as he heads out in search of The One. AH. EPOV, E/B. Twilight - Rated: M

The Daily Grind by letmesign - rec'd by Remmy Kins/Jaime Arkin
Coffee-addict Bella pines for her regular customer, but finds herself unable to throw a whole sentence together around him. Attempted comedy, sarcasm, TV/Movie references, some sweetness. Short story. M for eventual resolving of UST i.e. lemons/sexytimez.
Twilight - Rated: M

The Lucky Ones by Deebelle1- rec'd by Sexy Lexi Cullen/Teddy9
As a child, Bella Swan learns that swan's mate for life. At twenty-three, Bella is determined to find hers. Will going back home for her sister, Alice's wedding lead her to him?
Twilight - Rated: M

This Heart Renewed by OrchidMoon22-rec'd by Jedigirlsc
9 years ago Bella Swan had a surgery that saved her life. A humble survivor, she is making a life for herself in a new town. Along the way she meets Edward Masen. Quiet, dark, cold, angry. Can she bring him back to life? Or will the truth ruin it all? Twilight - Rated: M

Turning Tables by jtmd24-rec'd by Jaime Arkin/Nic
Best friends, together through thick and thin. He saw her first, but his friend had the guts. When everything changes, how long will they pretend? You can't change the past, but you can take hold of a future that was meant to be yours. AU/AH Twilight - Rated: M 

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