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TLS Fantastic Four - Reviews of Fics of the Week this week

Summary: Overworked lawyer Bella Swan gets help in the form of new hire lawyer Edward Cullen. Weber & Weber has a strict non fraternization policy. What Weber & Weber doesn't know won't hurt them. Rated M for some hot hard Lemons and language. AU/AH

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Review for Breach by LaMomo, author of Business Class Girl

We are only six chapters into this story, but it’s more than enough to have everyone hooked on to this. It’s a simple equation, after all. The ingredients are basic, see recipe below:

- Overworked, smart, successful, sassy and snarky Lawyer Bella
 -New super-hot, green-eyed, bronze-haired colleague with toned muscles and a       sour attitude
-narrow, forcibly shared office space
-Too many:  working hours in said office space
-UST: heaps

It all results in a super-abundance of hot, rough, angry and punishing sex. But there is a lot more to it, for many reasons. Bella is recovering from a break-up and she doesn’t want to open up to someone else and get hurt. Edward has dark secrets, and nurses his anger the same way an alcoholic nurses his drink, carefully and covetously. He won’t allow anyone near him. But he won’t allow anyone near Bella, as well.  What is he hiding? That’s what we all like to know.
One warning: scars are never just skin deep.

by LaMomo

Bella Swan, personal assistant to handsome, rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her oblivious boss fall in love with her. AU/AH.
Twilight - Rated: M

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Review for His Personal Assistant by The Squeakster

When it comes to great fic, there must be some secret formula. Hot, sex god, officeward. Check. Sex kitten, virgin, Bella. Check. The arousal inducing confines of a corporate elevator. Check. Mattress humping, first date footjobs and a marriage proposal that includes the offer of a credit card AND unlimited oral sex? Check, check, and check! What? Those aren't on your list of must haves in fic?

His Personal Assistant by NorthernLights17 is simply perfection for anyone who enjoys a good ExB ficgasm. If you lust after domineering officeward , you are going to cream yourself for this dity. And the advantage HPAward has over his Officeward counterparts? He's not f*cked in the head, and he's not an angry bastard just trying to get his rocks off.
He may be possessive, demanding, and bordering on dominant, but its all driven by a deep and insatiable longing and love that you can well as some other things you will definitely be feeling. The story is full of EPIC lemons. Not the kind  that you are like OMG when will it end, but more like the kind that will have you writhing, sweating, panting, investing in energizer stock and very likely changing your sheets.

If I could hand out a golden cock-in-hand award, NorthernLights17 would be the proud owner of that baby. This story is also FUNNY. Where so many authors get lost between the lemons, HPA brings the funny over and over. Bella isn't just your normal meek virgin. She's a determined girl who finds herself engaging in the kind of fuckery you and I might find ourselves in if we were in her deep-throating her pen whilst having raunchy fantasies about her fuckhawt boss...and then getting caught in the the same boss.

Bella consults Edward's brothers, Jasper and Emmett to assist in her Help-Bella-Seduce-Her-Boss Campaign (aka the Give-Edward-Blue-Balls-Till-He-Snaps Plan.) The story contains cannon couples, but the characters themselves are a little different then you are used to. Bella has a brain and some balls. Edward is both caveward possessive as well as lovingly sweet, but can turn into a comical mess when alcohol is added to the mix. (Can you say private conversations with Bella's boobs?)

Jasper and Emmett are pure comedy, alice is the voice of reason and Rosalie is a raging feminist. And the icing on the cake? Carlisle is a bit of a bastard, and Esme is a strong woman with a twisted sense of humor. All of this combines and combusts into a hilarious breaking point: A family style ultimate grudge match  in an expensive restaurant. But don't worry, it will all work out and soon you will be laughing till you pee over the dares that are to come!

This story isn't all snorts, giggles and spontaneous orgasm though. Bella has some tough decisions to make that are tearing her in two, and breaking Edward's heart. But lets focus on the sex..There is lots and lots of sex. And an elevator. We all know elevators mean good times in fic.

In accordance with the prophecy, you really should be reading this and pleasuring I mean reviewing.  This story will makes you wanna climb in the computer and pretend to be Bella just to get some of Edward's above average cock and exceedingly long tongue. Make sure you grab a towel, lock the doors, shut off the lights, and use sufficient lube. Well, thats all folks..oh whats that? My fly is down? Sorry, I really prefer it this way. *wink*

Squeakers Out.

When a stalker gets too close to rockstar Izzy Dwyer, she makes a choice that brings her back to her hometown and leads her on a journey full of new love and friendships.

