Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspired Fan Fic Awards

Please take note of this new site.  Not only is this perfect timing for me and the girls of TLS, but It's just a great idea and I'm glad there will be some recognition finally given to those lesser known fics that fly under the radar.

Inspired Fan Fic Awards

We want to highlight the work of writers that have been overlooked in other Award sites. We love our EP, MOTU and Wide Awake's, but here we would like to focus on those under-appreciated Fics.
This is an award to recognise those fics that fly under the rader, as well as the fics that keep getting eclipsed by the stories that have huge followings. NOMINATIONS Will run through till the end of Febuary. VOTING will Start on the 10th of March. So lets send some love to those under appreciated fics out there. Lets Inspire the authors to keep writing. There is a section for unrestricted review counts, but please try to pick those fics that have not won other awards. Go and nominate now by visiting  the IFFA site.

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