Monday, October 17, 2011

Lemony Snippets: A Series of Delightful Drabbles for October 17, 2011

A Healing Touch by Lulubelle98 - Rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
A drabble fic. AH. Bella, the college student, is lost and alone. Can a certain therapist help her work through her issues? Rated M for possible future lemon.

A Healing Touch has begun to take shape as we are seeing Edward and Bella evolve and interact with each other through therapy sessions that Bella attends. She is struggling to deal with everyday issues about losing friends and being on your own in college, while Edward is her therapist, trying to help her break out of her shell. After a chance encounter outside their normal sessions, Bella begins to question her feelings for Edward, and we as readers are left to wonder, does he feel the same way? Its possible.

Drowning, not Waving by Bower-of-Bliss - Rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
She's the swim instructor who teaches the Daddy and Baby Classes. Although he's a forbidden man, her attraction to the new daddy, Edward, is instantaneous. Can Bella drown her libido and maintain her professionalism? B x E x H2O equals slippery when wet.

Drowning, not Waving has not only left me biting my nails in anticipation for the next update, but also laughing so hard at some of the chapters, that I have to wipe tears from my eyes. We have our main characters, Edward and Bella, both very attracted to each other, but secrets and misunderstandings are standing in their way. We also have Libby, Bella's va-jay-jay, and let me tell you, I could read what Libby has to say all day long. The story itself is so well written and leaves the readers begging for the next update. It is a must read in my opinion.

I Love, I Hate by Tinylittlebell - Rec'd by Surething302
Bella hates. Edward loves. What happens when the two collide? When they mix the two and realize they both feel the same way about each other...She doesn't think she's good enough...he thinks she's perfect...AU

Tinylittlebell is a new author to fanfic with "I Love, I Hate" being her debut drabble. This drabble is much different than I have ever read. She displays a unique style of writing and captures every emotion you need to have. She writes such beautiful feelings. You won't be sorry, if you read this.

Lost and Found by SoapyMayhem - Rec'd by Surething302
Widowed mother Bella and her son get by day to day. Their lives are forever changed when a mysterious man rents the house next door. Bella wants him, but will his dangerous past tear what's left of her family apart? Violence/Language/Lemons/Angst/Drabble

Lost and Found has a very mysterious Edward and SoapyMayhem has me dying to know more about his past. Bella and Oliver, her son, are his neighbors and have a past of their own. I can't wait to see where this is going. If you like a little mystery and suspense then you should definitely read this drabble.

NFW by CaraNo - Rec'd by Surething302
It's senior year in High School. Finally, says Edward. He's above it all. Enter Bella, the new chick without verbal filter. It's a thin line between love and hate. EPOV and BPOV. 3 chicks, 3 dudes, 6 virginities. Let's pop some cherries.

Once again CaraNo blows us away with her drabble writing skills. I just love this Bella. She has no filter, is cute and has big titties. Edward is an all around cool guy and quite the musical little shit. When these two meet, it's bound to be shits and giggles. CaraNo does a fantastic job, of keeping these two dealing with those awkward High School moments. If you want something easy and funny to read, then definitely check this one out.

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