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TLS Fics of the Week June 21 - 27, 2011: The Fab Four Reviews: NEW REVIEW FOR The Elusive Mr. Cullen is up!

The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith
Bella is a high class escort, Edward her newest client. They soon realize that there's more between them than great sex and witty conversations. While Bella doesn't believe in fairy tales, her life seems to be turning into one fast. Or is it? AH/OOC Twilight - Rated: M

Review by: prassacut
Here is the author summary: Bella is a high class escort, Edward her newest client. They soon realize that there's more between them than great sex and witty conversations. While Bella doesn't believe in fairy tales, her life seems to be turning into one fast. Or is it? AH/OOC
One of the things I love about this story is the characters.  You won’t find one self-conscious, shy or self-doubting character in The Elusive Mr. Cullen, and they’re all interesting. 
Take the female characters, for example: Bella Swan, Esme Platt (Edward’s friend and mentor) and Rosalie (Bella’s Madame), are all no-nonsense, direct-to-the-point women. They are bluntly honest,  confident about who they are, and have strong personalities. Simply put, they kick ass. If you lack confidence, they’re going to make you wet your pants with only a glare. Sometimes when I read a chapter, they scare me. I love it!   
Who’s Bella Swan? She’s a high-class whore, and she loves it. Yes, she does. She loves the attention, the sex, the hours, and the fact that she earns more money in a week than you make in a month. Shallow? No. She’s clever, witty and has a strong sense of self-worth.  She has a good education, an equally good upbringing, and she chooses to do what she does because she enjoys it. Bella sees herself as a sort of therapist, because if the body is happy, more often than not the soul is, too.  Of course, everything isn’t flowers and rainbows all the time. Some of her clients aren’t so great, and she has bad days. Her job keeps her from being close to people, like friends or a boyfriend, but until she meets Mr. Cullen, the pros of her lifestyle overpower the cons.
And Edward Cullen?  He is driven, smart, very successful and loaded. He shares Bella’s love of witty comebacks, and getting straight to the point.  He can also read people rather accurately.
Edward and Bella hit it off at their first appointment. They both enjoy each other’s directness, and share a similar sense of humor. They can talk about anything, and being educated and well-read, always have something interesting to say. As their relationship evolves, Bella starts to rethink her lifestyle, but they always talk things through and speak their minds. When there’s a problem they discuss it, usually while  one gently bashes the other, if possible, because that’s how they are. It makes the whole story so fun to read because you know neither of them will accept the other’s shit. 
The secondary characters makes this story all the more interesting. Esme Platt is an intriguing and powerful woman. I can’t help but cheer for her each time she appears. Her husband, Carlisle Platt, is the poster boy for castrated husbands, seeking to gain what little power he can where he can; Rosalie has enough life experience to know better and James - Edward’s butler - is wonderfully snotty and rude.
Dariachenowith’s characters don’t give excuses for who or what they are; it’s refreshing and delightful.

"Can I ask you how your week was?" he suddenly breaks the silence, dividing his attention between me and the road just long enough to beam a boyish smile at me.
"You don't strike me as the kind of man who is used to having 'can not' as part of his vocabulary," I shoot back.
As expected that turns his smile into a wide grin, and he briefly inclines his head.
"True, but even when you're a cold hearted bastard you try to appear to have manners sometimes. Let me rephrase my question then, do you mind me asking how your week has been since last we met?"
I like his slightly sarcastic sophisticated speech, yet as he decided to stay vague, so do I.
"Of course not, but I'm afraid my recount will bore you. Contrary to popular belief, an escort's life is not all glamour and excitement all the time."
"No? You break my heart."
"Only on weekends."
(TEMC Chapter 5.)

