Monday, April 11, 2011


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I myself, tend to adore an ExB fic but I have read and loved countless non-canon pairings as well. I would like to spotlight the Jasper and Bella pairing today. Below I've posted a teaser from a favorite Jasper lover of mine, busymommy. GUFTT has won several awards and has a Surfsper you can't resist.

Going Under for the Third Time by busymommy

“You know, I’d seen you before the night Alice introduced us.” Where the hell did that come from? I was so not ready to play true confessions.

“Really? Where?” The pictures were forgotten as Bella turned to look at me.

I swallowed hard and looked down. Fuck! This was going to sound stupid.

“Uh, yeah. It was the first day Emmett and I were in town. We’d gone out for lunch while we were waiting for the decision on the house and I saw you reading in a park across the street.” Looking at her face to watch her reaction, I continued, “You looked so…content. Em encouraged me to go talk to you, but I didn’t. Then, I saw you again the next day when I was grabbing us some subs. You were heading out to your truck and I watched you until you left. Then, the next night, Alice and Edward encouraged us to go out with them for a little while. I was shocked when I finally met you face to face at Smackwater’s and you turned out to be Alice’s best friend.”

Bella’s cheeks colored as a light blush crept up them. “And now?”
“And now…” I began, lifting her chin with my finger, “now I’m glad you still came to the beach, even after I spilled beer all over you and acted like a complete ass the first night you met me.” And dipping my head, I placed my lips on hers, sliding my other hand under her hair.

Bella leaned into my kiss, her arms moving around my neck as she opened her mouth and her tongue ghosted over my bottom lip. Standing on her toes, her body pressed into mine. Our mouths played across each other, our tongues stroking, seeking more. I moved my hand from her chin, holding her against me as I let myself just live in the moment.

-Teaser from Chapter 14: I'll Shoot the Moon

Also check out busymommy's other new fic : Let Your Fingers do the Talking- This one started off as a one shot, an entry into the Dirty Talking Jasper Contest and is now continued!

Let Your Fingers do the Talking
A humdrum day at the office is spiced up with a series of sexy texts from a mysterious stranger. Or is it a stranger? Entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper Contest. NOW CONTINUED!


  1. OMG Boss you rock! I love you madly!! thank you!

  2. I heart both stories hard. Jasper's a naughty naughty boy...LOL!!! You will not be disappointed, such a great read.