Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You know how you sometimes look back and think something like 'why did I have to say that' For the record, don't." - unofficial mentalward contest entry. Dark, violent, OOC/AH, read with caution. M-rated for gory violence & smut
When you find yourself needing who you know you shouldn't want, do you turn away from him or embrace him? One-Shot. AH & MA

One Shot song fic. Eminems Love the Way You Lie. Drug use/abuse be warned. E and B

*If there were a SNL skit for twilight fanfiction THIS would be it, this is hilarious*
A One Shot for those who just want to get straight to the Happily Ever After without all of the 'story' stuff that gets in the way

Jazz is a musician on the verge of a second chance; Alice is trying to re-find the person she once was. A series of choices have brought their lives to where they are. One lonely night, in a corner bar, can they accept their pasts and move toward the f

ONESHOT: A married Bella is away from her family on business. A beautiful bronze haired temptation approaches her in the hotel bar. Just drinks and nothing more? Yeah right...AH,LEMONS,OOC

It's Bella's first day on the job as a body double in the new Edward Masen film. First up? The sex scene...O/S for the Haiti Compilation. Rated M for lemons. AH

ENTRY FOR PICK A PIC CHALLENGE - 1840. Edward Cullen has been living in Jamaica for years. Sudden news of his father's ailing health prompt his journey back to England. Can he still call Cullen Manor home? A long road home in more ways than one.

Bella and Edward discover an online gaming society and their cyber identities collide. It isn't until they realize they know each other in the real world that the fireworks begin. O/s based on an FML prompt and originally written for Nashville relief

Through life's changes, their one constant has been each other. Jasper learns the hard way that you should never take someone you love for granted. Can he learn from his mistakes, or will he let the greatest happiness he's ever known slip away? M/M slash.

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