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The Foreign Papers by javamomma0921

AU - Bella Swan is an expert in antique documents. When the paper trail she is following leads overseas and she finds herself enamored with an enigmatic man named Edward Masen, will her training be enough to help her solve the mystery surrounding him?

Review by LaMomo

Bella is an expert in antique documents. What the heck does that mean? It means that she must be knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects to do her job properly. And she is damn good at it, which means she is top-notch.
Being top-notch, she gets hired by a very elusive British gentleman who needs a thorough research and authentication inquiry into a series of documents – journals and letters, mainly – that dates back to the 15th to 17th century.
All the documents are from England, and their language is strange. It speaks to Bella and leaves her with thoughts and suspicions nagging her, at the back of her head. This search entices her – and she gives the best of her abilities to it, sensing that this entails more than the fancy of her mysterious employer.
The documents are penned by well-educated, well-travelled people who roamed Europe in times of plague and war, and who used language structures, words and spelling that did not belong with their time, but would date them back to another era altogether.
The document expert is more than intrigued. She senses she is about to strike the mother lode.
Being top-notch, she is right, and the mother lode is none other than her outrageously rich, very British, and very elusive employer Mr Masen, who drags her to Oxford, England, on the pretext that “the Bode” as Bella affectionately dubs the Bodleian Library, houses more material that is of vital importance to the research.
Oxford doesn’t just house more research material. It also houses a very perky Miss Alice Brandon, and Mr Masen himself.
Bella is entranced by this gentleman, who is, of course, insanely hot and the epitome of Old Continent charm and manners, but also harbours more mysteries than she can deal with.
Mr Masen, in turn, is in for a surprise upon meeting his newly hired document expert. He’s in for the shock of his life. And having had a very, very, very long life, this is saying something.

I won’t give away the rest of the story – after all, this is a mystery, and I should leave you to unveil it, chapter after chapter.
I will only give you this, just so you know what you are getting yourself into:

-       Bella is a strong, levelheaded young woman. She knows what she wants. Lovers of the damsel in distress syndrome: step away, this isn’t for you.
-       Mr Masen is a brooding, old-fashioned gentleman. He lives in England, in a secluded Tudor mansion. He seems to go into hiding on sunny days. Need I say more?
-       Old documents that date back several centuries? Journals? Letters? And none of them have signatures? Isn’t it strange?
-       This is one of the best-researched and best written fics I’ve read of late. Every historical detail is spot-on and correct. It just makes the story all the more plausible.
-       Lovers of the great Cullen clan: we’ll get there in the end. It’s part of the mystery. And it’s one of the greatest assets of this story. Every Cullen has an incredible back-story, maybe better than the ones Aunt Steph concocted for them. Just sayin’…
Right – why aren’t you reading, yet??

By LaMomo
Whispered Words and False Promises by lambcullen

Words whispered while drunk are coming back to haunt Bella. A commitment was made, a contract signed, and now Edward is here to collect what was promised. A random tale of citrusy love, started in the oddest of circumstances. E&B OOC

Review by Kyla Michelle
Whispered Words and False Promises

This is a moving story because there is so much push and pull right from the start. Bella comes across as a little broken and Edward starts out as an arrogant ass. I love this story for the back story behind how they came to be. She was drunk one night in college and he took care of her. They wrote out a note at that time about becoming engage if neither were married by a certain time/age.

So imagine Bella’s surprise when she shows up on her doorstep years later to make good on that note. She had thought of him throughout the years as an unattainable. And she fights hard to keep her emotions in check. Bella had a devastating break up and had to watch the man she thought she loved move on in life and is now expecting a child.

Edward has gone through a bad relationship and break up and has his own baggage as well. He is trying to get hired on at an overseas law firm that requires him to be “family oriented” and married. Hence why he needs Bella, to help pull off the façade to get hired.
Little did they both expect the feelings and emotions to emerge between them as walls slowly start to come down.

I love the story because of the “do I/don’t I” feel of it. It’s clear they both want to give in to the other and that they are falling hard for one another but they both still fight it, to some extent.

Alice showing up as the representative from the law firm has thrown some loops into the equations as she’s trying to help Bella plan a non-existent Wedding.

The fake “I love you’s” and kisses/touches between them quickly turn into something electric and I’m dying to see how much longer they can both hold off on just simply giving in and facing their true feelings for one another. It’s had  moments so far where things have been said, true sexual chemistry erupts but still waiting for it to completely blow up between them.

