Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet the Poll

Bella? Marie? by Nyomixx
Rating: Rated: M
Summary: Learning to trust again is a hard lesson, especially after you've
been betrayed. When Edward discovers that Bella, his son's nanny, kept her
identity a secret and slept with him after meeting in a club, can he be
convinced to trust her again? AH/OOC/M

Bound for Glory by withthevampsofcourse
A new fic by jandco & withthevampsofcourse- A ridiculous tale of accidental misdemeanors, felonies, past affairs and six kids on the run from life. Not necessarily realistic, but AH anyway.

Breach by Catastrophia
A Twilight - Romance fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. Story summary: Overworked lawyer Bella Swan gets help in the form of new hire lawyer Edward Cullen. Webber & Webber has a strict non fraternization policy. What Webber and Webber doesn't know won't hurt them. Rated M for some hot juicy

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by FL95
When Private Eye Edward Cullen decides to investigate the "accidental death" of an old friend, he finds more people are involved then he originally theorized as the case takes twists & turns he never saw coming after Bella Swan arrives in town. AH, BxE

FAP by 107yearoldvirgin
Dirty talking Edward Masen convinces amateur novelist, Bella Swan, that all she needs to become a good writer is a little more 'research' on her subject matter.11yrs of history won't make it weird. After all, it's For Authentication Purposes. AH/ExB/M

Fold Your Wings by Jadalulu
"The liberties he assumes with my body should enrage me, anger me beyond my own sanity. But it's just not that simple." Encounters born of need. Consequences neither saw coming. Guard your hearts. Not the ExB you're used to. AH

Fridays at Noon by troublefollows1017
Edward Masen's life intersects with Bella's at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He's handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn't impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet. AH/AU.

Life Happens, So Just Roll With It by mama4dukes
5 years after the events in New Moon, the Cullens are living in New Hampshire and Edward is finally getting married. During a wild night out on the town, some of the Cullens run into a happy, more confident Bella who only has eyes for our favorite Major

No Holds Barred by Jayhawkbb
Chapter 13 of a Twilight - Romance fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. When Bella opens her dance studio right next to Edward's bar, will Edward hate her...or will he fall for the girl next door? BxE, AH, OOC, rated M for naughty language and behavior..

Quiet Storm by SexyLexiCullen
My eyes went wide. He was about to show me his-. "Let me see it baby," I moaned, ready for it. He smiled and pulled out a gun. "See?" I screamed, falling from his lap, and landing in the garbage that fills my living room. AH. *Rated M* Language/Lemons

Righteous & Wicked by cherry.blossomz
Chapter 29 of a Twilight - Romance/Angst fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. Bella is a reluctant school teacher, stuck stagnant under a looming shadow from her past. Edward is an architect striving to overcome his vices by running from them. Will they strive for a righteous path, or spiral

To The Extreme by dontrun
Romance/Humor fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. He is a cocky and arrogant dare devil living life on the edge as a Pro Motocross Racer, And Bella's mind knows she should stay away from him. To bad her body doesn't agree. Rated M for a reason later..


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