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Review for Rabbit Heart by busymommy, author of Going Under for the Third Time and Let your Fingers do the talking

Rabbit Heart is the latest offering from KitsuShel, the wonderful author who gave us Parachute. I am fortunate enough to not only beta Rabbit Heart, but also to call its creator a friend.

Rabbit Heart, introduces us to Izzy Dwyer, pop sensation. She’s being troubled by a stalker. When he gets too close, right in her bedroom, she panics and runs, back home to Forks, where she grew up. But Izzy has secrets of her own. The world may know her as Izzy, but to the friends she left behind 10 years earlier, she was simply Isabella Swan. Our story really takes off when Bella walks in the door of Mac’s Bar and Grille, looking for the life her mother took her away from years before.

In Forks, we are introduced to the rest of the group. Emmett was Bella’s closest friend as a child and welcomes her back home, but has plenty of questions about what happened in the years since he last saw her. The quickly fall back into the easy banter of their childhood including the pet names they’d had for each other – Shaggy and Scrappy. Emmett once again makes the perfect friend/big brother that we all know and love. He is married to Rose, who, once she realizes the relationship between Emmett and Bella, easily welcomes her into the fold, quickly becoming her closest female friend.

Jasper is portrayed as “Whit” (and I have to say, I LOVE this Jasper), a bartender at Mac’s. He’s married to Alice, who owns a local boutique. Rounding out the group is Edward, Alice’s twin brother and a local carpenter. The group all recognizes Bella as “Izzy” and once they hear her story, the girls set out to help her change her looks so that she is not easily recognized.

Perhaps my favorite character, though, is the original character, Mac. Mac is Emmett’s dad and Bella’s godfather. He’s a large, kind man and Shel’s done an amazing job of developing his character into someone that we can all love and wish for as a father figure in our lives.

At only eight chapters in, there’s been a lot of backstory and reminiscing at this point. As Bella strolls down memory lane through the boxes left behind by her dead father, she and Edward form a friendship while dealing with a budding attraction to each other.

So who’s Bella’s stalker? Of course that has yet to be revealed. I must say though, I am completely wierded out by Jake in this story. He’s the Forks Chief of Police and just screams creepy stalker. He shows up everywhere, remembering things from his childhood friendship with Bella that most would have dismissed over a ten year separation.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this story and can’t wait to see where it is going next. I’m certain that it will be an enjoyable ride. If you aren’t reading this, check it out. I doubt you’ll regret it.

by busymommy

Bella and Alice were best friends, which made Bella the only girl off limits to Alice's brother Edward. When a party the summer after graduation gets out of control, Bella's world is turned upside down. "He doesn't know. I don't want him to." LANG/LEMONS

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Review by our 5 star resident TLS Reviewer and author of Business Class Girl, LaMomo
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all DaddyWards are created equal, that they are endowed by their Fanfic Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Bella.”

Wait, the Declaration of Independence doesn’t read like that? Really?
DaddyWards are not all equals?
Indeed, they are not. Some DaddyWards are more equal than others, though I must say, it’s not what you are inclined to think when you start reading this story.

When our story begins, we have an apparently douchy Edward in highschool, who goes through girls at the same speed he changes his undies. Conversely, we have a shy, bookish Bella who is Alice's best friend. Bella and Edward eye each other at a distance, each one unwittingly infatuated with the other. Just before Alice and Edward leave for college, Edward and Bella have a drunken one night stand. A rough one night stand. A child results from that less than romantic encounter. Bella keeps the kid, goes to college and graduates on time, and steadfastly discontinues all contact with the Cullens, who have moved en-masse to the East Coast.

Three years later, Alice strolls back in town, and all hell breaks loose, because she finds herself….confronted with a miniature replica of her brother, whose name is Charlie (go figure) and who calls Bella “mommy”.

Nothing is pretty in the beginning.
Worse, it is rough, bitter, cruel, ugly and confrontational. Names are called, spiteful words are yelled, and lot of pent-up frustration and anger are released.

But then someone starts feeling something stir inside, and things start changing. It’s not easy, it’s not overnight, it’s not heart and flowers.
But you’ll love this, all the way down, because this story is heartfelt, realistic, romantic, and relates damage, baggage and family in a very realistic way. There's some baggage, there's some drama, but a lot of love and working towards having an understanding.
There’s also a lot of super-hot lemons, because with such a hot DocWard, DaddyWard around, how can we go without those?
This week’s update will completely glue you to the screen. I know I was, and pried myself away just long enough to write this review.

by LaMomo

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