Definitely worth the read!!!

Review by crookedsmile101

Whispered Words and False Promises has a very unique start.

Flowers come to the flower shop. For the florist. On her 30th birthday. A bouquet of five calla lilies. A bouquet every hour. Starting at 9 AM. Till...she sees who is standing in her store. After 10 years. With the last bouquet. And an old napkin. Which holds a promise. "If neither of us was married by my thirtieth birthday, then we'll marry each other." And he asks..."So, Isabella, are you ready to marry me?"

The rest is a deal. Which has the promise of turning into more than just a deal. And if you are familiar with lambcullen's other works, you already know that a well written story with an amazing amount of UST is waiting for you to enjoy it.

A Thousand Leaves by BellaSunshine

Isabella Swan grew up as the best friend of Alice Cullen, younger sister of Edward Cullen, who was never nice to Bella despite her being an "honorary Cullen." Everything changes when Edward is sent to prison for the murder of Bella's mother. AU-Human

Review by Edmazing

A Thousand Leaves starts like other fics do. Bella and Alice become instant friends at an early age while Bella is in Forks for a summer visit with Charlie. Alice comes from a perfect family, complete with a hot older brother who lives to torment Bella. Of course things only become more complicated when Bella eventually becomes an honorary member of the Cullen household. And a one-sided crush is born.

The difference here is the level of asshole-ishness present in this Edward Cullen.  He is pretty much a dick with a temper problem and a lack of patience for people in general. Especially people he perceives as weak, like Bella.

 Starting back in middle school with pranks and the nickname Smelly Belly, it increases to Edward shouting insults at her whenever possible.  Their history goes from bad to worse when the summer she was 17 Edward was too busy insulting and degrading her to realize she was in need of his help. Although beautiful, Edward is a self-absorbed asshole.

Six years later we find Bella packing up and getting ready to return home. It’s immediately clear time has not been kind to her.

The last time she had seen Charlie was at her graduation, two weeks ago. She hadn't been back to Forks in almost two years. The day she saw Edward sentenced to life in prison was the last day she stepped foot anywhere near Washington. She spent all of her holidays in California, and Charlie sometimes managed to fly down for them.

I’m only 5 chapters into this 37 chapter wip but I can tell you I’m hooked. Bella has returned to live with Charlie. In the home where her mother was murdered. And where she found Edward with her mother’s body.

In addition to the loss of her mother, Bella has to deal with the loss of the Cullen’s. The strain of the crime too much for their ties to bear. Bella’s life is an empty canvas only lightly anchored by Charlie and her longtime friend Jacob.

Meanwhile, Edward’s been found guilty in a court of law... but is this the real story? Or is this simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? I’ll say that all signs certainly do point to Edward. And his temper and reputation up to now really aren’t helping his case.  But I’m just not sure. So, yeah, that’s why I’m hooked and I’m sure you will be, too.

And after you’re all caught up be sure to check out BellaSunshine’s profile on ffn. It’s filled with banners, playlists, and more.

Pigtails by Tinley Einde

"I just don't want this to be over. I know it should be. Hell, I just gave you a list of reasons why I should walk away." Will he give in to her teasing ways, or will he take the advice of a friend, "Just one word, E. Jailbait."? AH/OOC/BxE

Review by Edmazing

Lolita stories. A slew of images rushed through my mind. A sexy young temptress playing with fire. An older man flirting with disaster.  Curiosity.  Taboo.  Desire.  Danger.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” I thought. But the ladies over at TLS were raving about it. And he sounded so conflicted in the summary. “Maybe just a peek,” I reasoned.  So I opened up Pigtails and there they were. A solitary Edward.  A sassy, self-confident Bella. And a mutual attraction that begins with a couple of misunderstandings. And after their first kiss I needed to know more.