I have read almost all of dariachenowith’s stories, and I love them to pieces. I love that they can stand alone without any Twilight connection and still be riveting. Each time she starts one I know I’ll be in for a great ride. When I started thinking about what I was going to write in this review, the first thing that came to my mind was “Nothing is ever as it seems with dariachenowith” but I came to the conclusion that I was wrong. Mind fuck? That she does - extremely well - and she’ll surprise you every time, I can assure you. But the thing is, it’s all there for anyone who wants to see. You might not get the hows or the whys until she decides it’s time, but if you pay attention everything is there; what you read is always what you get.
If you’re not already reading The Elusive Mr. Cullen, you’ll want to start now. The characterization makes it one of the best fics out there.  As I type this review, two-thirds of the story has been posted, and I seriously can’t wait for the last part to unfold. I’m sure dariachenowith will blow our minds.

Don't You Forget About Me by 107 yr old virgin
Figuring out "Why am I here?" is hard enough on its own. Six strangers with nothing in common, except each other... and a mental hospital, have been given eight hours to figure it all out. This is the chance of their lives. AH/ExB Twilight - Rated: M

review by:busymommy

Virgy is back, and she hit the ground running! First of all, I have to say, Breakfast Club, and the song, Don’t You Forget About Me, are amongst my absolute favorites, anyway. Even if it hadn’t been a story by someone I know and love, the title alone would have pulled me in; the amazing little fic would have kept me there.

She has taken the original premise of the Breakfast Club—five strangers, sitting in a Saturday detention, with 8 hours to figure out who they are—and put a helluva spin on it. Our Six strangers are all in-patients in a mental hospital, members of the same suicide watch group therapy. Each of them have their reasons for being there, their own little quirks, and I don’t want to go into them here so as not to spoil the story, but suffice to say, certain ones made me laugh out loud. If I were to hazard a guess at who is filling in for the original characters, I’d have to say that Emmett reminds me of John (Judd Nelson), Edward of Brian (Michael C. Hall), and Jasper of Andy (Emilio Estevez). For the girls, Bella is clearly Allison (Ally Sheedy), and I see different aspects of Claire (Molly Ringwald) in Rosalie and Alice. Of course, Carlisle is a much more personable version of Mr. Vernon.

The story is told from Bella’s POV, so we hear her escapade that landed her in the hospital first. She is typical clumsy Bella, and her “accidental” suicide is a comedy of errors. Through her eyes, we see the other characters, their idiosyncrasies, and her drug-enhanced take on her fellow patients. While much is quite funny, other parts are thought provoking, much like how the original movie was.

Their doctor, Carlisle, decides to put a spin on their therapy, in an effort to get them to open up more.

 "For the next eight hours, you'll sit here with your peers and try to get them to open up to you. I want you to describe to me, in detail, exactly what you've learned about one another by the end of the day. Why are you here? Lunch will be served to you right in this very room, so you won't need to leave. The bathrooms are available to you, as well as the balcony for you to smoke on." He eyes each of us carefully. "You're responsible for one another today. And don't for a second think that I won't be watching. I'm just a shout away if you need anything. Otherwise, we begin …" he glances up at the clock above the Librarian's desk and we all hold our breath as the skinny black hand hits the six, signaling nine-thirty, "now." With another smile, he turns and retreats through our only portal of escape.

Starting with that, the third chapter, the story becomes time blocks out of the day-long group therapy session. We are introduced to the characters through their personal stories, when they begin to open up to each other. Each of their stories are poignant, drawing you deeper into each one’s history.

At only eight chapters in, we have the summarized versions of why they are there, some interesting goings-on in the bathroom resulting in a broken sofa (similar to a certain broken headboard perhaps), and a plan is afoot to make an escape. Will they succeed? Your guess is as good as mine, but knowing Virgy, it will be a hell of a ride to the end.

Alphabet Weekends by the-glory-days
Bored with their dismal love lives, best friends Edward and Bella come up with the idea of exploring the world of sex using the alphabet for the next twenty-six weekends. What happens when things go from two friends having fun to something serious? AH OOC

review by: MzB

My two good friends M3 and SueBee rec’d this fic to me over and over and over. After reading it, I can completely understand why. These lemons are definitely fit for TLS!


What would you do if your best friend of twenty or so years asked you to play a sex game since both of your sex lives were non-existent?
Make some rules and get started? Well that’s what The-Glory-Days had her characters do.

