Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trixie Traci's Tuesday Fic Recs


Here are a few under the radar fics with the TrixieTraci seal of approval

Pigtails by Tenley Einde 
 "I just don't want this to be over. I know it should be. Hell, I just gave you a list of reasons why I should walk away." Will he give in to her teasing ways, or will he take the advice of a friend,
"Just one word, E. Jailbait."? AH/OOC/BxE

So, you should know my FAVE type of story is older Edward/ younger Bella. I feel like such a pedo, but obviously I'm not the only one, haha. This one is REALLY pushing it because Bella is only sixteen and Edward is twenty nine. It's really interesting & well written, though.
Bella's a good kid, if not something of a Lolita. ;)

Leading Lady by EllTeeEm
 Bella wants to get under Edward by being at the top of his class. Can she win his love and the starring role?
 Another older Edward /younger Bella story. Bella is a student and Edward is her teacher.
 I think it's really well written and doesn't have nearly enough reviews. The author posts outfits for each chapter on her blog (which is listed on her profile) and I just DIE every time I see Edward's outfits.
I can SO picture him wearing them, all casually professional and HOT.

Forbidden Attraction by SunshineGal3
At eighteen, Bella Swan has the world at her fingertips. She has the perfect
boyfriend, amazing friends, and a scholarship to her first choice
college. Everything she thinks she knows about life will be challenged when
an older man comes into her world.

 This is angsty and you will wonder HOW the f**k Bella can be so naive.
The older guy is James and he's obviously a master manipulator.

Peaches by hyacinthgirl18 
 Though they'd been lab partners all year, Bella and Edward had yet to study the chemical connection between themselves. A brief but intense encounter changes everything before they separate, though. Plot Bunny Contest Entry. M for fruity situations.

 Awesome 3 shot if you want something sort of quick to read. Amazingly written. 

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