I'm done for the second our lips meet. I wrap my hands around the back of his neck, pulling his lips closer to mine. My body is vibrating. I moan and capture his bottom lip between my teeth. His hair feels so soft and my fingers can't stop exploring the way the texture changes as they travel to the tiny hairs on his neck.
I'm so into it that I barely realize he's picked me up so that I am sitting on the training table. He pushes himself closer; calling the shots. My knees part naturally, allowing him access as our bodies press up against each other.
"You know, I told my friend today that I wanted to be spread out on your training table after I saw you working on a player." I confess as he covers my lips and neck with sloppy kisses. His hot breath tickles my skin and his nose nuzzles into the crook of my neck.
All movement stills as he moans into me and the vibrations go through my body. Green eyes snap up to my brown ones and he pushes me back so that my wrists are behind me, supporting my upper body. My boobs are right there in his face. Right fucking there.
Long fingers tickle up my shirt as he licks along what little bit of cleavage I have. I pout over the absence of his tongue in my mouth and pull his head back up to look at me so that I can ask for more. Before I am able to open my mouth, he puts one finger up and ever so lightly places it against my swollen lips.
"So, you want to be spread out on my table?" His eyebrow raises as he wraps one of my pigtails around his palm. He tugs it.
Fuck yesss. 
My legs spread farther apart and a moan escapes me as my head is thrown back against my own will.
I'm like a Pavlovian dog. 
I can't believe how much I am turned on by him tugging my hair. As I sit up, my foot moves up his toned legs and my knee socked leg wraps around his waist.

Bella is at the top of her 16 year old game and audacious.. She excels in school, has a list of extracurriculars under her belt, and is independent. Well, aside from some limitations on bedroom décor and levels of exposed skin, Bella runs her own show.

She has a body that all the boys want, and she’s willing to show it to them, or as much as her mother and step-father will allow. She’s looking for a summer fling with a hot older guy that lights up her body and makes her feel like she’s never felt before. And Bella isn’t going to let the numbers get in her way even when the gap grows from 3 or 4 to 12.

At 28, Edward clearly sees things differently. He’s suffered the effects of impetuousness. He is living with its consequence. In a foreign country on a work visa, the last thing Edward Cullen wants to do is screw around with his bosses 16 year old step-daughter. He needs this job, even if he does see things differently.

"Dammit Bella. I've got Garrett telling me to leave you alone. Calling you "jailbait." I'm completely in the dark here about all of this shit. And, by the way, where I'm from? You wouldn't be jailbait. Just so you know..."
His hand continues to twist around my braid as he mutters words under his breath that I can't even understand...

The writing duo Tenley Einde is made up of SaintKristen and emliyg80. The two met and eventually set out to explore the huge age difference established in the Twilight series. Umm, hello, remember 100 plus year old vampire and an untouched high-school student? Yeah, this is that times one thousand. The temptation and conflict kept me glued to Pigtails.

The torment and surrender is pure delight. Bella teases in only a way a self-confident mini-seductress can, with knee socks, pigtails, and lickable sweets. It was only a matter of time before Edward caves and the real fun begins.  He is sexy and sweet, leading but never pressuring.

Normally a blush would be covering my cheeks if I was in front of any other boy half-naked. But in front of this boy, no this man, I feel comfortable. And sexy. Instead of shying away, I meet his eyes with my own. I watch him check me out. We've fooled around before, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time he's seen me without some sort of top.
He begins to place small kisses across my stomach as his hands come up to cup my tits. I lace my fingers through his hair and give a slight tug, feeling his thumbs start to brush across both nipples. My eyes flutter closed and I force them open to watch as he toys with my tiny, pink nipples.
Scooting back on the bed, I follow him, placing a knee on either side of his hips and crawl up the pink comforter. A large, strong hand helps me onto his lap as he captures my nipple in his mouth. Gentle sucking. Swirling tongue. I latch my hands back into his hair and hold his head to my chest, giving him silent permission to suck harder. As I grind my hips onto his hard-on, his hand squeezes my ass and I continue to rock back and forth on him.
Thank you Renee and Phil for having a date night. 
Switching to the other nipple, I let out a small moan in response. My fingernails scratch lightly along his scalp as he continues to tease me. He finally pulls away and I want to protest.
"Such a pretty girl," he whispers before trailing more kisses up in between my chest towards my neck. He buries his face in my skin as he moves, the burn from the stubble being soothed by small kisses and smooth teeth.
Unable to take it any longer, I grab his face and kiss him. It's not sweet or gentle. It's tongue and teeth and the hottest kiss I've ever had. Large hands keep my hips grinding on him at a steady pace.
I'm panting and moaning into his mouth. Biting his lower lip, I tug back gently on it before letting go. I look into his eyes. Blazing green, they could burn a hole right through me.
"You like that, baby girl?' he asks as he thrusts his very large cock against me.
I just nod and whimper. I don't think I can formulate an intelligent thought at the moment. My heart is pounding in my chest. My breaths are coming in quick, short bursts.

After a couple of chapters your breaths will be coming in short bursts, too. The encounter, the chase, and the thrill of it all will keep you clicking next and waiting for their Thursday updates.

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