"We should have never done this! I knew this would fuck everything up," Bella chastised, as Edward just stared blankly at her from across the bed.
They had set up the rules, she had implemented them—she had been the one to really enforce them strictlybut damn it all to hell, the rules were meant to be broken.
"What do you want me to say Bella? I have no fucking clue what you want me to say, so please…please don't act like I'm the bad guy! You were just a much a part of this, as I was. You agreed from the very beginning. I'm not the only one at fault here."
Bella wailed as she grabbed at the roots of her hair, muttering, "I knew it, I knew this would happen."
"There's only one letter left, Bella. Let's just finish what we started. After that, will see what happens," Edward whispered, walking up to her, bumping his shoulder with hers, trying to calm her down, but it didn't work; she was unbelievably tense.

The questions you start asking yourself while reading are: Would I be able to do this? Are they serious? Why no kissing? Who in their right mind would be able to stay friends?
Or at least that’s what I was asking myself throughout the entire fic.

Of course being the Emmett lover that I am… I have to congratulate The-Glory-Days on making this Emmett one of my favorites.

"Edward!" Emmett shouted into the phone, and Edward was taken aback from the loud noise, and held the phone away from his ear.
"Was that entirely necessary?" Edward chastised as Emmett chuckled loudly over the phone.
"Of course it was. Everything I do has a purpose," Emmett reasoned. This time Edward made a loud, disapproving sound into the phone.
"I'm sure. Care to enlighten me?"
"Oh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Emmett commented before Edward grunted to let him know that he was in no mood, and that he should hurry up.
"Emmett. Say what you have to, and let me be."
"Fine, fine. Care to explain what it is that Rose tells me about you and Bella?"
At the moment, Edward felt like the world had just spun off its axis. He was so blindsided by the comment, that he nearly missed the bed when he went to sit down.
"What do you mean?" he asked apprehensively. He didn't want to give anything away if Emmett in fact didn't know.
"Don't play coy with me little brother. You know damn well what I'm talking about. Since when have you two started fucking?"
Edward shouldn't have been shocked by that statement but he was.
"What exactly has she told you?"
Edward almost swore himself stupid as he heard the gasp from the other line. He knew right then and there, that he had just given himself away.
"So it's true? You two are really…" Emmett let the sentence hang until Edward confirmed it with a simple 'yes'.
"Wow. I can't believe you guys finally got your heads out of your asses and realized how much you two are practically married."

Hell I even like Rosalie in this fic…

"The guy…the one night stand, it was Edward."
"No," Bella lied. Yes, it was Edward, but it wasn't a one night stand. More like a twenty-six night stand give or take a few.
"Yes it is," Rosalie hissed. "Don't lie to me Isabella Swan. You've been in love with the man since you were children. You may not have realized it, you still may not see it, but everyone else around you does. It's ridiculous how blind the two of you are."
"Rosalie, keep your voice down," Bella pleaded, and Rosalie knew right then and there that she was one hundred percent correct.
"It really is Edward," she whispered and Bella nodded, sighing in defeat as she sat down in one of the chairs. Rosalie sat down across from her and stared at her friend, her eyes clearly expressing what she wanted to know.
"Eight weeks ago," Bella answer. "It's nothing serious though, Rose. It's a friends with benefits thing. We have sex every weekend, and we alternate what we do. One weekend he chooses then next weekend I choose."
Rosalie stared wide-eyed not believing what was she was hearing.
"Are you stupid?" she criticized. "You just gave your best friend a hand job at my fucking dinner table and you have the nerve to tell me it's nothing serious? Bella, you're not the type of person to do that."
"You saw that?" Bella asked in shock. Her face instantly flushed red and she groaned in anguish. The night was becoming more and more embarrassing as it passed.
"Of course I saw that," Rosalie fired back. "You're just lucky that Emmett enjoys his food a little too much and Esme and Carlisle were wrapped up in each other."
"Oh god," Bella groaned, dropping her face into her hands.
"Bella, I've perfected that little dinner table maneuver with Emmett. The two of you were a little sloppy. You've gotta keep one hand on the table cloth at all times; it sways," she demonstrated moving her hands side to side.

