Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calorie Burners

It's a fact. Laughing burns calories.

If you're like me, you might have lost some muscle mass this winter due to excessive Robpr0nage, fic reading, or social networking. All of these things leave me sitting on my ass for hours at a time and have taken over the time that I used to do my workouts. Since muscle burns calories, I'm sure you see my concern with this. If you love a great story and need a break from the angst, I have two fics that are sure to get you rolling with laughter. So if you can't get your workout in, atleast read a fic that will get you giggling and burn some calories for you.

Cumming to America by danielgaleh00rs 
Nerdalicious Daniel Gale is saying goodbye to England and hello to the United States. Looking to reinvent himself, he is all too gratified by the corn-fed derriers of Americans. Daniel Gale/Twilight cross over, slightly crackfic, AU, AH, Prepare for Perv

danielgaleh00rs is the author of 3 stories on ffn, has won quite a few awards and has a fantastic blog with tons of cool stuff to sift through.  If you're a sucker for the nerdy type, great stories with a good laugh or Daniel Gale, do yourself a favor and read Cumming to America.

Bad News Bella by 107yearoldvirgin

Her glass is half empty. His is half full. Together they may just cause an overabundance of…liquids. Seattle's #1 anchor and her new cameraman may be perfect for each other; if only the truth could be caught on film. ExB – AH – M
I've said it before and I'll say it again.  You can't go wrong with any of the 20 stories by 107yearoldvirgin.  Her stories are easy to read, well written and to be honest, when it comes to writing, she knows what she's doing. I heard about this fic through a thread discussion in our TLS facebook community and they were discussing how funny it was. Of course, I wanted in on the action and was sunk by this question "Wasn't this, the one where bella keeps saying sexual stuff during the broadcast?"  a community member confirmed that, it was in fact, a news broad cast and it was Edward whom was the camera man and that's all it took. SOLD. Go out and find your happy trail with this one and make sure you leave some love<3

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