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July 2, 2011

Fic Title: My Vampire Mate


This week I wanted to rec a little One Shot that grabbed my attention. There are some amazing authors out there, that have gotten some great little plot bunnies.

This fic written by IThinkINeededThat, has grabbed a little bunny and danced around the room.

This little story starts out with a 17 year old Edward telling his story of how he was claimed in the Conclave.

This local ritual developed from an arranged marriage ritual ,where local boys and girls were wed, into a celebration of a young man's journey to manhood and their future trades were chosen for them.

I was a little excited for my 17th birthday. I would be able to hang out with the men and start learning a trade. Mom and Dad hoped I would get chosen by one of the artisans that came through our town as business was not really my forte. But first I had to go to conclave and get my marker. It was a simple thing. We all knew how it worked. My parents would tell the council they wished me to become an artisan. When I went to conclave, the artisan marker would be attached to my right wrist letting any and all artisans know I was ready and willing to learn.

However this town was full of it surprises and danger.

The thing is, we don't live in a simple town where people go about their humdrum lives ignorant of the true danger that surrounds them. We were all aware of the danger that haunted us; people going missing on the way to work; individuals found dead in their beds, their blood drained from them. Yes, we knew the danger existed. We made the most of it, never leaving the house after dark, traveling in groups… we did what we could, but even the best-laid plans do not always work out.

This night, eight boys met to receive their trades. The excitement that was flowing in the group was quickly replaced with fear and a hidden desire.

The softest sound of cloaks brought our attention to our left as six hooded figures walked beside us and stopped next to the Council. They were covered head to foot, but none of us needed to see them to know what they were. Vampires. They moved too smoothly, too swiftly to be human.

Vampires came in to stake claim too one of the boys as a mate.

The council knew that there was nothing to be done.

The cloaked figures told the group that they would let them know when the right boy was called.

One by one, each young man walked to the podium when their name was called to receive their band of trade.

"Edward Masen." I broke out in a sweat.

At first, I was afraid my legs wouldn't hold me, but I stood up and was able to make my way over to the Council. Taking a deep breath, I started to raise my right arm. In the same instant, a cold hand stopped me. I froze. Standing behind me, was one of the hooded figures. I could tell by his hand that he was male. He pushed my right arm down and with his other hand lifted up my left arm. Before I knew what was happening, his hand tightened around my wrist and then released. Several gasps could be heard through the room and when I looked at my left wrist, it was with shock. Surrounding my left wrist, was a platinum bracelet.

Written on the bracelet were the words, "property of Whitlock."

Edward was excited, thinking that he was being claimed by a female vampire.

To his surprise, when Jasper showed up to claim him from his parents, he was stunned.

I cannot tell you anymore, it will ruin the short, but fucking hot little lemon that was in this O/S.

I will give you a few little statements of interest.

1. Vampire cum will make you all want all jizz to taste this way.

2. This fic could include some frenum or a few.

3. A Playroom....Enough said!

4. a transformation that will leave you all wanting more.

I hope that this little slice of sexy, hot, plot bunny turns into a farm of bunnies.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy :)

See ya all next time!


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