Of course it ends with a HEA, but on the way to that there are twists and turns and lots of lemony goodness! I give Alphabet Weekends a thumbs up!

And if you can’t get enough of the original fic check out The-Glory-Days profile for the “Missing Letters”.

The White Swan Lodge by jarkin33
Tragedy led her there. Commitment forced him there. Can a place of beauty and solitude hold the fate they were both seeking…  Twilight - Rated: M

review by: Obsmama NoPants Rules

Whispered words against heated skin, laughing in the kitchen, and stolen kisses under a blanket on the dock.  These are some of the memories that Edward and Bella make during their journey at The White Swan Lodge.  Jaime Arkin, author of Barely Breathing and co-author of many more wonderfully done stories, takes us on a journey about healing and discovery.  We meet Bella as she makes a major life transition, uprooting her entire life to take over her mother’s dream of owning and managing The White Swan Lodge after her untimely death.  We also meet Edward, a lonely travel magazine reviewer, who receives the assignment of his life.

"I'm just looking for a place to relax for a few days, get some writing done. If it's a problem, I can look for something else but I had to at least come see the place. Even the car rental clerk raved about the lodge. Well… I can see you're not ready for guests." He said as he looked over my shoulder at the paint can and brushes.

He turned to get into the Jeep and I unintentionally shouted, "No!"

"I mean, no, it's alright. You're welcome to stay here. I'd just need a few minutes to get a room ready for you."

He moved closer to me, blowing out a deep breath through his plump, perfect lips.

"Are you sure?"

Was I sure? Unconsciously, I ran my tongue along my lower lip and gazed back at him. He certainly didn't look like he'd be much trouble and I figured it might be nice to have someone to practice on. The next guests wouldn't even be there for two more weeks. Biting my lower lip between my teeth I considered the answer for a long, weighted moment. After staring into his endless green eyes, I knew I couldn't possibly say no. I would just lock my bedroom door and not tell Charlie. Ever.

"Absolutely… It won't be a problem, but you'll have to bear with me. I hope you don't mind being a guinea pig." I chuckled lightly. "I'm new at this and just getting settled in. Hope that's not a problem."

"Not at all." He smiled a reassuring smile. My heart was beating so hard, I worried he could hear it. "Like I said, I'm just looking for a place to relax, and this looks perfect."

"Grab your stuff and follow me then Mr…"

"Cullen. Edward Cullen. Please, just call me Edward though."

"Well, Edward… Welcome to the White Swan Lodge… And please, call me Bella."

As we watch two people get to know and fall in love with each other, there is a sadness and a secret that threaten to tear them apart.  Edward’s intentions behind his stay at the lodge are unknown to Bella and as they succumb to the attraction and begin to build more the unknown threatens it all.  The beauty of Jaime’s words and imagery set the scene for a romantic and enticing backdrop.  She uses imagery that really pulls you into the scene and makes the love vibrate off the page.

She forced me to step backwards until my back hit the opposite railing. Her hands found my hair and pulled my head close. She ran the tip of her tongue along my lower lip, slowly sucking it into her mouth, then nipping it before letting go. I grasped the sides of her face. The last of the setting sun cast a glow on her tear stained cheeks. Brushing over them with my thumbs, I gazed into her eyes and covered her mouth with mine. There was nothing slow about that kiss. It was deep and it was passionate. My fingers delved into her silky hair as our tongues tangled, swirled and tasted. Her sexy moans drove me on.

She pulled her hands from my hair and trailed them lightly down my chest, scraping her nails along the way. I growled in response to the pleasure and the pain. Her lips found my neck… nipping and licking. She pushed me down by my shoulders so that I was forced to sit with my back against the railing. The tightening in my jeans was almost painful. As she straddled my lap her flowing skirt fell around us. I felt her warmth against my hardness and my hips unconsciously thrusted up. I heard her gasp suddenly at the sensation. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her face towards mine again needing the closer contact. I felt her hands quickly work their way between us and find the button on my jeans and with a flick of her wrist it came undone and so did I.

This is a great read to curl up with and lose yourself in a love created in those whispered words and stolen kisses.  I was moved from start to finish and I think you will be as well.

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