Friday, February 25, 2011

Meet this weeks Poll Nominees

Thankful by Sydney Alice
She had always been my drug of choice, and tonight, I would get my very last fix. She loved me, and I loved her. Sometimes love just wasn't enough.

The Greatest Gift by les_16
Edward Cullen has the plane ride of his life when a mysterious flight companion changes his life in the blink of an eye. Edward will need the help of his wife, Isabella, to right the wrongs of his past before it's too late.

Finger Painting by FarDareisMai2
Alice drags her brother Edward to an art show, intent on introducing him to her friend. Instead, Edward meets an intriguing painter, who takes the exploration of colors to a whole new level. AH and rated M for a reason folks.

Be My Sub by nails233
After searching for a century,I have found what I have been looking for,a human submissive.The fact that I'm a vampire and she's my singer,will not deter me from having the only thing I have ever wanted more than human blood,her body. D/S BDSM EPOV 18

Twilight Online Dating by butterflybetty and Ms. Misty Cullen
He showed her how to live, she taught him how to love... And together they started the adventure of their lives. AH & MA. Cannon Pairing. Co-Written with Ms. Misty Cullen

Seven Day Weekend by JandMsMommy
They were young, in love...and they raised hell for seven days. AH, E/B, Very OOC, lemons, Promised HEA

The Phantoms Scars by savannahvansmutsmut
First officer Edward finds a scared broken girl and does everything in his power to help her. Running for your life sometimes means fighting for the courage to actually let yourself live. This story is all EPOV Rated M for a reason, no rape scenes.

The Companion by Sam Rosey
Need. Want. Desire. Bella thinks the best way to fulfill these things is to become a Companion. 'A guild of professional courtesans/entertainers.' A girl with a big heart, she craves it all but she's impatient, ready to play. AH. Edward and Bella.

Angel in the Attic by closettwilighter1
What if Alice saw Bella coming? What if Edward was waiting for her knowing she belonged to him? What he is, isn't the only thing Edward is hiding. Complete

Doctors Orders by mybluesky
Nurse Swan vows to never date a doctor, presuming them all to be egotistical jerks. But will she change her mind when she starts a new job and meets the handsome Dr. Cullen, or will his advances only strengthen her resolve? AH, OOC, Rated M

Four Summers by Bratty-Vamp
Sun, surf and sand. Best friends, and best kisses. Broken hearts, broken ties, and dreams that can never be broken. A bounce through time. Every road we travel leads us to exactly where we are meant to be.

My Escort by Bratty-Vamp
When Edward's partial scholarship gets taken away, he reluctantly takes the advice of his roommate and gets a job at a high-class escort agency. Relax... it's a legit company. He's got nothing to lose. Or does he? All-human, OOC.
We Used to be a Love Story by GiveUsAKiss413
500 word chapters, out of sequence. They used to be a love story. Edward/Bella, from childhood to children, they were something special. M for vices. cynicism and losing everything and probably some sex. Angst. Make a story out of this. They were love.

Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind by forbidden-fruit81
Edward Cullen is accused of murder for the slaying of his girlfriend. No one dares take on his case, until defense attorney Isabella Swan, that is. Edward proves to be a difficult client & the biggest challenge of her young but promising career.

See You Again by Mrs. Robward
An Edward and Bella love story wrote in cute lil' chapters prompted with the daily Fictionista Wit Fits. Their life is busy with college, family, and work,-but true love trumps all.. right? AH, M

Dead Confederates by goldenmeadow
Sultry, scary Southern Gothic. A good ol' vamp with bad intentions, Eddie lives large as ever on the down-low, down South. Always under his sexy skin, Bella's just sass in a frosty glass. Bubba moons for Miss Rose, Junior is Alice's freak-on-a-leash. AU/M

It's Just Lunch by TG81
He's a cocky man-whoring movie star. She's a media heiress engaged to another man. When Bella is in town finalizing her wedding plans she meets one of the men on her "Top 5." Rated M for a reason, very OOC.

B Swans Auto Shop by AriCullen1134
To whom it may concern my name is Bella Swan. I'm a 21 year old born again virgin.I have mommy issues and a bad attitude! Sorry summary sucks. Story is better! If bad language and sex offends you please don't read. Rated M for reasons!

Pure Morning by eyesopenwide
A friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better. Bella is sent to boarding school in Forks, expecting only boredom in the sleepy town. However, the friends she meets there are all but boring. AH OOC Rated M for language and future lemons.

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